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STATUS: So here's some news. I've... lost the motivation to keep writing. Now, don't go losing your pretty little head. I understand that I made a promise to finish some stories of mine. And I really don't want to break that promise. But... this place isn't really what it used to be for me. I haven't at all given up on my stories. I'm just... not really ready to pick them up again? Funny that it's been six months since I said "Maybe" that I come out here and declare "Not right now". I've updated my status. And you know what you know. Thanks for stopping by, friend. It means a lot. And hey? Take care.
The rain will pass.

Basic info

Name: You can just call me Dusk. It's simple, short to the point, and doesn't distinguish me from the many thousands of other "Dusk's" out there on the interwebs.

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Reading, writing, and playing video games.

Personality: I'm pretty laid back, I'd say. I've grown up a lot since I joined FF those couple years ago. Not really sure what to say, but hey, I'm just any other teen right? I like to play games, goof off with my friends, relax and enjoy downtime. I'm not strictly focused on writing. It's just a hobby, and I do it when I feel like it. Sorry to say, but I'm not one that updates a lot. I really wish I could crank out a chapter every week or so, but that's not the case. Hey, at least we always got procrastination, eh?


Song: Come to think of it, I'm not much of a music person. Huh... go figure.

Weather: Windy, rainy, stormy, and chilly.


1) Umbreon

2) Ninetales

3) Eevee

4) Vulpix

5) Absol

Book Genre: Action/Adventure. Romance is enjoyable as well

Past time: Writing, thinking, reading, playing games. Typical teen, right?

A bit about me as a FanFiction author

Just to start off, I like to read more than I like to write. On the plus side, when I write I try to make it the best I possible can. I can't find much time to type, so story updates will be slow. It makes me uncomfortable when someone watches me type up my stories, and I can't work properly in that situation. Lucky me, my sisters just LOVE to peer over my shoulder and read my stories before they're done. I shut the laptop and stop typing immediately. The four stories I have posted right now are just a few of many to come. I don't have much fans, and that bothers me a little, but it's okay because I made friends here on FF and I would prefer to have a friend over a fan. But to have a friend who is a fan just takes the cake!

My friends here on FanFiction

UltimateJellySandwich: My Bro. Man, do I miss him. Here's a case where only knowing someone over the internet does a toll on how often you keep in touch. Last I heard he was off to college or something. Really cool guy. Amazing writer. Go ahead and read his stuff, drop a nice review. Help him remember that there's some nice things to be found here.

T-claw: Haven't talked to the guy much. But from the PMs we've exchanged, I can tell he is pretty humble in most aspects. Love his PMD fic. It's been put on Hiatus for reasons of his own. I respect this choice.

Sasha the Espeon: Really nice girl I know. Though, these days, I can't say I really know her anymore. Been a year or two since we last talked. I hope she's doing okay. 'Ey, Sasher. If you ever see this, shoot a message my way, yeah? I'd like to catch up :3

deadaleta: I remember talking to her a lot. She's a fun girl to chat with, but we haven't spoken to each other in forever. Eh. I'll just keep her on this list as a memory.

SilverCascade14: Another person I vaguely remember forming bonds with. We're still friends, I guess, even though we don't talk to each other anymore.

Fleeting Shadows: What can I say? I absolutely love the girl.

Shamekeeper12: This person in particular has really spurred me to keep on writing. Such patience and understanding! Though we're not close friends and keep in touch through PM, I respect Keep as a whole and wish him the best of life.

Story progress:

As one: Lost the motivation. Not dead by any means. Just... frozen.

PMD: Explorers of Truth: Haven't even started on the next chapter yet. Go figure.

PMD: Paralysis of Soul: Already a good way into the next chapter and then some. Gotta revise and edit a lot of things. I really like the idea for this one.

Upcoming stories:

Fics that are in the works will be displayed here. I decided to make this section of my profile to give you all a heads up. Just so you know I have a lot more planned for the place. I know it's been a while, but hey, I still think about my stories every now and again. I get ideas. They get drafted. I put them here.

Don't tempt me: I plan on writing a story with nothing but dialogue. There won't be any description or filler text at all. Just talk. Nothing but quotations.
It'll be interesting. Not sure if it'll be good, though, so I make no promises with this at all.

One Thousand Miles: Don't expect this one to be up anytime soon. This is another chapter story I have planned, but... oh Arceus, I don't even know if I can handle this one after what I'm going through right now with As One.

A Thief's Jewel: Another Chapter story. Again, problems with updating. Still need to work out a few kinks for this one before I even start writing. In general, it involves a thief and... well, something precious. I'm not gonna tell you what, exactly, because I wanna be vague and mysterious. Ooohhh!


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I will update this as I go along.


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(")_(") him gain world domination!

Wall of Quotes

"I did not expect dying..." --Cry, while playing Dark Souls

"Sometimes... life doesn't really work out for you. So you gotta make the best of it, ya know? Like.. I could do something amazing tomorrow! Something like... I dunno... climb Mt. Everest! But I'm not going to. You wanna know why? Because I choose not to. And if you chose not to go mauling the other dogs, namely those smaller than you, in the neighborhood, then maybe you wouldn't be tied up on this chain right now. That's how life works. Think about it" --Me, talking to my dog after he nearly killed our neighbor's schnauzer.

"EXACTLY!" --Me, trying to prove a point that obviously makes no sense.

"I'm a mathematical genious!"
"Dude, you suck at Algebra."
"My SmartWater says otherwise!"
"It's just water. Stuck in a bottle. With a label."
"A smart label!" --My friend Tom and I.

"You know how important it is to touch people." --Cry

"I hate this" --Me, when I hate something

"The rain will pass" --Me, reminding people that good times will come. You've just got to weather the storm.

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