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Representation of me:

Things about me

sonixawesome is my bro... literally. (look him up, he's better at this than me)

also watch out for my sentences, because and i quote from my bro,"they run on like sprinters." and also please give me constructive criticisms, i'm a beginner and I need to know how to get better. (I have just finished an infinite stratos story called rise of the red moon.) also note that most characters reflect a persons/ peoples (that i know) personalities, which i will include in description.

favorite anime: inuyasha awesome action and i'm a big fan of blood and gore, high school of the dead epic action and blood and gore (N-No, t-there isn't another reason!), pokemon epic action no blood though but it's pokemon so hey. Angel beats, best anime evah. and also infinite stratos.

favorite songs: blow me away; awesome song that was made especially for an awesome game and butterfly on your right shoulder by Len and Rin kagamine and iNSaNItY

Favorite vocaloids: Len(i would hang with him alot)Rin(what can i say she's cute i would definitely want to get to know her)Akita Neru(same as Rin except i would be confused by both of them trying to make me their wingman to get Len.) Gumi( My new favorite, she's innocent yet not exactly sometimes, She's really cute, I'm not gonna say she's not. I couldn't help liking the cute little pampered kitten. I have to agree with Len, I'd love to see the Auroras with her. She would be great to hang out with if she was real. Which i know she's not, but a boy can dream, right?) Ryu(not an original vocaloid i made him up[bio's are down near the bottom] he was made to be the brother of Kaito, but I changed that and now he's his own person, he has a thing for Akita but he is very shy when near her unlike his normal gentlemanly behavior when around girls[which Miku calls cute behind his back]. he acts very cool around guys but his normal self is very secluded unless a familiar face come's near)

favorite pokemon combo(of what i've seen)

my lvl 100 swampert (kip) male totally awesome

my lvl 100 rayquaza (ray) no gender totally awesome .

my bro's lvl 100 blastoise (christian) male even more awesome

my bro's lvl 100 mewtwo (mew)

my bro's lvl 100 giratina (ren)

cynthia's lvl derp garchomp (derp)

favorite games: same as bro and kingdom hearts

favorite keyblades: no name long range version, oathkeeper oblivion, maybe ultima

favorite food: anything Italian, and some Chinese stuff. Especially pizza. Me plus pizza = omnomnomnomnomnomnomnom

Least favorite food: Fish. I don't really mind it's taste but for some reason it's smell intensifies whenever I put it in my mouth. I do not like it's smell.

I'm an american and i'm proud of it, although i would like to see China, Greece, and Japan someday.

i'm a bit immature, lazy, i used to hate reading but now i love it, weird, overly energetic, not the most sane person but i 'm not crazy... ok maybe a bit loony, and I'M A 17 year-old GUY. Plus i'm also very hot-tempered, stubborn, and I do not exactly take well to people who abuse their power.

Now onto my good qualities, very loyal, protective, and will always stand by a friends side. I am a bit of a troublemaker, but I can also be an overly logical peacemaker.

people have called me racist against my own skin (i'm white). Although I disagree with that statement i am not very racist and when someone insults black people I give them a little speech about how michael jackson was the "king of pop" and how michael jordan was one of the best basketball players plus the fact that most good basketball players are black and then probably tell them to shove a sock up their mouth.

weird things about me

everything, i somehow have started to laugh whenever in pain, not a single guess on why. i play the tuba and I'm in rotc so i am most likely going to get at least some muscles. Short kid with muscles, just is weird to me, unless it's Geiger, that fits perfectly well.( Raider team commander for rotc my freshman year)


So, due to one vote, I will start working on the spinoff "Hope for a Bloody Revival." As requested by my friend.

my characters sonic; stories:Red tide, and The curse of Immortality, The origin of a titan, and the making of a god. Also I'll make some one shot spinoffs.

