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FUND #1: Why My Writing Sucks -->
Oh, c'mon, you knew this day would come eventually!

1.) Plot~ If existant in the first place, my plots tend to follow the basic storyline of the anime itself, because I'm not creative enough to come up with something original that can stand alone.
2.) Characterization~ There is a 100% chance that at some point, somewhere, characters will become out of character. This is usually because I am stiff-necked and unwilling to veer away from my original plot idea, so I bend characters to fit my needs.
3.) Deepness~ Too much pretty language not only takes away from the story itself, but makes for an unpleasant read, as well. I think that all the corny-ness, pathetic angst, and imagery make my writing better and more appealing, but in fact, I'm pretty sure they just take away from the little good stuff that is there in the first place.
4.) Style~ I have no writing style. I dabble in different types of writing, as you might have noticed, but I really have no unique style of my own. One chapter might be sarcastic, and the next totally depressing and serious. It's really stupid. On a side note, maybe not having my own writing style has something to do with my lack of sense of self...

Challenge fics are loved and cherished. The challenger comes up with the plot, so less work for me! Constructive critisism [a.k.a. flames] will always be loved and cherished here, if they are seeking a home. Any and all beta-readers will greatly help this fund.

[Maybe you are wondering now, why do I still write? Well, I don't know the answer either. ^^].

FUND #2: The Works -->
For all those curious, begging, and prying eyes.

1.) Falling In~ Just a pointless angsty *gasp] one-shot that goes from "him" to "you" and back again. Well, it's about Hiei, what did you expect?
2.) Unnatural Rain (For Lack of Better Title)~ And yes, that is the story's title, in all it's glory. Challenge fic, picked up from AoiHyou's website: And despite the cries for a sequel, I'm afraid there shall be none. Contains showers, katanas, and a White Door.
3.) Shining~ oOKeairaOo-sempai's birthday ficu. Although it is not worthy of her greatness... I'm wondering how Hiei got into Kurama's bed, too, and once I find the answer, there might even be a sequal. Now that's a shock for ya.
4.) Sweet Snow~ My slightly dead chapter ficu. Also the sad affects of rabid reviewers begging for a sequel. Just basically follows Kurama and Hiei throughout the series. Eventually, it will be un-discontinued. Eventually...

The two "R"s. No, not rest and relaxation. The other two "R"s. Yes, those ones. Typically, supporting this fund involves looking at all the big--and small--words, and clicking the purple button in the bottom right corner of the fiction.

[The Great Debate continues! Is the review button purple? Or, is it blue...?]

FUND #3: The Me File -->
Becuase what would a bio be without the following? XD

1.) Name~ Danielle. It means "god judges me." *squeaks* But I don't wanna be judged by god!
2.) Age~ 13, and all I can do is watch PG-13 movies. *wails* So unjust.
3.) Happy Birthday~ April 5, and if only I had been born 10 days later, I would have been born on Tax Day. Now wouldn't that have been fun?
4.) Cuddle and Hug~ Anime, bishies, yaoi, writing, school--no need to blink, it will still be here when you look again--reading, Instant Messanger, and sarcasim. And Robin-chan *huggleglomp, Jess-neechan *glompglomp, and Aiby-chan *glompwhack*. The most cuddle-friendly of them all!
5.) Bitch and Rant~ Homophobics, original characters, teenage angst, all and every girl anime character, stupidity, and sleeping.

Just don't do any of the things I hate, and we'll get along wonderfully. Otherwise, you might have to deal with the wrath of my muse. Sick 'em, Squemin!

[WARNING: I am subject to mood swings. So when the bio changes and suddenly gets all whacked out, you'll know why.]

FUND #4: Contact -->
For any reason, even if it's just to shut me up.
1.) E-mail Snail Mail~ No, the numbers are not random. Anyone who figured out the deep meaning of my e-mail address will get a prize! ...Or something.
2. Instant Messanger: Technology at it's Finest~ AIM screen name is Beloved Ramen. Because ramen is beloved. Feel it's power!
3. The Daily Life of Shikibu~ My online journal-thingy can be found at: Yeah, somtimes I scare myself, too. 0.o

Think hard, and the answer should come to you...eventually. ^^

[Okay, you have listened to me ramble long enough. If you made it this far, I think you deserve to have a look at the goods.]


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