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Hello! Our names are Megan and Lacey and we are as you can see, Otaku's. But then, whoever is reading our stories are too ;)

Anyways we'll give you an introduction of ourselves before we tell you the plans for our stories! Kay? :)

"Bonjour, Je mappelle Lacey... That's pretty much all of the french I know... Hehehehe! Right, back on track.

I am 12 years old and I am half asian and half spanish, but I moved to Ireland when I was 6 years old! I love anime's and manga's and I wrote, 'My- No, OUR Princess's and Princes'!' and 'Music and Love are the same things...' Please do check it out!

I love writing, reading, eating, skiing, singing, dancing...

(I still need to tell Megan to write her bio here...)

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Cosplay by Oreocooky reviews
I know he's just acting, but he's so good at it. What can you expect from a member of the host club? But, I've never seen him act even this much. Is it possible... he really likes me? I feel like such a girl, the others would laugh. Kyoya X Haruhi
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