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Name: Alicia, leave it at that.

age: Don't need to know.

hobby: Games, art, anime, manga, drawing, crafting.

eyes: Have no idea cause I hate seeing myself in the mirror.

hair: I think red.

hight: don't care.

weight: hell no.

book: mangas

games: Sonic, LOZ, Klonoa, Spyro, Kirby.

I love anime and games so you can call me a nerd.

Im a Major Sonic fan and arleady have 15 favorite male characters.

1 Espio: He's hot and very cool! He's a ninja wich I think is super cool myself. He can be stubborn at times, but he means well. Too bad he's not the leader of the Chaotix because he shows more leadership then Vector. He's the smartest guy on the team and is very funny at times. In my mind, Espio also has strong feelings for Alicia the wolf.

2 Mighty: He's super awsome! He's the strongest on team Chaotix and a really good friend to other people. He doesn't show up in any games besides the arcade version Sonic and Knuckles Chaotix, but he seriously needs to!!! He's sweet, funny, loves to play jokes and also has a big crush on Alicia again my mind!!! He also has a best buddy Ray the flying squirl to back him up in danger. Mighty, we really need you back.

3 Knuckles: He's too funny for words. He's hot, funny, stubborn, a big knucklehead all the time and very stupid at times. But he's a very good friend to Sonic, Tails and everybody else. He takes his job as the guardian of the master emerald very seriously and I think he needs to work harder on it :-). He does have some girls after him like Alicia(my mind), Rouge, Tikal and Julie Sue.

4 Shadow: HE IS GOD!!!!! He's fucking awsome!!! He can use guns, motore vehicles, coas powers, anything!!! He's fucking AWSOME!!! I think he's actually a pretty sweet guy once you get to know him, even though his past really killed him(not really) he's very protective of his so called friends and especially a certain pink hedgehog he might actually love. GO SHADAMY!!!!!!

5 Silver: He really needs some people to like him. I know he's slow, but he's very cool!! He can use the power of telechanises and can even fight well too. He also has a good love interest in the fair princess, Blaze. He's cute, kind, very funny and wants to help out as much as he can. There's a guy named shadow759 who makes very funny videoson YouTube about Shadow and Silver. Check them out, you'll love them! Trust me.

6 Mephiles: What can I say about this fucking devil? He's the coolest, badass, evil Sonic character EVER!!! He's actually the shadow of Shadow's and a very evil person...maybe even more evil than Scourge. He's also the only bad guy in the Sonic franchise to even kill Sonic!!! Cool, right? He's my number 1 bad guy in the Sonic universe!

7 Scourge: Let's just stay away from this homicidal maniac! He's very creepy, yet he's super cool! He's only showed in the comics as Sonic's evil side and man, did they do a good job at him. Well he's green and has a leather jacket with flames and red sunglasses to boot! He's fucking awsome. He does have a way with woman and his main girl, Fiona Fox can tell you that. But you just don't want to be in a dark room with this guy...*shivers*.

8 Jet. Some people find him annoying, I find him kinda funny. He's the leader of the Babolon Rougs and is too darn funny! He really is an idiot at times and thinks he's the fastest on a board, but as usual Sonic proved him wrong. His love interest is Wave the swallow even though she's a bit annoying to him, she still has his back for him. Jet the hawk people!

9 Sonic: Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh. I'm gonna have a lot of complaints on this, but I really hate Sonic. He's too much of himself and thinks hes too good for cameras. His lack of puns makes it hard for liking him, but he means well. I put him in this cause he needs to. He's the reason the Sonic franchise is still going of course. Sometimes I like him, sometimes I really hate him which is all the time.

10 Dr. Eggy: Who wouldn't want this lazy bastard on this list? Come on, no eggy, no Sonic, means no games, movies, anything!! He is waaaaay too funny to hate! He's funny in Sonic unleashed, Sonic Colors and Sonic generations. He thinks he's the most intelligent guy on the planet, but Tails beats him to it. His main goal is to open a theme park called...Eggman wouldn't pay me enough to see that place!

