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Author has written 11 stories for Marvel, Friday the 13th, Spider-Man, Super Smash Brothers, Spawn, X-overs, DC Elseworlds, Hellboy, Minecraft, Incredible Hulk, Monsters vs. Aliens, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Storm Hawks, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Despicable Me.

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species: human/vulcan/saiyan

gender: male.

likes: shadow the hedgehog, mario, ratchet and clank, sonic the hedgehog, spawn, anime, marvel comics, dc comics, storm hawks, action/comedy/sci fi/ horror movies, star wars, star trek, godzilla, writing, drawing, and playing basket ball.

Dislikes: twilight, justin bieber, starship troopers, hoodlums, pop stars, annoying people, noobs, geology, and bad grammar. (even though i have errors sometimes.)

my favorite chars.:

good guys:




luke skywalker


han solo




obi wan



wonder woman

green lantern

green arrow


the flash





bugs bunny

daffy duck

elmer fudd





sandy cheeks

mike and sulley

buzz and woody

finn and jake

bubblegum watterson

nyan cat

chuck norris

puss in boots



ryu[street fighter]

ryu[ninja gaiden]


chun li


liu kang

sonya blade

johnny cage




spawn[spawnzilla014's version]



the thing

captain america


iron man


the maxx[image comics]

nick fury

austin powers

ratchet and clank











ash ketchum





mong dall



master chief






and a whole bunch of others, which if i took the time to write, it would take years to finish

bad guys:




liquid snake

shao khan

shang tsung



freddy kruger




darth vader


darth maul

boba fett

count dooku

jango fett

the joker


lex luthor




mephiles the dark



the rake[creepypasta]

dark sonic


prince nuada[hellboy]

tac nayn

randal[monster inc.]

the clown[spawn]

dr. evil

mini me

and many many more!!

neutral guys[people who are good and bad at the same time:

sub zero

predator[he hunts only powerful warriors, which could be bad or good]

jason voorhes[because he just kills any person he hates, who could be bad or good.]


tails doll[creepypasta] [there are some ideas that he is evil and some that he's not, so i just putted him in neutral].

hulk[cuz if you've read world war hulk, he did try to enslave iron man, mr. fantastic, black bolt, and dr. strange].

multiversal travel: after the a.j.l. was formed people starting hearing about people coming from other universes. so after a while everyone decided to go to the different universes and see what there like. however this is also a problem

some original chars. made by me.

strong dog: a dog named Dreyfus was living the normal dog life. eating dog food and chasing cats, and squirrels. well that was until he went to the vet one day. a strange doctor named ''james motordock'' accidentally gave him a super drug known as chemical D.A.X., which gave him super strength and the ability to talk. Dreyfus didn't know it until the next day. he woke up and his dog house was destroyed. no one else knew until lily, dreyfuses owner went to give him his food.

she looked for dreyfus and found a huge man like dog in a destroyed dog house. lily was even more amazed when dreyfus said: '' hey lily whats for breakfast?''. lily amazed and overjoyed jumped and gave dreyfus a huge hug. when lily went to take dreyfus a walk the leash would not hold dreyfus anymore. dreyfus was so strong the leash broke when dreyfus tried to run. when the people down the street saw him they were terrified. well that was until dreyfus heard a lady scream for help. she was getting mugged by a man with a hood and a knife. out of Dreyfuss kindness he punched the mugger in the face knocking him out. woman said good doggy and gave him a pet on the head. everyone then took dreyfus as a hero. everything was great until james motorock figured out about it. he was fired for giving dreyfus D.A.X.. james motordock was so angry he vowed to destroy dreyfus.

outfit: a red collar and brown fur.


eyes: brown

age: 3 yrs old.[in dog years]

powers super strength.

enemies: cats,squirrels,james motordock, and jake a bully who is mean to lily.

alies: superman, lily, and general tovak.