typhon the hedgehog (personality based off me, powers based on how i am an amateur at copying people.): if he comes in contact with any character he copies their power; can turn into a huge stone to save him from roran, mephiles's strongest and most hated rival (true typhon is white and gold. Typhon, when he was altered by eggman, became black and blue which, coincidentally, black and blue plus white and gold, are negatives of each other. I swear I wasn't even going for that but that's what happened and it is awesome.) Sonic's hairstyle but has Shadows hair scheme except blue instead of red. He is very overpowered because this guy was meant to be the strongest in my family because I'd gotten tired of being the weaker character. So, there will be little to no stories about him. Although he can only use one power per battle... You guys decide whether he's overpowered or not. And once you do, tell me whether you think he's strong, too strong, or actually kind of weak.

roran the hedgehog(not based off anyone): can summon hurricanes, Typhon's twin brother turquoise and orange, Is extremely jealous of Typhon's strength and has vowed to defeat him one day. He still has high respect for Typhon but he never shows it.

plague the hedgehog(not based off anyone): has 10 poisonous claws, typhon's father adopted shadow when true typhon complained and begged him to. purple and black looks a lot like a mix between Sonic(hair shape) and Knuckles(body). One of the only characters w/out gloves.

Sara the hedgehog(not based off anyone): Mother of Typhon and wields a large spiky hammer. She is usually really kind and caring, but she is also prone to be

rip the aqua(not based off anyone): rip, like rip current, somewhat related to mephiles but they are rivals. Him and Typhon are great friends and usually work together to defeat Mephiles. Think of it as if they were a more powerful Sonic and Tails. red recolor of mephiles.

my characters angel beats; stories: The associate and the murderer, Rebirth, The curse. spinoffs

Kyle Ryoku

Appearance: 6’5, electric blue hair, calming cerulean eyes, flat short hair style

Age: 18

Personality: outgoing, gentleman-like, selfless, comical, and has a bit of a Brock complex

Favorite color: whatever his friends’ favorite color is

Favorite food: whatever his friends’ favorite food is

Favorite environment: … guess

Favorite Hangouts: … guess

Hobby: in present: hanging with his girlfriend Sara Takashima, in past: doing missions with the afterlife battlefront.

Passive Guard skills: generator: he gets a large speed boost when in trouble; good combo with propulsion drive, nightmare: when killed he turns into a demon-like thing and usually is shown with dark blade, and teleport: thinks about the wanted destination and is teleported there

Multi-Version Guard skills: propulsion drive: weapon comes out of body and speed raises V1- V7: V1: 1 katana grows out of right arm, V2: 2 katanas, V3: 1 long sword grows out of right arm, V4:2 long swords, V5:1 machine gun grows out of right arm, V6: 2 machine guns V7: 4 Gatling guns grow out of arms and shoulders, and dark blade V1- V4, V1: hands become spikes, V2: spikes grow out of arms, and shoulders, V3: spikes grow out of arms, shoulders, and knees, V4: body covered in spikes

Activating defensive Guard skills: decoy: replica of him that looks, sounds, and acts like him, invincible: like distortion, phase: weapons and bullets go through him but don’t hurt him however he can't move, shadow: turns into a dark cloud and moves very quickly, disappear: what do you think, and barricade: armor grows but he can’t move.

Activating offensive Guard skills: sweep: knocks the enemy off their feet, mutilate: rapidly attacks multiple times with speed and accuracy, and poison cloud: what do you think?

Power-Negative Guard skill: awaken: negates nightmare

Past: Kyle was a model student until he was shot in the head by his brother, he was still in the afterlife and his only regret was that he was unable to share his life with someone other than his family. He was a valuable asset in most of the offensive missions and, probably, the first to have an actual weapon when he appeared in the afterlife. He is usually with Sara in the time when Tobin is in the afterlife.

Status: he gained the only thing he wanted, love, so he was reborn and is dating Sara in the real world.

Xavier Ryoku

Appearance: white hair with red outlines, intimidating red eyes, spiky hair style

Age: 18

Personality: greedy, intimidating, murderous, and a bit of a coward

Favorite color: blood red

Favorite food: anything he stole

Favorite environment: anywhere that he can kill someone

Favorite hangouts: a slaughter house or the cafeteria so he can kill everything.