11 Nak: He's only showed in Sonic Racing, Sonic triple trouble, Sonic fighters(I think) and the Sonic comics. He's not really a good villain and I always try to think if he's good, or bad. But he's really stupid at times. In Sonic Triple Trouble, he iscompletely stupid. He's a bounty hunter who only wants the time stones to sell in the black market. But when he tries to spoil your plan, he ends up blowing himself up everytime. Sometimes he's stupid like Knucklehead...good thing he didn't hear me.

12 Metal Sonic: The most popular Sonic villain of all!! I love him!!! He's the same clone to Sonic and is very cool to show it. He was first introduced in Sonic CD where Amy Rose was first introduced. He kidnaps her and Sonic tries to save her...yay? Metal is SOOOOO FUCKING COOL!!! He's also in the Sonic Generations! YEEEEES!!!!!!!!!! Me go play now!

13 Tails: THIS LITTLE CUTIE IS THE VERY FIRST Sonic friend character. He only started out being a cute lovable guy who wants to help his best friend out and when time goes by, Tails has been made to be the smartest kid in Mobius. His IQ of 300 makes him smarter than any. He can be a hero at times and he's also in his very own game...which I can't remember DAMN!!!

14 Charmy: I know he's annoying. He's very annoying in Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog. But come one! Look at him! Hes a total cutie!! He wants to show people how strong he really is...even tho he sucks, but he's too adorable!! He does have a little bit of a crush on Cream of course and in my mind, Charmy thinks of Alicia as a mother to him...which gets Espio and Mighty mad...he he he...ok so on he is annoying, but tries hard. God going little buddy!

15 Vector: Normally I really don't like him that much, but I put him in my list because he is tooo funny! He thinks he's the best detective around, but he never could solve anything! He's the leader of the Chaotix and is a very good friend to his pals. He also...dare I say it...has a HUGE crush on Cream's mother Vanilla...a crocodile and a rabbit...I don't see their wedding anytime soon. He's just funny, tooooo funny!!!

Amy really liked Shadow and wanted to know if he like her so one day she asked Shadow some questions.

"Do I ever cross your mind?"


"Do you want me?"


"Do you like me?"


"Would you cry if I left?"


"Would you live for me?"


"Would you do anything for me?"


"Choose -- Me or your life."

"My life."

Amy began crying and ran away in shock and pain and Shadow with a pained look on his face ran after her, grabbed her hand and said:

" The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind"

Amy looked up at Shadow, dried her tears and listened to him. Shadow gave a genuine smile. (Holy shit! Shadow smiled! The end of the world is coming!)

"The reason why I don't want you is because I need you"

"The reason why I don't like you is because I love you"

"The reason why I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left"

"The reason why I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you"

"The reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you"

"The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life"

After Shadow was finished, Amy smiled, tears started pouring out, but in joy not sorrow and hugged him. Shadow kissed her lovingly and the two were happily in love.

(If you support Shadow X Amy, put this on your profile.)

I have also created my version of love children for these characters. Read if you like. Hell, I might make a story out of em.

Onyx (son of Silver and Blaze)

Age: 17

Gender: Boy

Appearance: A white hedgehog with two straight bangs that point upward like his father and three in the back bent down, a little purple fur blend on each of the tips of his quills. Has golden eyes.

Clothes: Wears a gray trench coat and light blue shoes with some metal on the front, bottom, and heel.

Powers: None

Personality: Nice, and gentle, but will occasionally get angry if anyone hurts his sister, or makes fun of his hair style. He is very mature when it comes to meetings as a prince, but when he’s with friends, or just his sister, he’ll be outgoing and fun. Has a strong bond with her and his mother, but still loves his father very much. He may not have powers, but thanks to his Uncle Tails, he now has a cool weapon that he can transform into a spear, or a sword. He uses it to fight battles and would train to become the best and bravest warrior of the Sol Dimension. He also has a small crush on Maria, but he doesn't think she would ever go with someone who constantly loses to her.

Fears: Losing his family, talking with girls he doesn’t know, broccoli and carrots.

