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So happy to see you!

Well, I can't actually see you, but you've clicked on my username and that says one of two things: that you have liked my writing enough to want to search my profile for more, or you've read my work thinking "man, what kind of idiot wrote this". I do hope the cause of your visit is the former, but if not feel free to comment on my stories and give your honest feedback. After all, how do people get better if they do not know where they have gone wrong?

While I am not an inexperienced writer, I am no career author. As such, my works will contain errors- it is simply an inevitable truth- and I will always have need of constructive criticism.

I am also... a Fangirl. It cannot be helped, or treated. I'm terribly afraid its chronic. I was too involved with finely crafted games and elegantly written books and ended up getting too emotionally attached to fictional characters that didn't have enough background and died in the end.

That being said, you will notice that a majority of my work is about these "back ground" characters.


They fascinate me. Authors and game writers spend so much time developing main characters that some secondary ones with enormous potential just slip through the cracks. I like to take those fallen characters, nurse them back to health, and give them the attention they so desperately deserve.

But, as stated previously, I am no professional. So please, read my stories and leave a comment. I love knowing how others respond to my writing. What works? What doesn't? If the characters have fallen too far from the grace of their original forms... I hate Mary Sues... But, I have been guilty of making them in the past and these monsters still haunt the basement of my dreams.

But it might be easier to critique my stories if you have some idea of where I'm heading with them and what I want them to be.

The Gift: This is a Vicente Valtieri fanfiction- no Vicente X OC romance. This wonderfully voiced and well written character has literally little to no backstory in-game. So I am fleshing out his history. This is a growth piece. Vicente was not born the three-hundred year old, well-mannered vampire we see in Oblivion. So, yes, my interpretation of a relatively young, non-vampiric Vicente is original, but he will slowly develop into the suave assassin we all know and love.

I do not know how long this fic will be- I have only a very loose outline to go by and most of this is simply me going with the flow of the story. This fic is also not going to venture into the 200 years Vicente spent in the Dark Brotherhood, in fact, it will stop right at that point. I want to focus more on "the first one hundred years".

Carsaib: This is my interpretation of Durza's back story. In the book you are given brief glimpses of his life before his transformation into a Shade, but I feel as though this wonderfully colorful character was cheated out of his moment in the spotlight. So, I will attempt to fill in the gaps as best I can.

Now, I actually started this piece about a year ago, so I have no idea how long this fanfic will grow to be, but it will conclude shortly after his transformation.

Caught In The Act: This is a fanfic based on the 1983 Styx album/ rock opera by the same name (also called Kilroy was Here). I personally thought that this was a fantastic concept that was maybe a bit ahead of its time. I plan on expanding the idea and creating a smoother, more believable scenario that encompasses all forms of free expression and deals with some modern day political concerns. The main characters shall remain the same, but I plan to take some artistic liberty with the general atmosphere and tone of the story.

Well, that's about it. I do hope you enjoy my stories and, as always, I welcome any and all comments... Inappropriate or overly negative ones being the exceptions.

Thank you visiting my profile and I hope to be hearing from you soon!

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No Man Left Behind by Gangyzgirl reviews
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Carsaib reviews
"They turned on him, possessing him mind and body. He screamed. He was- I AM DURZA!" -Durza's memories
Inheritance Cycle - Rated: T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,018 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 4 - Published: 7/30/2013 - Durza
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