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Author has written 2 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Teen Wolf.

Hello! I'm RussoGermany (obviously, because you're on my page)! My name actually comes from the show known as "Hetalia: Axis Powers"! Two of my friends have country circles, and in one I am Russia, and in the other I am Germany. Apparently I act like Germany half the time, and Russia the other half. I recently got into fanfic writing when I found out about this website. It was really weird, because even though I watched Hetalia A LOT, there was a lot of time between me watching the show and me discovering fanfiction. Now before I say anything more, obviously my favorite anime is Hetalia, and I am a supporter of AmHam, AusHun, and GerIta! For those of you who don't know what AmHam is, it's America and his hamburger. Most people don't get that for some reason...and you can read my fic about it! It's the only AmHam fic on the entire website I think :3. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my stories, and if you have any requests that you want me to write, then just PM me and I'll get to them as soon as I can!

Some basic info:

Shows I like: I like Hetalia, Naruto, Soul Eater (although I will not do any Soul Eater fictions), Deadman Wonderland, Another, Higurashi, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and many more!

Tumblr: It isn't I'm trying to make a new account.


Conventions: I've never been to a convention, but I hope to go to one soon! And I might tell my fans when that it :3

Name: It's what people call me.

Age: How long I have been on this planet. But I assure you, while I am still very young, I am old enough to write M rated stories.

Gender: Look at my Avatar picture :p

Location: Where I am on the planet.

Email: I'm not telling!

Fun facts: I play piano and a little guitar. I LOVE running track and doing lots of other sports competitively. I speak 3 languages. I love Japan, and I absolutely love watching anime!

Anime Quiz

Pick 10 characters and answer the questions below. You can pick any characters you like, both boys and girls!! Pick the characters before scrolling down!

1. Russia

2. Austria

3. Belarus

4. Prussia

5. America

6. Italy

7. England

8. Lichtenstein

9. Hungary

10. Germany

1 woke you up in the middle of the night?

Russia...? Middle of the night...? Wake me up...? SLEEPOVER XDD Jk I'd really not freak out because me and Russia are best friends.

Number 2 asked you to go out with him?

Uhhh...I love music and excellent food, but I don't think I'm your type Austria...sorry!

Number 3 walked into the bathroom while you're showering?


4 announced he's going to marry 9 tomorrow?

Congrats Prussia!! But wait...won't Austria try to get you now? I'm not much of a PruHun fan, but I hope you'll be good to each other.

5 cooked you dinner?

Hamburgers!!! To make things crazy...put cheese on mine!

6 was lying next to you on the beach, sleeping?

It's probably time for a siesta in Italy. Have a good nap Italy!

7 suddenly confessed to be part of your family?

England? Nice!! He's cool, most of the time. And now I can mess with him too *evil smile* Hey America, Britain says...*troll face*

8 got into the hospital somehow?

Probably be cause you are a freeloading and super dependent person who relies on Switzerland for EVERYTHING. He probably turned around for 3 seconds and you hurt yourself.

9 made fun of your friends?

Hungary??'s never mean...

10 ignored you all the time?

That won't do! C'mon Germany, we are part the same person! You can't ignore me! Anyways you ignore Italy a lot, and you love him ignore me too... O_O

Two serial killers are hunting you down. What will 1 do?

Save me by bludgeoning those criminals with his super awesome and destructive blood-stained iron pipe :3.

You're on a vacation with number 2 and manage to break your leg. What does 2 do?

Freaks out and gets Germany and Hungary to carry me to the hospital or to the car to go to the hospital.

It's your birthday. What will 3 give you?

If she wants to make me, Russia, happy...then she'd GTFO OF MY HOUSE.

You're stuck in a house that's on fire. What does 4 do?

He'd say: "Kesesesese! The awesome me is here to save you!" and I would face palm while Prussia rescues me from the fire.

You're about to do something that'll make you feel extremely embarassed. What will 5 do?

Jump right in and join me! XD

You're about to marry number 10. What's 6's reaction?

What Italy says: "Yay! I'm so *sniff* happy for you. I mean *sniff* if Germany is happy then *sniff* I'm happy...*breaks down crying*" What Italy thinks: "You die. Tonight."

You got dumped by someone. How will 7 cheer you up?

Make me food. England cooked? O_e RUN AWAY!!!

You're angry about it afterwards, how does 8 calm you down?

She doesn't. She makes me even madder over the fact that she was following me.

You compete in some tournament. How does 9 support you?

By beating up half of the field and helping me by giving a great motivational threat.

You can't stop laughing. What will 10 do?

Stare at me and call me a dummkopf...

Number 1 is all you've ever dreamed of. Why?

It is Russia! Everyone wants to become one with Russia, da?

2 tells you about his deeply hidden love for number 9. Your reaction?


You're dating number 3 and introduce him to your parents. Will they get along?

No, they'll think she's a very scary and possessive individual.

Number 4 loves number 9 as well. What does that mean?

AusHun vs. PruHun! Fan war round one! Popcorn? Check! Seats? Check! FIGHT!!!

Will number 5 and 6 ever kiss?

I don't know if there is an ItalyxAmerica fanfic...

6 appears to be a player, he breaks many hearts. What do you do?

Appears? It's Italy...even as a cat he hits on everyone...

You had a haircut and 7 can't stop looking at you. What goes on in your mind?

Do I have a hairstyle he wants to copy like France did?

Number 8 thinks she'll never get a boyfriend. What will you tell her?

You will never get a boyfriend.

Number 9 gives you a bagel. Do you eat it?


10 wants money and decides to get a job at Chuck E' Cheeses. How long does he stay?

5 seconds.

1 offers you a CD. Considereing her tastes, do you listen to it?

Its a CD from yes.

2 suddenly goes emo. How does 8 feel about this?

She's worried that her "brother's" friend is emo.

3 told 6 she started her period.


4 slaps 9 with a fish for going out with 7.

Hungary doesn't wanna be a heartbreaker...

5 Comes up to you wearing a big pink dress. What's your reaction?

Only America...

6 cusses 2 out in german. 3 is secretly watching from behind a bush. What does she do?

Sharpens her special little knife.

7 got high.

Isn't he already? Seeing flying mint bunnies and pirates and shizz...

8 reads your fanfictions an complains. What is it about?

She's not in it.

9 can't stand 1, so how does he get his revenge when she spills Soda all over him?

She hits him with her frying pan, then runs as far away from Belarus as possible.

10 starts working at a bar..

Well Germany does love beer...

1 comes in and tells you she's pregnant from 2

Uhhh...April fools?

My Stories

AmHam: Love at First Bite- This is a story about America and his love of hamburgers! Originally, it was just a joke between me and my friends, but I decided to write a small story about it. That's how I started writing fanfiction.

Breaking the Mold- This is my first high school AU! I didn't expect it to grow so quickly. You've been warned by the rating. There's some foul language among other things. Anyways, I enjoy writing this one! Feel free to ask me anything, or offer your suggestions. This is my first big project story.

Dead Inside- I started posting my Stony story!!! Warning, there are some pretty heavy themes in this story. Steve has PTSD and insomnia, and his depression is really bad, but gets progressively worse. There will be some self-harm, possible lemon, and there will be bad language. I hope if you decide to read this story that you will enjoy it!

How to Submit a Request

You want me to write a specific story? For certain characters? You can P/M me your request, and I will look it over! Chances are, I will take the request, but I have to have a personal interest in the pairing and/or the anime. I have recieved several UsUk requests, and I am working on that one! If you request a novel fiction...IT WILL TAKE TIME TO WRITE.

Thanks for visiting!

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