Psychie(daughter of Silver and Blaze)

Age: 15

Gender: Girl

Appearance: A light purple cat with golden eyes. Her long hair was down and was close to reaching her waist. She has a long smooth tail with a little white fur on the tip.

Clothes: Wears a light green top with a large cut neck that shows both her shoulders, a black spaghetti strap shirt underneath, and black cargo capris with silver zippers on two pockets on each side of her lower pant legs. Lastly, she wears white shoes with gold buckles on the top covering the knot of her shoe laces.

Powers: Fire

Personality: A sassy and sometimes stubborn princess like her mother. She likes to tease others and sometimes will get into some trouble. Her brother would occasionally keep a close eye on her, and being a rebel, she hopes that someday her title will be taken away. She hates being called "princess" and would try to escape her duties and go out with her friends like Maria and Petal. She would even occasionally pick a fight with bullies and would burn their asses if she feels like they needed a good scorch. Tho, she doesn't like upsetting her parents and would try her best to make sure she is well loved by the kingdom for their sake. She loves to spend time with her father as a "daddy's girl" but enjoys spending time with Aunt Sally and Uncle Sonic. She has a small crush on Sky and a bigger crush on Zane.

Fears: Getting dumped again, dealing with so many royal responsibilities, losing her friends because of bullying too much.

Sky(son of Tails”Miles” and Cream)

Age: 14

Gender: Boy

Appearance: A skinny yellow-ish fox that surprisingly has only one tail. He wears a green scarf around his neck and brown knee high boots that looked tattered and torn up after years of mechanical work with his dad. No spiked bangs, but has a long downward ponytail in the back that reaches his tail. He has a small scar under his left eye and across his nose.

Clothes: Wears only brown baggy cargo pants with black shoes and goggles over his head.

Powers: None

Personality: Very smart like his father, but also very caring. He enjoys working in the shop with his dad and Zane and hopes to finally build a jet pack so he could fly around like his family being the only one who can’t. He's been told how weird he looked since he only had one tail in his family, but he didn't pay any mind to them because his one tail can do more than just fly like his father. He uses it's advantage by holding things while he works and would use it to hang on things like a monkey, or would use it as a whip if needed to. Has a small crush on Sapphire and sometimes would go with Dusk and Onyx for “bro” time.

Fears: Sapphire will reject him, not being able to fly.

Petal(daughter of Tails”Miles” and Cream)

Age: 10

Gender: Girl

Appearance: A cream colored rabbit with a fluffy tail, longer ears than her mother. A small tan patch of fur on her left eye, and fully covered her hands and feet. Has light brown hair tied up in two pigtails. Has light blue eyes.

Clothes: Wears a light green shirt with a pink heart on the front and blue denim capris with white strap sandals.

Powers: Flight, communicating with Chaos.

Personality: Chipper and sometimes active. She enjoys running, but flies sometimes. She has a strong bond with her older step sister, even tho she didn’t care for her that much once her father remarried. She would sometimes have fighting lessons with Uncle Knuckles and Uncle Espio to make her stronger, but would occasionally tackle Knuckles when he’s not looking, too his dismay. At a young age, she had some bullies who tormented her relentlessly, but after they locked her in a janitor closet in her middle school, she was left for almost the whole day till Cale had heard her cries and unlocked the door for her. After that, she hated the dark, including small spaces, but happy to have her best friend, Cale with her. The bullies were even fought and defeated by Cale and Zane after they got off with a warning by the school and afterwards, she was never bullied again. After that, she had grown a little crush with Cale and Zane.

Fear: Being weak, bugs, being alone in the dark, tight spaces.

Zen(daughter of Tails”Miles” and Cosmo)

Age: 16

Gender: Girl

Appearance: A light green seedrian with elegant long green hair down to her rear with a bit of yellow highlights on the tips. Has bright turquoise colored eyes and light oeach skin.

Clothes: Wears a dress similar to her late mother which was a hand made by her only made with spaghetti straps on her shoulders and long shoulder cut sleeves. Wears light green slippers with one strap around her ankle and a little flower buckle on the side. Wears a light green headband with three flowers that looked like her mother’s handmade by her stepmother.

