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Introduction :

Hey I'm 181kagome! Since it's my first time in fanfiction.net.. I'm a newbie.. Anime . Is really my life! Even in my school they call me, " anime addict " and "anime princess".. * chuckles* Oh if you ask nationalism, I'm a Pilipino! An Otaku that really loveeeeeeeeee anime!

My favorite anime:

Prince of tennis, Fairy Tail, Detective Conan, Samurai X, Pandora Hearts, K anime project, Azumanga Daioh, Spooky Kitaro, Bleach, Hitman Reborn, Mermaid Melody, La Corda D'oro Primo Passo, Tower of Druaga, Sket Dance, Little Battlers Experince, Jigoku Shoujo, Kuruko no Basket, Hunter x Hunter, Sword art Online, Cardcaptor Sakura, Naruto, Black Butler

My favorite anime characters :

Natsu, Kirito, Asuna , Lucy , Jellal , Erza , Gray , Killua , Rukia , Ichigo , Toushirou , Gon , Kurapika , Alluka, Shaoran, Sakura, Ryoma, Sakuno , Eiji , Fuji , Ciel , Sebastian , Lizzy , Kitaro , Isana, Neko , Neko Mesume, Munakta Reisi , Yatogami Kuroh , Shinichi, Ran, Conan, Kaito, Heiji, Kazuha, Aoko, Kyoya , Len , Kahoko , Bossun , Himeko , Switch , Sasuke , Sakura Haruno , Enma Ai.

Stories written until now:

Cheating Echizen ( in progress ) - Prince of Tennis

Violin Love ( Future Story in progress) - Fairy Tail

Favorite Quotes:

"It's Captain Hitsugaya for you, Not Toushirou" - Bleach

"Mada Mada Dane" - Prince of Tennis

"One Truth Prevails" - Detective Conan

"I'm all Fired Up!"- Fairy Tail

Favorite Anime Couples:

Shinichi X Ran - Dc

Natsu X Lucy - FT

Toushirou X Momo - Bleach

Heiji X Kazuha - DC

Kaito X Aoko - DC

Ryoma X Sakuno - P.O.T

Len X Kahoko / Ryotarou X Kahoko / Seichi X Kahoko / - La Corda D'oro Primo Passo

Rukia X Ichigo - Bleach

Ichigo X Inoue - Bleach

About me:

Me? I'm just a simple girl who loves anime..A tomboyish type.. I bully boys for fun! XD but.. No one of the boys told the teacher about the bullying.. So i'm cool! I especially like Toushiro Hitsugaya of Bleach! Dont ask why cause it's a long story I also take up Karate but i'm still a begginer.

About school... I dont have a problem with it... So exciting! Learning new things. Cleaning.. Dancing... And many more! This is why i loveeee school too! I hate boys.. But i feel really close with boys.. I dont know why XD anyways...

About writing? Well... I make fanfics at school were i recive a lot of insipiration.. I write it mostly in my notebook XD. My classmates loooove my stories! They even encourage me too go on! Well too me, writing is like a talent! Just like singing and dancing! Everybody likes my voice.. The teacher once said it's like ... X factor! XD Dancing? Well like i said it's a talent.. But practice makes perfect.. Right? :3

I' an eleven year old kid and i Sixth Grade :3 i was born in January

My favorite songs? Lol I can't tell them all Imatation Black, All my love's For You, Janus, Servant of Evil, This Light I See, Blue Moon, Hanabi, SPY, etc.

What makes me inspire to make stories? The surroundings, i say... Writing in school gives out a lot of inspiration Maybe you saw your crush or anything Ahahaha just kidding! School Surroundings can give a lot of insipiration That's why i almost write in school Well i use instruments as well or books i read :3 You can find your inspiration by yourself minna.

Since i loveeee reading and writing.. How can i forget my dear reviwers? Thank you for the comments and inspiration! I really aprreciate it!

Thanks for reading my profile!

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