Hobby: killing, stealing, killing, torturing, and, oh, did I say killing

Multi-Version Guard skill: dark blade V1- V4 V1: hands become spikes, V2: spikes grow out of arms, and shoulders, V3: spikes grow out of arms, shoulders, and knees, V4: body covered in spikes

Activating defensive Guard skills: shadow: turns into a dark cloud and moves very quickly, and barricade: armor grows but he can’t move

Activating offensive Guard skills: sweep, decapitate: what do you think, mutilate: rapidly attacks multiple times with speed and accuracy, and poison cloud: what do you think?

Past: mostly unknown, he killed his brother to get one last kill before he died. Xavier was an antagonist in the time of the underworld battlefront and is the same in the time of Tobin. (Tobin is my brothers character.) His final regret was unknown at the beginning, he seemed to be quite fulfilled with killing others with his father, but it is hinted that his last regret was the same as his brothers, but obviously a little bit more morbid. He wanted someone he loved to stand at his side and kill people with. It is hinted that he falls for Shiina, but she does not return his feelings, she thinks that it's "so stupid".

Sara Takashima

Appearance: pink hair, beautiful blue eyes, Yui hairstyle and clothing style

Age: 18

Personality: like Yui except she is kinder and shy

Favorite color: blue

Favorite Food: Beef Udon

Favorite environment: rooftops with Kyle

Favorite Hangouts: rooftops with Kyle

Hobby: being with Kyle

Past: Sara was a model student that always got straight A. She was abused by her mother and father but she still loved them. One day she had had enough and the next day when the bus was coming she jumped under a car’s wheel. She arrived in the afterlife sometime between the time of the battlefront passing on and Tobin’s arrival.

my pokemon characters; stories: Creepypasta Burial, The Emerald Dragon, the lone detective, the detective duo, the space traveler, Empathy Corruption, and the gathering.

Drake E. Merald (Code name: Boy)(based off myself alone): mysterious. Shares powers with rayquaza, he can grow dragon wings and use every known dragon type move or move that any pokemon that is part dragon type learns. married to May(who shares powers with groudon). Has bright green hair and green eyes. Is usually thinking about what he needs to do, or nothing at all. Keeps to himself.

Orion Merald: The son of Drake Merald and May. He is always traveling and falls for Emma. They both travel and find criminals. They both go to Kalos and Hoenn sometimes, visiting Lumiose city, and Littleroot town. He is most likely to be found in areas where a crime has been established, or mountainous areas. Has joined the international police, but now is a freelancer. He dyed his hair blue and wore a red traveling shirt after he became the empath of deoxys.

Shade Orion(based off me when my friends are around): open and mischevious. Shares powers with palkia, can teleport between dimensions. married to cynthia(who shares powers with dialga). Has white hair with pink stripes. Has irregularly shiny pink eyes...

Nico Stone( Based off me when in love.): shy, selfless, kind, gentlemanly, and has strong feelings for Bianca Essenia, best friend of Cheren Avalon, and is the son of Steven Stone. shares powers with zekrom and cobalion. Has jet black hair with an electric blue outline and steel grey eyes. But he has a dark side...

zekrom Nico(Based off of me when said love is betrayed.): rude, selfish, self-absorbed, stubborn, and hates everything. same as Nico Stone in appearence but has electric blue eyes although he soon disappears as Nico learns to control it.

my left 4 dead characters; stories: The golden coast during the green flu: Zombie Wedding, TGCDTGF: First strike, tgcdtgf: blood waves, TGCDTGF: Hazardous stand, TGCDTGF: Deathly timing.

team R.O.C.K

Ryan Locke(based off me,R):38( 2 years before infection)-40 buff, tall, sandy brown hair, hazel eyes, naive, and his signature weapon is the RPG-7 and can send a tank flying backwards. He is the leader and demolitions expert .

Orion Locke(not based off anyone, O):47-49 lean, swift, jet black hair and dark brown eyes, a bit gothic and emo, son of bill signature weapon: throwing knives and can sit next to a witch and make her follow him and become friendly. melee weapons expert

Cathryn Locke(not based off anyone, C):58-60 somewhwere between lean and buff, grey hair, hazel eyes, signature weapon: night vision sniper rifle, can jump up walls and land without taking major damage.guns and sniper expert.