Powers: Can create plants out from the ground, make flowers bloom

Personality: After losing her mother at a young age, her father remarried his old high school sweetheart which worried her greatly. But after time getting used to her new step mother, she grew to love her and her newer step siblings. She’s very kind, and is more of a pacifist since her mother didn’t like to fight. She has a small crush on Dusk, but is too scared to talk to him sometimes. She loves to spend time with her Aunt Alicia and would even have lessons on how to make other flowers grow and more.

Fears: To fight, water, hates to be alone.

Sapphire(daughter of Knuckles and Rouge)

Age: 15

Gender: Girl

Appearance: A light pink echidna with short, but curly hair pulled up in a upward pony tail along with her long dreadlocks, golden eyes and a black upside down crescent moon mark on her chest. A small gold eyebrow piercing on her left eye and a pearl colored purple tongue pierce.

Clothes: Wears a black shirt with only one sleeve ripped off and dark grey leggings and black boots with little hearts on the side for cuffs like her mother's old boots. She had a gold belt on and a chain around her neck. Long sleeves up to her elbows and fingerless gloves with silver metal cuffs made from her Uncle Tails.

Powers: Glide, strength.

Personality: She's kind of a rebel with a mean look on her face. Those who see her would think she's a horrible person to be around, but in reality, she is more into friendships and kind to others, but does make a little fuss and would attack if she gets mad. She is very much like her mother and even went with her a couple times to steal jewelry, or artifacts, much to Knuckles' annoyance. She's the heir to the family shrine and will watch over the Master Emerald if anything happens to her father. She knows her destiny and honors it greatly, but she is sad to think of her loneliness when she does take the role. She has a big crush on Ace after he made his way up onto Angel Island after sneaking out and running into her.

Fears: Taking her place as the next guardian, people treating her badly, Scourge after she has met him on accident at a young age.

Zane(son of Knuckles and Rouge)

Age: 17

Gender: Boy

Appearance: A dark red bat with only one wing and a robotic wing after an accident with Robotnick. Eyes colored with an ombre affect with yellow on the top and purple on the bottom and a bit of hair over his left eye.

Clothes: Wears camouflaged pants and a black vest with brown gloves with metal plates on the top. Black boots with three buckles on the front and the leg of the boot.


Personality: He takes after his father with a stubborn and prideful attitude, but kind and caring to those in need. He hates to fight if he doesn't want to, but will protect his friends and family. He was upset to hear that he wasn't first to take the role of the next guardian, but happy to be able to work with Uncle Tails in the robotic department. After he had lost right wing, he wanted to try and fly with a heavy object, but thanks to his and his uncles brains, they both made a special rocket pack wing to help him fly easier. He has a big crush on Serina every since he met her when she and her family visited Angel Island for a small vacation at an early age, but he also likes Maria because of how much they both interacted when fighting with his Uncle Shadow and her father.

Fears: Choosing the right girl for him, not able to help those in need, getting speared by Uncle Shadow, or Uncle Espio if Maria, or Serina were ever mistreated.

Maria(daughter of Shadow and Amy)

Age: 15

Gender: Girl

Appearance: A blackish pink hedgehog with long quills and red colored eyes with black stripes down her arm and legs like her father's. She looked like the spitting image of her mother, but had a small cut on her cheek and her arm after a battle scrimmage went wrong after her father had hit her on accident.

Clothes: A red dress like her mother's old dress, but the skirt was a little ripped up on the bottom to make it look cooler, she had the collar of it cut off to show her chest a little and wore a black tight fit shirt to hide her boobs. Lace at the ends if her sleeves and black leggings with lace at the ends along with some dark red ankle high boots like her mother's.

Powers: Can use Chaos abilities.