universes he may wind up in: dc universe, marvel universe, ssb universe, and probably the calvin and hobbes universe.

superman [my version:

krypton was a great planet that existed millions of years. it was until shang tsung and his army of demon warriors came. they destroyed everything. kel el's parents decided to send kel el off the planet. kel el's escape pod landed in japan, where ninjas of the lin kuei found him and raised him to be a ninja warrior. he learned very quickly and was very strong. kel el grew up to be the strongest ninja warrior in japan. kel el as a teen learned martial arts from sub zero, and master bo rai cho. he later became friends with shujunko and liu kang. kel el became a another defender of earthrealm. that was until shao khan came and threw kel el now known as superman, into a different universe. when kel el woke up he found himself in city full of zombies known as racoon city. to be continued in future storys.

outfit: a lin kuei ninja outfit but with a superman symbol in the middle.



age: 24

powers: same as the normal superman. except this one can shoot powerful balls of energy, much like a hodoken.

enemies:shao khan, freddy kruger, leatherface,and predator.

alies: shujunko, liu kang, sub zero, and batman.

universes he will probably wind up in: the normal dc universe, mk universe, the marvel universe, the ssb universe, the street fighter universe, the resident evil universe, and the dbz universe.

who: nothing is known about this man. no one knows his name, his age, his date of birth, or where he's from. in fact people wonder if he's even human.

outfit: a tuxedo, a mafia type hat, leather gloves and black shoes. completely faceless.

hair: none.

eyes: none.

age: unknown.

enemies: deathstroke, the joker, and two face.

alies: the lady in red,batman,rosorch[watchmen, and hal jordan.

powers: skillful in stealth and very good with guns.

universes he will probably wind up in: dc universe, the marvel universe, the watchmen universe, the james bond universe, and the avp universe.

the lady in red: an equaly mysterious member of the britsh intillagence. sent to find out information about who. she thinks who is a criminal but who has saved her a lot of times.

real name: jessica zinc.

hair: red.



enemies: the joker, goldfinger, catwoman, and two face.

alies: who, batman, james bond, and alan scott [earth 2 green lantern].

powers: martial arts and skills with guns.

universes she probably will wind up in: dc universe, and the james bond universe

outlander: a war broke out between 2 native american tribes. the blue eagles, and the red bears. during the war a little baby boy lost his parents. they were killed trying to escape the country. the baby was picked up by two wolves. they raised him. the boy became a very good archer. meanwhile on a planet known as scarton, was having a war of there own. there was a battle between the scartians and the mivakans. they were battling for a magical flute that could turn animals into there own personal army. during one battle, a scarton warrior found the flute . knowing it's power he sent it to the sun to burn up and be destroyed. but it missed the sun and went to earth. that same little boy who found that lost his parents, found that flute and kept it. through the years the boy grew to be very strong and an amazing marksman. later on he decided to leave the wolves and go to america. he lived there for 5 years. one night he found the flute and decided to play it. and ounce he started playing animals appeared outside his window. he tried this same thing the next night and it happened again. so he kept playing his flute every night and the animals would come. one day the man got up and saw a very strange flying object. the doors on the ship opened and out came several lizard like beings.they were the mivikans. what concerned the man was they started shooting at civillians. he ran into his house frightend by the beings. he grabbed his stuff and ran from his house. scared, he decides to play the flute to calm himself down. the animals appeared but something strange happened. the animals attacked the lizard like beings. after the animals were done killing the lizard men, he decided to take matters into his own hands. so he snook to the zoo. summoned a rhino. and charged through the city with his bow and arrow.

the mivikans were quickly trampled by his army of animals. after defeating the aliens, he decided to use this flute for good.

real name:avonoco

hair: black.

eyes: green

age: 25

enemies: shadowmaster, shang tsung, shao khan and lord vaultor.

alies: nightwolf, stryker, and liu kang.

powers: animal summoning, and archery.

universes he will probably wind up in: dc universe, the marvel universe, the mk universe, and the gi joe universe.