Katy Stallone(somewhat based off kaitlyn, my ex. K):37-39 blonde, tall, flexible, beautiful blue eyes, very girly, signature weapons are pom-pom pipebombs(can hold up to 4) also can jump on a zombies head and barrage it with multiple shots or attacks.close combat (fists and feet)expert, married to Ryan.

VOCALOID character stories/songfics: Alice human sacrifice part 2, The hydra's love, The virus, temptation of the balcony, and finally Golden flames.

Ryu Takahashi (nickname:hydra, because he is "four-faced"):red hair, bright red eyes, red katana sheath with blood-red katana, and pitch black pants. Is a gentleman around all girls except Neru. He is very shy around Neru, he is cool around guys, and is a loner when no familiar faces are there. has feelings for Neru, but the feelings aren't returned, so he eventually falls for gumi later on after he nearly offs himself.

Infinite stratos Characters stories: Rise of the red Moon, (coming after) fall of the golden phoenix, and Bloody Wrath of the Poison God. (Also I might create a spinoff of my spinoff.) Spinoffs: Hope for a bloody revival (Jordan x Charlotte alternate ending), and

Jordan Wheeler:Age:15, Red biker gloves, (activates IS in Origin form), blood droplet pendant on a necklace(activates Ball form) with a shield pendant(activates Warrior form),contacts that make his eyes red while they are normally brown (he's far-sighted), (at school) school uniform specially modified to be short sleeved, school pants are modified to have several blood droplets falling down his legs, when going into a battle he wears the normal uniform modified to have long sleeves and outlined red with a golden pheonix in front of a red moon in the middle, (informal attire) red shirt, black khaki's, and red steel toed boots. Is usually laidback, and doesn't usually act serious even in battle, which is one of his major weaknesses.

Red Blood: Jordans IS in first shift. Lithe, and small. It is 2 times as tall, long, and wide as Jordan, and is meant solely for speedy attacks and tactical maneuvers. It has spikes on its arms like that of the human vertebrae, and can extend its arms, it has feet like manual saws. Has a cannon mounted on his left shoulder, which fires spikeballs that attach and explode. It is fairly strong, and the spikes are made of pure energy, but that's the problem. Every single projectile takes 100 shield energy to create.Has 2 atomic laser drones on his palms, two black triangle shaped objects with a red strip in the middle, that first uses Red Bloods shield energy and then hits its target, paralyzes it, and sucks out up to 100 shield energy from its foe then fires off a large blast using the energy it drained, and two normal laser drones that are shaped like tridents. They split into three parts and fire individually, or they can come together and create an electrical field and shock the enemy, temporarily stopping it. Powered by its own kinetic energy, meaning it has to keep on the move, or else it will be unable to fire, or fly. Red blood has two modes, vs a manned IS and vs unmanned IS mode, with three alternate forms, warrior form, ball form, and origin form. Instead of the lithe, speedy form of his Origin form, Warrior mode is more bulky, and more defense based. Warrior mode makes it so Jordan is unable to use his atomic lasers or laser drones, but gives Jordan the ability to use two swords, Punisher, a sword similar to Zabuzas sword, or the great sword from soul calibur 2, but with spikes on the edges and can fire crescent shaped blasts repeatedly every time he does a spin. It is also powered by kinetic energy, which is why he has to spin in order to fire, the hilt of the sword is a larger laser drone. Tormentor is a large zweihander, if it were to be held by a normal human, but Red Blood can hold it in one hand. In Ball form, Jordan is purely a CQC fighter. He can only attack by ramming into his enemies, which he does really well. His lack in offensive capabilities is made up for with his speed. This is his strongest form, but the hardest to control.

Dylan Wheeler: Jordan's twin brother. Age:15, purple cape (activates IS in stealth mode), wristwatch(activate normal mode), he has been modified by the germans (like Laura) to be more compatible with the IS that Tabane had sent to him. He had snuck around until it had arrived and was about to leave when he was stopped by Laura, thinking he was a spy. He was defeated by her due to lack of experience, and the germans questioned him and found out that they had taken him with chifuyu. They trained him and found that he had a lot of potential and soon did the same process on him that they did to Laura. He was soon let out to spy on the other countries, however his plans dug deeper than that. He disobeyed and went to find his long lost family. He is a very strong pilot and is overpowered when he uses his full strength, but his strength scares him and he's afraid that he might accidentally kill, so he never goes to his full strength.