Personality: A sweet and caring girl, but a fiery attitude underneath. She loves to go shopping with Sapphire and would dow some battles with Uncle Knuckles and her father, Shadow. One time, she got hit pretty badly by him and was rushed to the hospital. Her father was completely hurt and hated himself for hurting his daughter, but she went back to battling and made herself even stronger for him to be proud of her, which he always did, but more after coming out of the hospital and training really hard. She has a big crush on Onyx and has spoken a bit up front to him, but in a friendly tone. She can be strong for other things, but telling someone of her feelings is the hardest she's ever done. She also has a small crush on Zane, but only sees him as a good friend. She has a lot of fun times with Uncle Knuckles, but enjoys spending time with her father and her god father, Sonic, even if her father hated him.

Fears: Getting hurt by someone she loves, her weakness, being called a monster after showing her powers to others.

Dusk(son of Shadow and Amy)

Age: 17

Gender: Boy

Appearance: A black hedgehog with magenta stripes down his long quills like his father's and lime green eyes like his mother's. He





Elivia(daughter of Sonic and Sonia)

Age: 13

Gender: Girl





Serina(daughter of Espio and Alicia)

Age: 16

Gender: Girl





Cale(son of Espio and Alicia)

Age: 16

Gender: Boy





Ace(son of Scourge and Fiona)

Age: 16

Gender: Boy





I love making my own characters. My own special character I made is Alicia the Wolf.

She's a brown wolf with a patch of white on her stomach, ear, and tail. She was born with beautiful angel wings. She has blond inch-under shoulder length hair and blue sapphire eyes. She wears a black jacket with a red spetghettii shirt underneith. She also wears red and black pleaded skirt with black knee high boots with red belts on them and black fingerless gloves with red belts on the top of them.

She's a kind, caring, spirited, girl who loves to go on adventures and help others. She has very special powers that gives her the power of water, fire, air, earth, light, and healing. But she can't use too much cause when she uses her powers, she also uses her own energy which makes her dizzy and faints. Not too mention she has major ass kicking skills.

She hates things like bugs sometimes, but can touch them, sometimes water, and very scared of dark places. Loves cherries the most of anything. Even has a cute little pet Chao named Cherry.

To make it more fun, or maybe a little easier, I'll tell the whole story about her until her teen years.

Cerilia was a lively land in the deep dimension full of riches and evergreen lands. The village named Olan near the castle loved the king and queen who ruled the land with wisdom and care. King Saris, and queen Lida were not the best of couples. Saris was a prince who didn't want any sort of place in the castle. He wanted to be free, but the strict rules of being a prince must come first. But he was haveing his time with the women of the land. Even the maids in the castle had tried to keep him busy, but he couldn't take anymore royal splender. Until he met the princess of Meldon. Lida didn't want be married off like that. She wanted to at least see who he was, and maybe get to know him, but her parents wanted what was best for her.

So she was sent off to Cerilia to meet the young prince of the land. Saris, of course, didn't want anything to do with her. She would be one of those among the women who thrown themselves onto him. Lida hated to even be in the same room with Saris, and each day they spent together was hell. Each of them fought over everything. It was not ending, and no one wanted to even put up with their arguing. Neighter did Lida. She stormed out after giving a good slap to his face and shouted her feelings to him. Saris was quite surprised. No one had the nerve to even say that, or even touch him like that. The feeling of her hatred was so hard on him, he couldn't take his mind off of her.

Lida was out in the castle grounds when she somehow found her way into the dark forest. She was too steamed about how cruel Saris was that she payed no attention to where she was going. The other bad choice was that she didn't have a royal guard with her. Lida was trapped in the forest, and she couldn't escape. To make matters worse, Cerilia is a wonderful place, but in the deepest of the forest lies dangerous animals, or monsters. A wild bear came out from the trees and saw her. Fearing her as a threat, the bear wasted no time in charging at her. Lida was not a fighter, and she was scared to death to not run. Suddenly, Saris, along with a fellow knight, entered the forest after hearing her scream, and lunged at the beast in no time. Lida watched at how bravely he fought for her safety. The bear was about to be defeated when it took one last slice of his cheek. Saris killed the bear with one stab of his sword, but his right eye had payed the price.

