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Hello, This is the KenobiSkywalkerandKoalaBears channel! Our channel makes fanfic stories of Star Wars and other movies that we love. We are two people who run it, our code names are Kenobi and Skywalker. We use code names because our favorite Jedi's are Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Luke Skywalker. We also use code names because we don't trust the internet, here are some reasons why...

1) We don't like 'crazy' people looking at our real names

2) We don't feel safe when people are saying our real names on

(last) 3) We hate being cyber bullied, Skywalker: It's not cool to cyber bully

If you're wondering why our channel is named with 'Koala Bears' at the end well...WE LOVE KOALA BEARS!!!!!!!!!!! Kenobi:It was my idea for Koala Bears. Skywalker: You mean both of our ideas,right? Kenobi: uh... right :P

Kenobi:Okay we have some rules for you to look at so here you go.


1# If you want to leave a review of some stories you have read, go to reviews and comment, DO NOT CYBER BULLY US leave nice comments about the story you have read.

2# We don't want any private message from you guys, It doesn't mean we hate you, we don't have time for private messages from you.

3# We don't want any fights from you guys, it's not the Jedi way, be nice to one another, if you don't like someone's comment keep it to yourself

(NEW RULE) 4# DO NOT make any random review on our channel. We (as in Kenobi and Skywalker) both ran into random reviews like (for example) some one wrote a very disturbing poem that was COMPLETELY random and wasn't about the story that Skywalker wrote and Skywalker deleted the review (lucky it was a anonymous reviewer) . So please, do not be that idiot on the internet. If you become that kind of a idiot, we will take it down and delete or if you are a member of we will report you. We love all sorts of people from Star Wars fans to Merlin fans, but we don't love idiots on the internet. So please don't do it.


(Star Wars and Star Wars the Clone Wars):

We have O.C. characters in some of our stories so we'll list them for you...

1) Jedi Knight Lisa Kenobi; born on Naboo,Mother was a member of the a Nabooian Noble family,warrior of the clone wars, half-sister of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, and love interest (later on a wife) of Captain Rex.

2) Jedi Knight Alana Claykic/Kenobi; born on Alderaan, half hapen and Alderaanian, secret princess of Hapes, warrior of the clone wars, love interest (later on a wife) of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

3) Queen Hannah Anastasia Swan/Skywalker; born on Earth, queen of Yavin4, member of the Rebel Alliance, love interest (later on a wife) of Luke Skywalker.

4) Princess Mary Kimberly Swan; born on Earth, princess of Yavin4, sister of Queen Hannah, member of the Rebel alliance, love interest (later on wife) of Starkiller (clone).

5) Senator Lisa Rose Darling/Antilles; born on Earth, senator of Yavin4, best friend of Queen Hannah, member of the Rebel Alliance, love interest (later on a wife) of Wedge Antilles.

We also,( or Skywalker), loves Rise of the Guardians and Merlin. Skywalker made 3 stories of it so far, please check those stories out! (Skywalker is putting "The One-Shot Stories of Jack and Hannah Frost" on hold for a while, sorry for the long wait)



(or if your from Europe 20/1/14)

Hey, I know it's been a long time updating. But I have to tell all of you reading this, I and Kenobi will be writing more Merlin chapters... But it won't be soon, it will take awhile since me and Kenobi have school and other activities in our life's. But it's not the end of our writing fanfictions or checking for stories we favorite and follow. In about four months, me and Kenobi will be free to writing a bunch of chapters and stories during our summer vacation.

I, as Skywalker, might have my own fanfiction account in the near future... I'm the "co-owner" of this account, Kenobi is the one who owns this account but I've been granted permission to write stories on this account. No it's not like Kenobi is kicking me out of the account because I did something, I just feel that I need my own personal account to write stories. It's just an idea, so don't worry... I think that's about it. I hope you have a awesome week!

Dim dyn ifanc, ni waeth pa mor fawr, yn gallu adnabod ei dynged. Ni all cipolwg ei ran yn y stori wych bod ar fin datblygu. Fel pawb, rhaid iddo fyw a dysgu. Ac felly bydd yn fod ar gyfer y Warlock ifanc sy'n cyrraedd ar y byrth Camelot. Mae bachgen a fydd, mewn amser, tad chwedl. Ei enw ... Merlin.

(Use Google translate on "Welsh" if you don't understand...)

Thank you for the time...



Update on Stories

It's alive!! Hello everyone this is Kenobi speaking, I'm back. O plan on updating Clone Wars couples a couple more times and even writing a couple more one-shots. Review on any of my stories if you want a story written. Tell me in reviews if I should write a Disney fanfic, if so then which one? School is freakishly busy and updates will be random.

As they say in France "Ne pas dormir en classe d'histoire"

Skywalker: Well, I think thats all... and remember the may the force be with you!

Kenobi: The force is with you, always...And Remember review our stories before the Koala Bears get upset

(P.S any rude comments will be delete and please don't leave those comments, we are trying our hardest)-Kenobi

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