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"It would seem as if lesbians are the foundation of a successful narrative. Who could possibly have known?"




This empty feeling is truly something so exquisite.

At this point, three out of five of my FFN fanfictions have finished. It's not something I'm really used to, perhaps my own fault for wrapping up them all at once. Still, I have to say I'm mildly satisfied with my efforts over the last three or so years. I won't lie, I'm not that happy with everything I've written, and with how much my style and prose have evolved over the years, it's easy to get lost in them and spot the difference as I go back to that which I wrote in 2012. I can only hope the readers can regard these changes and shifts as naturally and timely, though I won't blame them for finding these things abrupt and seemingly out of place.

Going through all of my finished projects, problems aren't difficult to point out. Grammars, spellings, proses, speech description, and even scope can all be improved. Perhaps if there's anything I'm quite content with, is that I never ended up regretting the plot I've made. I've become a much better technical writer over the years, but thankfully the desire to simply express my ideas is still there. I used to say that I don't take suggestions or critique of major plot points from anyone, and I still hold that view to this day. That's something that defines the stories themselves, and thus immune to 'fixes', if one could call them that. I will be gradually fixing up everything to proper order, though this process will take weeks, if not months to complete. Even afterwards, you can still find the original versions right here on FFN, in all their unedited glory. Download links for ebook versions (free, naturally) will be posted on my profile once they are deemed suitable.

Now that February has come, and I sit under this dimming light, as my fingers slowly freeze over, I can truly say that I've brought everything back. Chokehold, Something to this Day, and November Princess are all very special to me, but I have no plans to make a direct sequel or continuation of any sorts for any of them. They live as their own entities, and that sense of identity is important to me. Silverlite exists in the same universe as Something to this Day, but I'll try my best not to make any self-satisfying references if I could help it. I'm also happy to say that Defense of the Ancients has finally left hiatus after twenty some months, something I honestly thought would not happen for another year or so. Perhaps it's something to be treasured, perhaps it's just a antics of one drunken nights. Whichever it was, and I cannot comfortably say either, I hope that it finds its own place.

Still, there's nothing wrong with patting myself on the back once in a while, if only to subdue insane thoughts stemming from chronic depression.

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Silverlite reviews
Four years after team Galactic's defeat, Sinnoh welcomes a new champion. Whatever happened to the old one? References 'Something to this Day'.
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Embark on the epic journey of an aspiring hero, from the depths of the Underdark to the top of Mount Hyjal, as the legendary battle for the Ancients unfolds upon the world. The saga begins, here. WARNING: explicit melodramatic violence and adult themes. Art by Kunkka.
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Reaching a dead end means turning back. There, you'll find yourself both the hero and the villain, even in a world plagued by catastrophe. Continuation of "The Sacrifice" comic.
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With Mengsk dead and the Dominion in ruins, the universe was on course for another doomsday. Cutting off her ties, Kerrigan set out to claim the rights to life of the living. There were, however, a few loose ends. Artwork belongs to Alexey-Konev and Arsenal21 on Deviantart.
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