After that horrific accident, Saris and Lida were now starting to finally interact with one another. Soon after, the two began to fall for one another. After months of waiting for the right girl, Saris had finally asked Lida for her hand in marriage, which she had completely agreed to. The kingdom celebrated their wedding and the two were off to have their honeymoon to a nearby land of their own until they return.

Some months later, Saris was notified by his newly wed wife that she was two months pregnant. Much to his joy, Saris was now impatient to know about his child's gender is. The royal mage of the land, Magy, a wise old black crow of many talents and wisdom, had used his magic to tell what the gender their baby was. Both soon to be mother and father were delighted to hear that their baby will be a princess in a few more months. The time had come for the birth of their newborn daughter. A beautiful baby she was. Bown fur like her mother's, and sapphire eyes like her father's. In Cerilia, if you are born in the land, you are either gifted with the ability of powers, or angelic wings. Of sometimes, you don't get anything, but some people are alright with that. Their daughter was born with angle wings. Saris was born with the powers of fire and water, Lida was born with angle wings. Both loved their daughter very much, and wanted to name her something that would fit her well. And there, Princess Alicia was born.

Overy the three years of her life were wonderful. Saris had a great time playing with his little princess in anyway possible. Lida also had her time teaching the young girl how to talk, and walk. Alicia had a tough time trying to fly when it wasn't her time yet. Young children who have wings tend to start flying artound the age of five, or six so their wings would be strong enough to lift them up. Alicia was a rather spontaneous girl who loved to laugh, run, and fool a lot of people. She would tend to play with the maids, or chefs of the castle and somtimes trick them into getting something she wanted. Like tricking a chef to hide while she swipped a cookie from the serving platter.

Alicia was a joy to be around, but sometimes hard to handle. At age 4, sh began to start her flying lessons, but only to hover a little. Lida had taught her how to hover off four feet from the ground which she was able to do in no time. But one day, Alica was up in her room in one of the towers and somehow tried to fly off the balcony when she wanted to get a small flower from a plant that was growing on the side of the walls. She hovered only a little bit, but was not careful enough to know she was away from the railing. Alicia was then forced to stop hovering, and immediately fell down to the grounds. Luckily, one of the maids that entered her room saw her and tried to catch her from falling, but was too late to save her.

Saris heard the screams from outside and saw his daughter falling from her room. In no time, he quickly used his water ability to create a water bubble to catch her midair before she could land to her doom. Alicia was saved in time, but the horrific fall stayed in her mind. She was never able to fly high enough fearing that she would fall again, and no one will save her again.

At five years old, Alicia was now talking and walking like a proper lady, yet she had a little of her father's rebelious side. She sometimes had a hard time trying to stay awake during her tutoring days, Always had a hard time trying to be a princess for her parents, but sometimes acts like a rebel. Alicia may had hate her boring days of nothing, but work, but when her grandfather would come to visit, she would be head over heals excited for him.

Her grandfather, Ardon, was a well loved member of the royal family and the land itself. When the kingdom hears of the old king had returned, they all celebrate his welcome with a grand feast. Alicia and Ardon were inseparable. They would dance in the ballroom like a couple would, only she would be standing on his feet while he did the rest. They would be in the library reading books, he would read the books to her. And lastly, he would stay with her at night until she falls asleep. Her grandfather would always sing the lullaby he had sung to his son to make him go to sleep.

On a cold day, the maids were all burning logs in each fireplace to warm the castle up. But this day was nothing ordinary, for a great and very surprising discovery was seen. The maids came into the royal bed chamber to see the young princess sitting in front of the fireplace. The flames were bright, but non of them lit the logs. As they entered, Alicia turned around to see them, but to their horror, a small fireball was in her tiny hand.

The maids told Saris and Lida about their discovery, and both rushed in the chamber to see their daughter still holding the fireball in hand, yet it didn't hurt her at all. She was looking up at them only in confusion. Saris called the royal mage to come and see what was going on with her. Madgy had came to the castle right on time, and went into Alicia's room. The young princess was on her bed looking like she was in trouble. Madgy didn't want her to be fearful of him. He was a good person, like another father to her.