lord vaultor: the 265 leader of the mivikans. became enemies with outlander because outlander trampled his army and destroyed his machines.

real name: axis vaultor.




enemies: outlander, nightwolf, and superman.

alies: darkside, darth vader, starkiller, and thanos.

powers: telekenis, fires neoplasm, and is a skilled swordsman

universes he will probably wind up in: marvel universe, the star wars universe, the ratchet and clank universe, and the ssb universe.

unit 2519: a robot from a oblique future. he and his creator are the only survivors of an alien invasion. to save the future his creator sent him back to the year 1960. he fought many enemies and became a very powerful alie.

eyes: green[when neutral, red[when angry].

age: 30 yrs.

enemies: lex luthor, brainiac, and cyrax.

alies: iron man, master chief, and samus aran.

general tovak: a wookie jedi general who leads a specially elite force of rebels. joined the rebillion after darth vader died, but wound up going back in time before luke joined. he also wound up during ww2 in the marvel universe.

hair: brown.

eyes: blue


enemies: darth vader, starkiller, red skull, and doctor doom.

alies: luke skywalker, ahsoka tano, chewbecca, captain america, and han solo.

powers: the force and weaponry skills.

universes he might wined up in: the dc universe, the marvel universe, the ssb universe, and maybe

the avp universe.

john willington: the best cowboy bounty hunter in the west. one day he was hunting someone down until a huge purple portal appeared in the sky and sucked john through. when he awoke he was in the future. they got him to catch a gang of bug like aliens known as ''zerolon's plague''. john was killed him by shooting him in the face on a tall building. he fell down with his machine gun and wound up in a hole full of his own bombs. he fell to the ground barely alive. when the machine gun fell a bullet flew out of it and hit the biggest bomb in the room. the entire station blew to bits leaving zerolon dead...or so it seams.

hair: bown.

eyes: brown.

age: 37

alies: jahonna hex, and batman.

enemies: zerolon, darth vader, and thanos.

powers: weaponry skills.

universes he may wined up in: the star wars universe, the marvel universe, the dc universe, and the ssb universe.

shadowmaster: ounce a normal gothic child named ''noman marx'' norman searched for shang tsung. shang tsung was hiding in the gothic underground. when norman found him shang tsung gave him dark powers, and his own dimension known as the ''shadow dimension'', where there is nothing but an old white house, where shadowmaster lives.

hair: black

eyes: green

age: 13

alies: shang tsung, starkiller, freddy kruger, and darksaid.

enemies: raiden, wolverine, ryu hoshi[street fighter, and batman.

powers: can disapear and re-appear like nightcrawler, and can control shadows and turn them into weapons.

universes he probably will wined up in: the mk universe, the nightmare on elm street universe, the dc universe, and the star wars universe.

old man wilson: a mysterious old man who knows a lot about zombies and how to kill them, and secretly kills them for fun.

hair: grey[duh!]

eyes: blue.

age: 65

alies: Tallahassee[zombie land, whistler[blade, and jill valentine.

enemies: zombies mostly.

powers: weaponry skills.

universes he probably will wined up in: resident evil universe, the zombie land universe, the marvel universe, and the silent hill universe.

mitch gobolawar: a goverment agent who exsisted in the 80's but was acciedentaly frozen in antartica on durring a terrorist mission. he does not take orders easily and has a very large anger issue. when he was un frozen he was for some reason on planet hoven in the ratchet and clank universe! he is now friends with them and goes on many adventures with them.

hair: blonde

eyes: brown

age: 33

alies: ratchet and clank, wolverine, john maclane[die hard, and stryker.

enemies: judge dredd, captain quark, and predator.

universes he will probably wined up in: avp universe, the die hard universes, and the mk universe.

the blackwolf: a ninja assasin who was caught in a time portal and wound up in current day new york city.

real name: ryu kakashi.

hair: black.