Ralem Agni: The "Obsidian archer" Age: 17, Gold eyes, black hair, tanner skin, Scottish, Is is a Jet Black wristwatch. He works for the Organization Phantom Task and has all of their modern, high tech weaponry on his is for testing purposes. He was tortured to a breaking point and turned into a world renowned criminal with several assassinations.

RWBY character. Story ideas: "silver" trailer. Enslavement, and Shining vengeance.

Grant Silverio: "silver". Wears a silver shirt, and silver pants, also has white shoes with black stripes. He is the son of Arion and Jessica Silverio, and used to be a slave in the schnee dust company mines. He is a shark Faunus and has the tail of a shark, which he practically shows off, proud of his heritage. While as a child, his father had taught him to create magical weapons. His first weapon was actually somewhat of a sheath. He called it Transforming tyrant. It was a staff made of pure obsidian with 6 slots for dust. 2 wind dust transforms it into two daggers, dubbed Winds Wrath, 3 fire dust transforms it into a large battleaxe called Flaming fury, 4 earth dust transforms it into a hammer dubbed Lands laceration, and 6 water dust transforms it into a bow named Demonic Downpour. Grant witnessed his father's and mother's death, hiding the sight of it from Rosy, his sister. Spent years protecting a Faunus village, from both human and Grim alike, killing the grim, and incapacitating the humans. Never joined the white fang due to his hidden feeling for the village. Yearns to get stronger, no matter how he does it, or who he hurts. No matter how much he says it, he can't bring himself to kill anyone. Typical tough guy, soft heart person.

Erica Dandel: Wears a long, vibrant, green dress. Is a normal human girl, who is the daughter of a chief in her native remnant village. She has a large mace that transforms into a large m60 and fires poisonous thorns that only kill grim, but can knock out humans, if exposed to the poison for too long. She falls for Grant. She lived in a large village, but it was burned down, and she walked endlessly, crying, and in poor health, barely resting, until she was found by Ozpin. She became somewhat of his daughter, and she treated him as a father. The only thing she has from her real father, is her father's weapon.

Rosy Silverio: Wears a short, red dress, red jeans, black gloves with a red ribbon, and, as a fox Faunus, a fox tail and fox ears. Has long, wild red hair, and red eyes. Sister of Grant. Falls for Aaron. Is leader of the group. She was taken away from Grant at a young age, but she used her large hammer to escape and found her way to Remnant. She was educated there, and eventually tried to get into Beacon to try and find her brother.

Aaron Arch: Wears an all black traveling uniform. Has black, uncaring eyes, and is a great sniper and archer. He always works his hardest to defend those he works with, whether he likes them or not. He tends not to speak, and he prefers isolation, but the truth is, he's completely terrified of everything he's doing. He had a large family, and he watched them all die in front of his eyes. He eventually took his mothers staff/sniper and escaped. Rosy eventually gets him to open up, and it is revealed that he's actually a bit of a crybaby.

Naruto Characters: story ideas: The ten tailed spirit, the pheonix is born, the triple affinity, and The fox and the pheonix.

Phen Wang: (name is the jap. interpretation of pheonix.) Born on one of many far off, uncharted islands in the middle of nowhere to the leaders of 2 of the nations. They were in a secret affair and were planning on announcing their love the day they had their child, who was already on the way. The father was overjoyed, so much that he didn't notice a chaos coming straight for him. There was a flaming bird in the distance, ten feathers flew from it's rear and it looked down upon the isle of flames. It stood still right there, examining the island, looking for a battle. It found it when the leader walked back into town. He looked up at the beast with awe and terror. The beast attacked but something happened, it glided in air. completely still! It had been paralyzed by the leader of the isle of storms, his soon to be wife! She had blasted him with a huge force of wind and then sent a large blast of wind at the pheonix and moving it away from the islands. However the creature came back and The father used lightning to keep it away. The mother was bearing the child at the time and was taken inside. The father kept up his attack but the pheonix was soon sealed inside Phen.

