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Poll: Shepard's Romance for The Cycle By: Church "Caboose" Shepard Poll is closed! I'll be getting to the story again shortly, in the mean time I'll also be posting other Polls to help make the major decisions throughout the story! Thank you all for voting! Vote Now!
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Author has written 6 stories for Halo, Elder Scroll series, and Mass Effect.

Name: Church Shepard (I'm 40% titanium)-In case you don't get that, think Future


My Mass Effect Forum: Purgatory

Rock and roll ain't noise pollution,

Rock and roll will survive!

Hello, I'm a very noob writer who'll only make a few stories if any. I'm writing them mainly for myself as I'm frankly tired of reading someone else's story and it either 1) Is terrible 2) has a good start but then completely veers off into a bizarre direction 3) is an Cross dimension (only Star Gate could pull off multiple dimensions) 4) someone feels the need to stick them self into the universe without any logical explanation and 5) they are so completely off when it comes to fact checking the Universe and how the characters or races would act.

I've gotten into some really good stories on this site I've just never been able to finish a single one. There is only one exception which I read religiously however it never updates.


Church "Caboose" Shepard

Reviews: Yeah I'm advertising my work, cause I can. I did want to pay tribute to the people who helped me out with the stories

Praise for The Cycle

You did well setting the scene, with the devastation.-Mr.Vaz

This was a very gripping story-Kendoka Girl

The idea is original and the two lores you're stitching together aren't too far apart. Good choice.-CalibrationStation

A very good start. I'm eager to see more.-Sharrukin

Your writing is becoming smoother and your action better than ever.-Lady Amiee Krios

This story is very good, but the one thing i find strange is that the Covenant look like bigger nitwits than ever.-GypsyDanger (They are and there's a reason)

The story is getting interesting and nice to have one Mass Effect, Halo crossover with Shepherd discovering the Forerunners-ImpatientJedi

I like this story. Things are getting interesting!-Ny'Kle

Like the different direction you are taking.-Frozendude

Praise for Victory

this is really tight little story! Well done!-WordKrush

a sweet little gut-punch of a story.-Sharrukin

Good story and I could definitely see that happening. 10 Rectums/10 Rectums-YamCakes

UPDATE: Mainly for my own knowledge

Well my lack of social life has proven to again be my undoing. I'm planning on continuing my previously cancelled Skyrim series, and I'll probably move it into T until something actually happens. Also, I will be getting back to The Cycle and I apologize for the lack of updates (For like the three people who actually follow and read it). The issue I had before, the issue being no computer, has been resolved and I'm now fully sucked into the pathetic desperate world of writing fanfiction. I kid, but you'll likely be seeing more of me and my writing whether you like it or not! You bastards have really helped improve my skill and grammar. Without this site I may probably have difficulty in my English writing class, but thanks to you Grammar Nazis I know have an A!

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