After he asked her to repeat what she did before, Alicia easily flicked her hand, and a fireball appeared once more. Lida was very confused, Saris was scared that something might've happen to curse his daughter. But Madgy was ready for this, for he had read every single book their is on spells, monsters, legends, and history.

Every 200 years, a child would be born as an angel with a special power. But this child is not only gifted with one power, she, or he is gifted to have each elemental powers. Water, air, fire, and earth. It was no curse, but a blessing from the gods. Although, the blessing had come with a harsh twist. If he, or she uses their powers in anyway, their energy will be sucked out along with the amount they use.

Both Saris and Lida had a look of sadness. They may have been happy that their daughter was the one who was birthed with two abilities, but they would need to teach her not to use her powers all the time. Madgy had told them that if she had used any sort of strong power greater than her, her energy will be sucked dry, and she will be dead in seconds.

After that, Both parents had given her strict rules in not using her powers unless it was necessary, or if she is tutored by a Madgy, himself. It was hard for Alicia to now know what she has, but can't use it sometimes, yet, she tries her best not to use too much. Sometimes she has tried at least a little which made her weak for a few days, but nothing had stopped her from trying her best to please her parents wishes.

On a dark night few weeks after her six birthday, Saris and Lida were asked from another kingdom far west to help them with their land. They both agreed and asked Ardon to watch over the castle, the villages, and their daughter. Alicia didn't want them to leave, but a king and queen must do what they can for other neighboring countries no matter what the cost.

Both of them watched as their carriage and a few guards left the castle grounds, and the village exit to head off to next kingdom. Alicia still felt like something bad was bound to happen, yet she couldn't stop her parents from leaving. Ardon and her tried to do something to entertain one another, but poor Alicia couldn't take the worry away from her. She prayed that her parents will come back home soon.

Two days later, a horrible discovery was later brought back. A knight from the other kingdom had came to the castle and had brought what was left of Saris and Lida. A gold medallion with a few scratch marks and drops of blood, and a small silver coin necklace with the Cerilian crest on the front and a black rose etched on the back.

Ardon and Alicia were told that a band of thieves attacked their carriage by surprise and killed the each soldier including the poor king and queen. Saris had fought bravely to protect his wife, but was stabbed in the heart, and Lida, too was stabbed twice in the heart and stomach. Alicia was struck with pain, sadness, and heartbroken to know her prayers were never heard, and her parents were now dead. Everyone in the land was heartbroken. Their beloved king and queen were gone. So soon, and their daughter was not at an age to leave them.

Ardon had arranged a funeral for the loss of his son and daughter-in-law. The whole entire kingdom had come to mourn, but Alicia had stayed in the castle. She was too broken to not go. Ardon and Madgy had pleaded her to come say her farewells to her parents, but the poor princess didn't want to do, or go anywhere. Deep down, she knew it was her fault. She knew that something might happen, but she didn't tell Saris, or Lida about it knowing that they will still go. She wished them back, she prayed for everything to be a lie. But the truth is always hard to face.

After a week from the funeral, Ardon was able to have her come with him to the burial ground where they buried what remains they found of theirs. The stones was decorated with flowers of all kind, and a statue of Saris and Lida were over their graves to remember what they'll always look like and will always be cherished. Alicia had broken down and cried like no other with her grandfather to comfort her. There she was given the task to protect the object that the knight had brought to them. She was given the medallion to show that her father is always there to protect her, and the silver necklace around her neck to show her mother will always be there for her. Alicia had never taken that necklace off, and had never lost the medallion.

That week, the kingdom had given Ardon the crown to rule over his son's place until Alicia was at the age where she will step up and take over as queen. For many years passed, Alicia has grown into a beautiful princess full of spirit and love that the kingdom adored. But she didn't like the attention she was getting every day. She hated the fact that each life was another day of being higher than the rest.

