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Welcome to the wonderful land of Cotton Candy! I'm the dashing owner of this profile, so, read on if you want to know about me

Favorite Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Characters:

5. Shitt P. - I forgot about this char, she just looks AWESOME

4. Lussuria- Sun Guardian- Varia- Sun Peacock (Pea-chan)

3. Daisy- Sun Guardian- Six Real Funeral Wreaths- ... Frog?

2. Belphegor- Storm Guardian- Varia- Weasel I think...

1. Fran- Mist Guardian- Varia- Unknown...

Even though Fran is 1st, I really like my top three... I don't like how Daisy was defeated by stupid Hibari...

Favorite One Piece Characters:

5. Chopper

4. Sanji

3. Caesar Clown

2. Doflamingo

1. Perona

Pokemon Section

This place is for Pokemon! That anime that everybody knows!

Best Pokemon Games

10. Pokemon Crystal

9. Pokemon Gold/Silver

8. Pokemon Battle Revolution

7. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire

6. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

5. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

4. Pokemon Leafgreen/FireRed

3. Pokemon Emerald

2. Pokemon Black/White/Black 2/White 2

1. Pokemon X and Y

Favorite Pokemon

10. Jellicent

9. Weavile

8. Swanna

7. Mismagius

6. Honchkrow

5. Cofagrigus

4. Lopunny

3. Reuniclus

2. Chandelure

1. Gothitelle


List Down Your Favorite Fairy Tail Characters (1-15)

1. Juvia Lockser

2. Mavis Vermillion

3. Toby Horhorta

4. Rufus Lohr

5. Eve Tearm

6. Hughes

7. Lucy Heartfilia

8. Edolas Gray

9. Frosch

10. Uosuke

11. Dan Straight

12. Frosch

13. Plue

14. Edolas Natsu

15. Wendy Marvell


1. Who would you want to be your sister/brother? 6 or 11?


2. Which is cuter? 1-4 or 1-8?


3. If 2 are trapped in Freed's rune with someone, who do you want he/she to be? 9 or 14.

9 because that would be funny, even though Mavis is too powerful to get trapped in his rune.

4. If 9 found 5 cheating on him/ her with 6, what do you think 9 would do?

Cry. Weird couple anyone. Like really? Exceeds?

5. If 3 is in a room with 4, what do you think will hapen?

Rufus would end up killing Toby out of annoyance

6. Write a story about 7 and 3 with 20 words.

Toby was frantically searching for his sock when he asked Lucy where it was, and Crux found it for him.

7. What do you think 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 will do if everyone from the guild except them is frozen?

Mavis would easily unfreeze everyone.

8. What will 1 do if 5 and 7 are kissing?

Juvia would be happy for the couple :D

9. If 8 is missing, who do you think will find her first? 9 or 10

Just because Exceeds are always flying and stuff, he's bound to find him eventually, right? Uosuke wouldn't care.

10. If 10 and 15 are dating, what will 4 do?

Not care.

Story Info:


Star Bringer

Upcoming chapters (They have already been written):

Chapter 8: Battle in the Sea!

Chapter 9: Battle in the Sky!

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