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The Update-- Three Cheers for getting healthy! I'm so so so sorry it took so long, but I am back! Surgery sucks... especially when you get an infection. Anyway, I plan to start updating this month, after I double check my work and hopefully sooner than later... cookies and Dr pepper for everyone! !!

So, a bit about me

1. I'm from North America, specifically the US.

2. My muse is my english bulldog, he is lazy, enjoys eating and naps, and barking at random birds. Seriously, some of my greatest ideas and thoughts come when he is with me. If I mention him, I will call him Chiclet, because my guy says he sticks to me like gum. He also has a three superpower; selective hearing -I can call him when he is sitting next to me but get no response, but he can hear a chip bag crinkle from the other side of the house ; the ability to sense someone eating food within a 15 ft radius; and he has a powerful 'wind-breaking' ability that will clear a room or knock you out.

3. I am a female...girl power! And on that note, I'm still young. No kids besides Chiclet, and a little turtle named Scooter.

4. I am a brand new writer. I don't know all the lingo (whats a beta, cannon, oc?), niceities, and I will gladly take advice and positive criticism. Please forgive me for any blunders I make while learning.

5. My first handful of stories will all be Harry Potter or HP X-overs. I'm not British, so please forgive me if Harry sounds a bit american. If you have any advice or phrases that I can use, I will happily accept the help.

6. I am in a commited happy relationship. My first fic is dedicated to my guy who has helped my overcome my personal demons in life. Honestly, he is the best thing that has ever crossed my path. Despite my health problems, I can say I am one of the luckiest girls alive simply because he makes the world a brighter place to be in.

7. I believe that the world needs love, and that love will make it a better place. In my personal opinion, I support gay rights. In the census of 2012, there was a grand total of 163 MILLION orphans in the world. I believe if same sex marriages were allowed, that this atrocious number would come down.

8. Please send reviews!!!! Any author will tell you that its disheartening to not see reviews, when you can see that there are readers. On OUR page, we can see exactly how many views, story alerts, fav's --and it actually gives us the names of people that add us by date. Its saddening to think that they like me enough to add me, but not enough to comment. When I see that I have around a 1000 views per chapter- but only like 8 reviews-it makes me sad. I wonder if this is a new author thing; that I need to prove I can finish a fiction first before reviewing, or am I not good enough? That people are reading my chapters and decide that my work isn't well written or poorly thought out. No kiddin' --it kinda stings. So even if its 'Great Job' or an 'ehh', anything is better than silence. I DO accept PM's and guest's are allowed to post on my stories. And please, do the same for other works. It really shows that someone appreciates our hard work.

9. I don't write sex scenes of any kind. It makes me uncomfortable to write them as it is something that I struggled with in real life. I do believe that love should not be limited by gender or orientation, so there will pairings of different kinds. If you don't like it, then don't read. I will go as far as mentioning that the character has messed up hair, clothes, kisses and hand holding.

Thats about as much as I plan to share about myself for now, but I will slowly add info, as I really want to concentrate on getting my stories outta my head and down on paper. I have 1 in the works, and three that I have in a journal in scribbles and ideas. One will be a x-over, and another will probably be a multiverse. My goal is to update at least twice a week, and right now I'm updating more than that, but keep in mind that the chapters will get longer.

Currently working on the Bertie Botts fic. However, I do have plans for others. These are in order of which they came to me, and not necessicarily the order of which I will work on them. If you have a suggestion for one, PM me.

1. Malificent(sleeping beauty) and Harry X-over. No title as of yet. Dark grey harry, but not evil. really looking forward to it.

2. sirius/harry. lets see how sirius combats...(dramatic pause)...the perils of fatherhood.

3. will be an independant harry, who is in a different school. multi-verse?

4. hybrid harry- harry is a byproduct of an experiment of a half devil/angel with a human soul.

5. a black butler/HP x-over . came to me one night when i was suffering from insomnia

6.HP/PJ x-over--hera is tired of zeus cheating and being a horrible lead god in charge. she decides to ask hecate to help overthrow her husband by creating a god with enough power to do so...enter harry potter.

Tell me which one that you think that I should do after the BBotts story. So the faster I get the first one done, the faster I can start on these. Reviews and dr. pepper are my personal crack...please send plenty!!!

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