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OK, hello people of fan fiction and profile readers. First of all I am not very good at writing profiles but if you read my books you would be blown away. Well at least my friends think I'm good. I have been writing for ever and I still remember the first day I wrote a book, it was in 1st grade with one of my best friends. It was 10 pages and it was about a witch with an evil green pot. Since then I have written small stories and when I was 8 I had this reoccurring dream that happened on the same day and same month once a year this happened for about 2 years and I finally wrote about it. It didn't turn out to well so I like it as a dream better lmfao. Then just as i entered the 7th grade I wrote a 2 part book about vampires and werewolves. As the reader of this may assume I was obsessed witht twilight and this happened because of one of my best friends Allison. Nothing really happened with that book. So around September of last year I wrote a book about a girl who went to jail and didn't commit the murder and her story of love and revenge and then I finished that book in 3 months it was 202 pages. From January until this day I am writing the second book to that series and it wil hopefully be a trilogy. I am even going to go to get the first book published (can't wait):0

I can't wait to start writing some stories on here, who knows maybe I will get some ideas for my book?! One of the best things my friend could have done on here is she put my first book in her profile as one of her favorite books that meant a ton seriously amazing and BTW que sera sera means what ever will be will be.

Here is a few things u might want to know-

Fav songs- drive by by train, beekeepers daughter all American rejects, the a team by Ed sheeran, pay phone by maroon 5, watching you watch him by Eric Hutchinson Lullaby by Nickelback And more I can't even think of them all

Fav thing to do- horse back ride (lessons and trail riding and showing) go to my summer home; hang with friends, sleep, write books, and play guitar.

Fav animals- horses and dogs.

Fav books- twilight saga, hunger games, canter wood crest,anything to do with adventure, excitement, suspense, or horses!

Stories in progress- Canterwood Crest: Defeat (not sure about he name right now but its a start.)

Stories I want to write- not sure lol

Fav bands- linkin park, neon trees, train, parachute,foster the people.

Fav movies- Secretariat, paranormal activity (series), Horse whisperer. Twilight series, Hunger games.

Fav TV shows- House, Criminal Minds, Heartland, Whale Wars, Pit Boss, I shouldn't be Alive, The Client List, and Pretty Little Liars.

Then There Was Chicago reviews
No one really can say what happened, but I know it changed this city forever. It changed my life, I am going to tell you what happened through my eyes from this city bustling with people one day to the grey darkness it lies in today.
Divergent Trilogy - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 231 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 10/3/2012