Hunger Games Characters: Story ideas: None, at the moment, other than going into more detail for all of the things I've said, no real titles set.

Damian "Blade" Tempest: Was a tribute in the 70th hunger games, from district 2. His father was a member of district 13 but he was a spy, who stayed in district 2. The hatred for the capitol was passed down to Damian. His token is actually his weapon, which collapses down to look like a metal hat. The blade is a large, four bladed, shuriken like weapon that is fairly large, but not too large that Damian, who is very muscular, cannot hold it. His father was killed by the capitol when his status as a spy was found out after Damian had won the hunger games. Damian was then banished to the desert, where he met Maria, who he fell in love with later on. He has dark brown hair, a mischievous smile, but is always serious in battle.

Maria Arch: Was a tribute in the 68th hunger games who was from district one but was moved to the capitol. She hated living there and being peoples little plaything. She commandeered a hover ship and flew to the desert, looking for the supposedly destroyed district 13. Her parents had also worked along side Damians' family and were slaughtered. She fell into a deep sorrow and was then voted to go into the hunger games, hoping she would die, but she won because she is an amazing archer. She is not as good as katniss because she waits to perfect the shot, however she is amazing in the area of stealth. She stayed hidden in a meadow-like area, ate berries and animals, and set up fires with poisoned, cooking food, to kill the other competitors. The last one, other than her, was rewarded with a quick, painless, arrow to the skull.

Code Lyoko character:

Arion Blake: Is a person who was used to fight against the Lyoko warriors, but was left to his own devices in lyoko. His family was in danger and he was promised that his family would be helped, because he thought that the spectre sent to him was an Australian government agent, sent to him to test Lyoko. He agreed to go because he was an orphan who decided he had nothing else to do in life. He fought hard and his fighting style was that of a berserker dual wielding two swords, similar to Williams one. He fought without real strategy other than who to beat first. He was later convinced by the Lyoko warriors that XANA was an enemy. This led him to fight, not only against the Lyoko warriors, but against XANA also. He was later coded to, after he was devirtualized, to be brought to the lab with the others. He got a job and lived in the labrotory.

Saber character

Aaron Aldric: Rider of a Light dragon named Lucifer. His mother was very sickly one day so he tried to Join Leo's corporation so that he could use the income he got to save his mother. He was rejected, however, and his mother, without enough money to get better, died. He developed a grudge against Leo and his company and went insane due to blood lust. He went around, trying to find out more about Leo's company and eventually found the location of every single base used by the company up to that point. He proceeded to destroy the minds of the agents in the bases, making them believe he was a friend and also that everyone and everything they loved was gone, making them all feel how he felt. Essentially he drove them to either insanity, or suicide. His age is unknown, but he's still fairly young, but old enough to fight foes. He is considered a criminal by those who he hasn't brainwashed. He is practically unable to be caught because he always makes police believe he is completely innocent. He has black hair and contacts that make his eyes withe. he is considerably pale and usually wears dark clothes.

Lucifer:(Lunar) Eclipse dragon. Gives Aaron the ability to use mind control.

Nox:(Solar) Eclipse dragon. Gives Aaron the ability to use telekinesis.

I will use all these characters in a story. However Aaron is my character for one of my friends stories. And Ralem Agni is my friends Character, just as Luke and Logan lincoln don't belong to me.

Awesome words to help through trying times:

Never give up Never lose hope.

Always have faith, It allows you to cope.

Trying times will pass, As they always do.

Just have patience, Your dreams will come true.

So put on a smile, You’ll live through your pain,

Know it will pass, And strength you will gain.

(credit to SHONENX an awesome author)

This copy and past right up above is actually really good for some of my stories, because those one hint towards suicide, and one even includes it. That was a thing I put up on my facebook, I will not put it up on here, unless you guys all say that it should be. The origin behind that story was actually me and my brother getting in a fight about who would get Minorin from toradora if she was real. I decided that my brother would get the Minorin, and I'd make a fanfiction with a darker storyline where I'd end up with her.

