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Author has written 3 stories for Bleach, and Naruto.

I'm not new in writing but i never really had the strength to complete my stories. As i am now, I've loved Bleach for quite a long time and after reading a lot of fanfic i decided i will add something too.

Right now, I'm trying to get myself back into writing...I found out that my older stories which I started to write suck so I rewrote one of them. The second is now in frozen state.

Update! Age: 23 and counting (...ah, the time flows so fast...)

btw: So, it happened for a few times already, people are asking me about my English... well, I'm from Slovakia (middle Europe) so ofc it's not my first language. But I have been studying it for many years now and I can do just fine in conversations and in school, but I started to write fanfic, cause I think it's a good way of improving yourself. (And I'm discovering that I have a lot of room to improve)

Sex: Try to guess.

Occupation: Video-game developer.

Hobby: manga (Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, To-Love-Ru...didn't see that one coming did you? :D, RosarioVampire [season I & II, Nisekoi, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi...etc.), sports, bodybuilding (on some level), books... I have to say, after watching an anime and reading all of the Light Novels so far, To Aru Majutsu no Index quickly became one of my most favourite stories.

P.S : Probably all of my work will be rated M, as I don't like stories without some juice in them. (Juice doesn't mean a lot of intercourse as I don't think I could restrain myself enough writing that kind of scenes. They would be too graphic , but some lemons will apear in my stories).

Sooo... few weeks back I decided to finally publish my first fanfic ever : Way of the Protector and I have to say, I'm amazed how much attention it got so far.

I'm thankful for every single review. Trust me, I read them every day as a sign that I'm doing something right and it encourages me to write more.

Sorry about removing the character tags from the story, but right now, I found out that I have to change some things.

I have created a poll for my Naruto story. I'm getting too many PM asking me how much longer until the next chapter so give your opinion please.

Update: 02-01-2016
Yes, I'm still alive. I know I said that the break from writing would last only till the end of january but... it'll be a bit longer. These past few weeks were hell and I'm constantly so tired and weak, I'm barely making it through. Once the chaos settles down and I'm able to catch my breath, I can return to writing again. I don't expect it to happen soon but, at the same time, I hope it won't take too long.

I miss writing.

Update2: 03-19-2016

Surprise, surprise, I'm back! I won't say much this time, just to let you know I'm slowly getting back to writing. Not doing it for so long kind of damaged my abilities but I'm getting there. Life is still hectic and I'm practically a zombie by now but, well, I'm trying.

As per a request from tehnice, I'm putting this lower:

"I have been in discussion with Fanfiction about adding the ability to filter out Yaoi and Yuri, also known as 'Slash', when we are going through stories. They have said that to do anything, there needs to be user awareness and interest. As I am not an Author, thus I cannot spread awareness through my Stories, I am reaching out to Authors to ask them for their help. I want to know if it will at all be possible for you to ask users in one of your Author Notes if they will send an email to with the subject being "Yaoi and Yuri filters", and with a small message of support."

-so, if you want to help and see a new filter for slash stories, give this a thought.

After a one long year, it seems Way of the Protector has gained quite the popularity, which makes me incredibly happy.

Posted: 3.5.2013

After a year: 3.5.2014 - 180k views, 870 favs, 920 alerts, 400 reviews !

21.5.2014 - 200k views, 930 favs, 960 alerts, 420 reviews !

27.10.2014 - 300k views, 1215 favs, 1265 alerts, 477 reviews !

He, who will change the Shinobi has reached one year too!
Posted 13.8.2013

After a year: 13.8.2014 - 205k views, 1980 favs, 2429 alerts, 417 reviews !

21.10.2014 - 300k views, 2451 favs, 3019 alerts, 525 reviews !

A little piece of Heaven has reached one year too!
Posted 2.12.2013

After a year: 2.12.2014 - 29k views, 344 favs, 427 alerts, 148 reviews! (lower than my previous Bleach story, but given its genre, not surprising)
I have celebrated this by giving the story a new summary. It should now tell you more about itself.

I'll be posting status of the story here.

I decided to post a longer description of my stories, since I want to avoid some mistakes or misconceptions.


Way of the Protector:

During the fight in Hueco Mundo, Ichigo vs Ulquiorra, on the top of the dome, Ichigo recieves the Cero Oscuras through his chest and is left dead. As per his hollow's last words, he returns and is pissed off with Ichigo's behaviour. He gives him a chance to remedy the situation. Eventually, Ichigo merges with his hollow (after giving him an actual name) recieving a power boost, which is just enough to allow Ichigo to defeat his enemy, Aizen. The story then follows slightly stronger Ichigo, who is in pursuit of his goal, to become a Protector. After the fight with Ulquiorra, the story is AU, with some minor and with some major changes in the canon plot. Since Ichigo merges with his hollow, he also recieves his traits... thus, his behaviour is slightly OOC in the beginning, until he learns to control himself and after that he acts almost as his canon self. Eventually, he finds out the truth about his zanpakuto and his sword changes a bit. Not like in canon, though. His zanpakuto spirit is one entity that contains both his hollow and old man. The story follows the trail of the Quincy arc in the canon but with changes. We're already in the second half of the story.

He, who will change the Shinobi:

Starts at the end of the mission in the Wave country where Naruto witnessed the apparent death of his teammate, Sasuke and his rage allowed the chakra of the Nine-Tailed Fox to enter his being. The Fox itself sensed the newly acquired Sasuke's Sharingan and coupled with some disturbing revelations inside Naruto's body, the demon pushed its host to see what he could accomplish with his potential unleashed. This, along with the fact that he is forced to kill Haku, who stated to believe in him, Naruto decides to be the best shinobi who could change the shinobi world. Naruto won't be strong overnight but through hard training he will become stronger every day. No bashing, the rating changed to M due to some rather explicit and disturbing scenes.

btw: Though it is implied in the first chapters that Naruto was mistreated by Konoha villagers, it's not the usual beating. No. It was more of a psychological torture.
That's just for those who think, after reading one chapter, that Naruto got regularly beaten up by them. I just wrote this here to avoid misconceptions.

A little piece of Heaven:

I won't be adding a longer description but there is something I'd like to say about this story. I noticed that there are readers who read the first few chapters, then they get discouraged because of the dark stuff I put in there. Well, obviously, I will not try to convince you to keep reading the story. However, I just feel compelled to say, that the rest of the story definitely does not have the same atmosphere. It gets less dark and more about Ichigo's character and his influence on the plot. It is a drama, so you can't expect pink fluffy teddy-bears to appear but, at the same time, the story isn't just about rape/killing/brooding or, as internet says "being edgy".

That's all. I can only hope you'll give the story second chance as I'm putting a lot of work into it. (symbolism and stuff like that).

State of my stories as of 20.07.2016


Way of the Protector - Chapter 26 : One Flew Over the Kurosaki's Mind (To do what's necessary) - published.

He, who will change the Shinobi - Chapter 16 - 3k words written. HIATUS!
Chapter 9 has been updated with corrected version!

A little piece of Heaven - Chapter 28: Dark side of the Moon - will be published on Friday.

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