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Hello everyone it's your semi-favorite and hating ice cube Chill u" hehehe. Now I'm totes sorry for not doing anything at all for the longest time. I've gotten so busy with school that it's not a joke when I say I'm being rammed rough. Anywho, I'm definitely still writing just nothing fanfic at all I'd post some originals but going to FFNet sister site seems scary... ewe to many good writers and I'm not on their level hehe.

Anyways a few of you may notice I've cleaned up my account and deleted my unfinished stories that I lost interest in because of school ramming in me with homework. I mean it's college but art school. Working on being a graphic designer so maybe in the future you'll see handmade book covers for my stories.

The only ones I kept were Arcanine's Shenanigans, Total Drama University, and Ways to Annoy Bowser which will be updated the minute I can post my stuff or I may even just scrap that and do something entirely different... Scrapping and doing something entirely different with the idea.

Anywho, I've been doing a lot of studying, playing, reading, roleplaying even and have gotten some good ideas. The ideas are as follows just to give you followers a quick heads up if you stalk my profile for any updates.

-New Arcanine Shenanigans chapter, give a pokemon to work with guys through PM any type to join in on the team

-A DeSu fanfic. I had one but it wasn't going where I'd have liked it to go so I'm doing something completely new. I may take OC's for main characters or side characters. Chances are they will die so consider this before sending anything in.

-Ways to Annoy the Mushroom Kingdom. Why just limit myself to just Bowser? I could mess with everybody and I would always get away I'm like Bowser kidnapping normal days from boring people. Of course I will visit the other lands within the Mario universe.

-Kathrine fanfic. If you have played or even seen lets plays of this game you know why. It's intriguing how the game is progressed of course I'm not limiting myself to one character. There will be multiple but I may or may not include women in this one like in the game. It depends, I could do a whole story based thing where men are dying or even add women because of reasons that go against populating the Earth since that was the point of the game. "We break up couples who have no intention to bear children" is Kathrine's main overall idea and I liked it so it may stay like that or something entirely different. The puzzles will be different because as much as I loved the Rapunzel schematics within the nightmare, it would be repetitive to keep writing that so different puzzles will be used.

-Rune Factory fanfic. This one I was just head over heels for when I thought of it. Of course I'm using entirely new characters area and things but it'll still be a slice of life thing. Of course I'm going to be only one character, male and I'm allowing same gender pairings so you know what that means designing a flawed but perfect boyfriend material w hehe nah well semi-nah. We will work on that as characters are introduced and the business like that.

-Doubt and Judge Fanfic. Doubt if you've read it or heard about is a game where everyone is a rabbit except one who is a wolf. The rabbits kill one rabbit in hopes it's the wolf. If they were right they win, if they were wrong another rabbit died that night. That was the basic theme of Doubt. Judge was similar but instead there were seven animals representing the seven sins. When an animal kidnapped them all it told them that they would vote who's sin was the largest and have them killed. This of course was to have everyone die since the numbers would decrease until only two were alive and had to fight to get out. Judge used nine characters, two of them having the same sin but different gender so I may do the same or go with 14 characters to have both sin with both genders or something.

The animals were:

Lion: Pride

Rabbit: Envy

Cat: Lust


Pig: Gluttony

Fox: Greed

Horse: Wrath

This is where we, you and I, stand at my stories so I hope you're looking forward to any of this ideas above w See you later and enjoy a nice read

A small authors note, sorry I haven't been updating my stories. Life has picked up quiet a bit as the holidays came around so now I'm just waiting for it to die down so I can write but don't worry I'll come back.

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