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Hi! I'm K Peaches and thanks for clicking on my profile page!

I am an avid follower of Bioware. Thanks to my brother, I'm a die hard Mass Effect gamer. Dude, my entire summer has consisted of nothing but Mass Effect, my winter break was spent leveling up my Trooper in SWTOR, and Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: 2 became my new projects over spring break. I even have a nice N7 jacket to keep me warm in winter :)

Favorite couples:

Supernatural: I just got into it and it is FRIGGEN AWESOME. I firmly believe Dean / Castiel (Destiel) belong together and is the OTP. Man, I was practically drooling when I saw how much fanfic they have about them. I feel a little awkward sometimes reading about an Angel of the Lord, but then again ... Castiel is gorgeous and has a voice as delicious as chocolate pudding.

Glee: I read basically anything that involves Kurt. Kurt / Blaine (that one I search the most), Kurt / Karofsky (don’t hate me), Kurt / Finn (I was a huge supporter during the first season, mostly because I wanted Kurt to triumph over Rachel). I love me some Kurt loving.

Naruto: Sakura is my all time favorite character. In my head, there is no argument. She is just beyond awesome in Naruto Shippuden and the pink hair is just like an added bonus. My favorite couple is Sakura / Itachi. I love my Sakura and Uchiha couples, and Itachi is one of the best characters ever from Naruto. While I read my fair share of Naruto couples, ItaSaku is my golden couple.

Inuyasha: Sesshomaru and Rin. Before all the Inuyasha fans start forming mobs to come at me with pitchforks and torches, I just have to let them know that since Rin is Sesshomaru’s most important person (according to Inuyasha Wiki) that they would become romantic when Rin is older. Now I don’t know how they would stay together since Sesshomaru is a demon and Rin is a human (forbidden love, anyone?) but I try not to think about that since it’s weird. However, Sesshomaru and Rin rocks my world.

Inception: Ariadne (Ellen Paige) is the luckiest girl ever. I mean, a kiss with Joseph Gordan-Levitt and costarring with Leonardo DiCaprio?? I am the most jealous teen ever! While the Inception fanfiction doesn’t have as broad horizon as Naruto, I still like reading a little in my free time. Arthur / Ariadne equals adorable.

Mass Effect: I always go with Garrus / Shepard. To me, they just have a bond that trumps the whole 'turian and humans hate each other' fiasco. To avoid giving out any more spoilers, that's it. Shakarian :) I don't play male!Shepard because it just makes me miss Garrus, but if I did, I would totally romance Tali. Or Jack. Probably Tali though.

Dragon Age: Alistair / Grey Warden. He was so sweet and reminded me of a medieval Joker. Fenris / mage!fem!Hawke because that's who I played and a friendship romance between the two is just plain beautiful. Anders / mage!fem!Hawke because mine was totally pro-mage and I feel like that's the type of girl Anders has been waiting for all his life. Nevertheless, any type of Hawke is epic.

So, if you're still with me (Bless you), just some quotes to make my profile longer.

Dragon Age:

"Someday, I'd like to go one week without meeting an insane mage. Just one week" - (sarcastic) Hawke

Mass Effect:

"Bad guys never get away, Simon. Not unless the good guys give up." -Paragon Shepard, Saving the Scientists, Bring the Sky Down, Mass Effect 1.


Romance with Garrus -

"Glad to know my romantic ... uh ... skills made an impression, because it's goign to take more than the Reapers to come between this cross-species liaison."

"There's no Shepard without Vakarian."

Romance with Tali -

Shepard: "We've lost so much already. Sometimes, I..."
Tali: "You don't know if what'll be left was worth the fight? I know. And when I feel that way, I reach for you."

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