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Me: One of my favorite subjects! Well I guess I can start off saying i'm twenty-four going on twenty-five, my name is Aaron, I'm a dude in case your wondering lol. I'm not gonna type down my full name, number, address, ect... on account of that would be pretty stupid and being a minor, i can honestly say that I have no interest in having some pervert collecting my personal information. Uhm, I'm a nursing school graduate, who has little social life... Lol I mean it should be obvious since I search like no other! (No disrespect to other major surfers). Well I guess if you have any questions about me then you can just ask me with the ol' PM thing!... But it's highly unlikely that I will answer you and if I do it is very likely it will be a lie...Referring back to the pervert/personal information deal! (no disrespect to perverts I mean come on, admit it everyone's a perv at one point or another). Lol. I guess I'll go on to say I have a dog... A weenie dog! His name is Lucas, love him to death but he is dumb lol. Well now that I read over my paragraph, I notice something... My life is really boring lol, but I love it and would never give it up!!

Likes: Hmmm, well I like anything that has to do with animals, games, anime, manga, anything electronic. When it comes to fanfiction preferences I like such as listed-

Sonic the hedgehog (Tails is [email protected]$$)

Full Metal Alchemist (Izumi Curtis... She's a housewife!!!)

Glee (What can I say? I'm a geek!!... Darn autocorrect Gleek!!!)

Bleach (Didn’t I say I like anime?)

Starfox (A cool anthropomorphic fox with a gun... O.o')

Ill probably add more later on! Oh and if you would like to send me a fanfic involving those up top that you think I might like don't be afraid!

But seriously when it comes to how fanfiction I read is written, well let's just say I prefer the things most people do. I want them to have intelligent and correct spelling, I mean really how can I finish reading a story if something as trivial as "dumb" is misspelled... Some people are just ideots ;-). I also want to read a story that sticks to the plot, it won't be interesting if the story's plot is not on track. Another thing I cannot stand is out of character... I hate it, I believe it has the potential to ruin a good story if the character is too OOC. For example, I have read Sonic the Hedgehog fanfics the have Tails getting angry and unleashing the " F-bomb"... 0.o'. First of all Tails is eight... He does not say the F word!!! Let's keep it in character people! Isn't that why we write fanfiction in the first place? Because of their personalities? Lol just saying!

Dislikes: Oranges... If you ask why I will send you a freaking report on why...

Well that's all about me if you have taken the time to read all about my life... Congrats... You just read about me lol. Once again if you wish to ask me anything about my life, feel free I probably will not answer truthfully (ex. Aaron what's your full name? I'll say Aaron Ray Cyrus...) that's not my full name by the way, lol I am in no way related to Aaron Ray Cyrus XD!!! Thanks for reading!!


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