Take my 3 question "insanity" test!

1. What are you afraid of?

A) Heights

B) The dark (Not exactly. I'm good at creating characters, and as a kid I did it sub-consciously, therefore I created some based on the environment, for example, scary ones at night.)

C) Fried chicken

2. A dog bites you, what do you do?

A) Run and cry to the hospital

B) Bite the dog back (Keep in mind, I would never actually do this, but it is the closest thing that I would do. I can be a very vengeful person.)

C) Extract revenge by stalking and killing all the dog's family members

3. What are you going to be when you grow up?

A) A doctor

B) A nuclear terrorist with a scarred childhood

C) A evil ambassador to our alien overlords (No scarred childhood, and I don't want to be a doctor. This one is simply the most appealing.)

Every time you answer B or C, you are 33% more insane. Please fill out the poll above.

(Credit goes to Alexbay218, one of my readers.)

-90% of teens would cry if they saw Justin Bieber standing on top of a skyscraper, about to jump, without any chance of surviving. If you're one of the 10% who would sit there, eating popcorn screaming 'DO A FLIP!" then copy and paste this to your profile.

-93 percent of teens would have an emotional breakdown if someone called them a freak. If you're part of the 7 percent who would say, "What was your first clue?" Copy and paste this into your profile.

-If you're one of those people who get excited when you see just two reviews, paste this into your profile.

-Normal teens usually get grounded from laptop/tv/cell/mp3 or ipod, weird a.k.a. us teens we get freaked out if we get grounded from micrsoft word/fanfiction/books if you're a weird teen or kid copy and paste this onto your profile!

-If you've been on the computer for hours on end, reading numerous fanfictions, copy this onto your profile, and add your name to this list: Danyan, Avatarwolf, Shifter-youkai, Kina lupi, Dragonluvr1993, UniqueMelody, XxSpiritWolfxX, MillionDollarNinja, VampireFrootloopsRule, ClockworksApperentice, nightshade, Scorpion6955, Telron, orionrage29,

(credit goes to Telron.)

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The fall of the Golden Pheonix reviews
Continuing where we left off on ROTRM, Jordan and Dylan find out that Logan Lincoln and his son have been kidnapped by the infamous Phantom Task. Logan left a message and a destination of his current location. The wheeler family decides to make a bit of their own task force and fight to free the two geniuses. But can Jordan hold back his thirst for revenge? Or will it consume him?
Infinite Stratos/IS<インフィニット・ストラトス> - Rated: T - English - Humor/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 12 - Words: 17,409 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 2/19/2016 - Published: 10/3/2014
Hope for a bloody Revival reviews
Spin off time! This time, instead of focusing on his love for Cecilia, Jordan began completely hating her! What will happen now? We know at some point he'll get a girl, I mean come on, this is a fanfiction we're talking about. But will he be able to move past his anger and get with Cecilia? Or will he fall for someone else? Read in order to find out. Or just look at the title. XD
Infinite Stratos/IS<インフィニット・ストラトス> - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 6,104 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 10/26/2015 - Published: 2/9/2015
Sometimes, death is a beginning That doesn't mean we won't mourn
This is a joke story made on facebook. Take it seriously though. Shipping story: Writer x Minorin
Toradora! - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,228 - Updated: 5/20/2015 - Published: 4/1/2015 - Ryuuji T., Taiga A., Minori K., OC
Rise of the Red Moon reviews
Jordan Wheeler, son of Jessica and Akihiro Wheeler, is faced with a bit of a problem. He is a new IS pilot when there is only one other guy in a class full of girls! He has been taught by his family how to pilot and how to create and add. He may not look it but he has the best brains on the IS there. But what if the girl he loves is in his class? Ichouki OCecilia and OC x Laura.
Infinite Stratos/IS<インフィニット・ストラトス> - Rated: T - English - Romance/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 17 - Words: 28,624 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 9/16/2014 - Published: 11/20/2013 - Ichika O., Houki S., Cecilia A., OC - Complete
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