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About Me...

Name: Chibi B...duh!

Age: Not telling...

Sex: Of course:cough: I mean I'm female..

Email: or

Favorite Animes/Manga: Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, FAKE, Gravitation, Kizuna, Fruits Basket, Gundam Wing, Nightwalker, Eerie Queerie, Wolf's Rain, Cowboy Bebop, Demon Diary...Er, there's more, I just can't remember...

Favorite Book: The Vampire Chronicles:huggles Louis and Lestat: If you haven't read them yet, you don't know what you're missing!

Likes: Yaoi! Food (Mostly chocolate), my cow plushie, my laptop, my doggie, friends :huggles them: music...etc..

Dislikes: People who discriminate, bugs, the sun, almost everyone in my Geophys and Algebra 2 class, some people on drumline, stress, and more...I'll be updating this...

...Surprisingly enough, I found out from a friend (Obscured Illusions) that I was one of the only authoresses who write about Marik/Bakura/Malik/Ryou as a foursome! ...Well, there should be more! So I encourage all of you to write about them! Because they're my favorite pairings!

Okies, next is my fic status!

H'omigosh :o Update 4/16/05:gasp:

Note: I was in the hospital 4/15/05, cause I've been sick lately, and well, I'm still not feeling too good, which is probably why I'm suffering from writer's block. x_x

Tales of Crimson Nights: FINISHED:cries: Man, I miss this fic already...

Heartfelt Apologies: In progress. Absolutely blank on the next chapter...Wah!

Loveshots: Erm, I still have two, but I STILL gotten off my butt to post them. Anime-fan Meepa's fic will probably be out first though. :gives Meepa a cookie for waiting: ._.

Painful Accusations: ...I am SO freaking happy I finished redoing this fic! It's out of my hair for now...And yes, I'll try my best to update more instead of making you wait a year...:sweatdrop: Sorry!

Troubles of Love: Complete! But, I may do some revision over this too...Highly unlikely.

Reminisces of Crimson Nights-Marik POV: In Progress - Crap! I'm so sorry everyone! I know you're all looking forward to a new chapter...but for some reason I can't find the time to type it up! I'll try to get to it soon, I swear!

Recollections of a Moonlit Past - Stuck. I don't have any clue what to do for the next chapter...

Sequel Status for ToCN:

Go visit Anime-fan Meepa, and you'll find one of the first parts of the sequel that she's writing for me! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! She's a WONDERFUL authoress:huggles her to death:

As for the rest? Marik's point of view is out...but it's not decided when the other sequels are coming out! Suggestions for the sequel titles and ideas are ALWAYS welcome!

Urm, since Tales of Crimson Nights was deleted, I've decided to post it at mediaminer . org as well! The full fic (lemon included) is now up! Enjoy!

This link SHOULD work.

Oh! And, if anyone wants to chat, my AOL sn is Chibi B Channie ! I've met a lot of cool new people online, and enjoy talking with everyone!

Other things: I'm also part of the Gaia community...www. gaiaonline. com (Take away the spaces) And yeah, my username is BuraindoSaiko. DO NOT ASK ME FOR GOLD! You will be denied! ...(Except for Meepa...she's just special like that. XD)

Okay, that's it! Sorry if this bio is so long...I hope it's not TOO bad...

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