eyes: brown.

age: 33.

alies: sub zero, batman, wolverine, and kenshi.

enemies: scorpion, deathstroke, and shadowmaster.

universes he will probably wined up in: the mk universe, the dc universe, the marvel universe, and the ssb universe.

operation z: a chemically altered zombie, who looks like a normal zombie but posses incredable strenght, speed, and is braver than most zombies. for instance he fought the cthulu! he is a zombie but he does not eat living flesh. he only eats garbage and dead animals.

hair: white[chemically altered hair]

eyes: white.

age: none.

alies: none.

enemies: the cthulu, the batman, jason voorhes, and the hulk.

universes he will probably wined up in: the ssb universe and the marvel unverse.

ronald, ronald, ronald, ronald, ming, and mini ming: the heros of toyville. they first lived in japan and then left earth to live in toyville.

enemies: any villain in the multiverse.

alies: the a.j.l.

the destroyer: john marks was a mafia man who was alive during the late 70's but during one of his missions he fell into a large amount of toxic waste and was supposidily dead. however he awoke in the year 1999 alive, but changed into a large horrible grey skinned abomination that had the same strength as the hulk.

hair: black

eyes: black

age: unknown.

alies: anyone who works in the mafia.

enemies: anyone who dosen't work in the malfia.

some places you may go to in my storys.

toyville: a planet in the center of the multiverse, home to a human/animal hybrid species known as the toyvillians.[original place by me]

battle world: a constant war torn world. shares a place right next to toyville. polluted do to constant weapon making. the mayor is a relative to ronald, ronald, ronald, ming and mini ming. his name is american star.[orignal place by my brother]



mega city

new york






death star

and so many more!!!

some teams made by me.

a.j.l.: a huge super team that consists of every hero in the multiverse! lead by superman. they and the army of evil, started multiversal travel.

the army of evil: another huge super team that consists of every villan in the multiverse! lead by thanos.

hells soldiers: a team of the greatist horror icons. which consist of:

freddy kruger

jason voorhes

micheal myers





many more join later.

toonforce: a group of all of the cartoon chars. in the multiverse.[except the storm hawks, because they aren't that all cartoony]. lead by bugs bunny.

the zombie killers association: an army of zombie slayers, lead by ash williams.

consists of:

old man wilson[original char]

tallahasee[zombie land]

ash williams


jill valantine.

favorite couples:



aerrow x piper

finn x piper

liu kang x kitana

knuckles x rouge

spiderman x blaze the cat

aerrow x starling

snake x samus

ken x chun li

bruce banner x betty ross

spiderman x mary jane


superman x lois lane.

future ideas for fanfics:

spawn vs freddy vs jason: battle for redemption: after nobody sleeps on friday the 13[by spawnzilla14] spawn goes to get revenge from freddy and jason for killing his best friends.

shadow's bad day: shadow has a crap tastic day! lol.

super smash monsters chapter 2: no spoliers!

friday the 13th: all out war: the yakuza has decided to hide at camp crystal lake. and that may be the worst decision ever!!!

you call yourself a god?: broly wineds up in the marvel universe after a battle with goku, and he decideds to destroy it. and he's gonna start with asgard!

spiderman and his sidekick creeper! #2: the sequal to spiderman and his sidekick creeper! guest starring the fantastic 4!

intervention:freddy vs. jason: freddy and jason reveal very personal stuff to each other on a show called intervention, which stars deadpool! [lol!]

show me your moves!: capt falcon decides to enter a street fighter tournament. but will he survive?

the shadowmaster strikes!: the shadowmaster causes many terrorist attacks so raiden decides to challenge him to mortal kombat but he will get help from wolverine, and ryu. can they stop the shadowmaster?

sonic and chewbecca #1: chewbecca and han solo land on a strange planet called toyville, and chewbecca meets sonic the hedgehog.

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spiderman and his sidekick creeper 2 reviews
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