Alicia wanted to be like everyone else. She hated being called 'princess' wherever she went. She wanted friends to like her for who she wants to be, not what she already is. But her wishes will soon come true, but in a more tragic way. The elder brother of Ardon, Valgard, had enough of his banishment, and returned to the kingdom to reclaim what he wanted. Valgard is a vicious wolf who only wanted power and welth. When their father choose Ardon, the youngest, to be king, he was enraged and created a powerful spell to not only slaughter the villagers, but murder his own father. When Ardon heard of what he had done, he banished his brother to the darkest of the lands to never be seen again. But after so long of waiting his revenge, he had enough time to create weapons, and soldiers with his dark magic. He created a pack of soldiers of bones and flesh he had dug up himself to use. This had given him a good idea to create a whole army to dispose of his worthless brother. Some years of planning later, he had found out that his brother had a son, who also had a daughter.

This brought a sinister plan to his mind. With the army of undead soldiers at his side, he will take the kingdom as his, and Ardon's pathetic granddaughter will be his for his own. After Valgard had stormed into the kingdom, all the villagers were running in panic. Screams of terror and death filled the skies as the soldiers ran amok, killing everyone they see. Seeing the terror before his eyes, Ardon and Madgy quickly rushed to a nearest portal with Alicia opening it to another dimension. Alicia had pleaded both to come with her, but Ardon and Madgy stayed to fight for their land. With a strong push, Alicia was sent into the portal and through another way to a different world.

There she had met the Sonic and the Freedom Fighters who helped her fight with a monster who had come from the same portal she went through get her. After that fight, Alicia had told both Sonic and Sally about what had happened to her land, but kept her princess title a secret. She didn't want her new companions to treat her like they did back in her world, but after a little misunderstand, Sally had told her that she should let go of what she is and not worry of what she is. Alicia had found out that she was a princess herself, but everyone treats her like a normal person. Alicia had wanted to at least be treated like a regular person, and Sally was there to teach her how to be a regular person while she and the team went back to her world to stop the war. Along with the team, the Chaotix group went along when Vector heard about 'riches' when Alicia was telling them about her land in war. The Sonic team had courageously took the soldiers out in no time, but Valgard was still in the castle and needed to be stopped. Alicia, having enough of him destroying her kingdom, went into the castle along with Mighty, Espio, and Sonic to help her. There in the throne room, she saw her grandfather on the floor ready to be murdered by him, but waisted no time in flying at him and pushing him out of the way. Valgard saw her and immediately went into action. Sonic quickly took Ardon out along with Mighty for assistance, but Espio stayed back to help Alicia fight for her land.

Valgard had fought hard against them, but Espio's ninja ways were too fast for him. Alicia had tried to fight, but she was then struck to the floor by a hard blow. Valgard was ready to end her life when Espio had rushed in and stabbed him in the back by Ardon's sword he left. With that, the evil ruler was down, the two were victorious, but the land was still ruined with what Valgard had done. Alicia didn't want her kingdom to be like this, so she did what she was told never to do.

Alicia had used all her might and powers to recreate the entire land. Her elemental powers kicked in making the lands more green than ever, the cleanest of ponds and lakes than before, and the air clean and fresh. The land was back to it's original state, but the village and castle needed to be repaired. Alicia had done her part as the princess of Cerilia, but suddenly collapsed to the floor.

Ardon had taken her back to her room and Madgy had done everything he could to help her. Alicia had used up her entire energy to save the kingdom, and to restore it back to normal, which was almost he cost of her own life. For there was a little bit left inside of her that fought to stay alive once more. The Freedom Fighters, The Chaotix, and the entire kingdom waited for what will become of their brave princess.

After a few days or rest and restore, Alicia was awoken by a happy group of newly made friends, and her grandfather who was very proud of her. She was glad that her kingdom was back to normal, but she then found out that her new friends would have to go back to their own time. This struck her more than before. She finally made some friends besides the maids, the chefs, anyone. She never wanted them to leave her, but her duties are to the kingdom.

Before they all left, Ardon had spoken to her about her wishes in what she wanted to do. Alicia had told him about her wishes, but asked if she would rather stay in Cerilia. Ardon had known of her sad life of loneliness and after she made so much friends, he didn't want to take that away from her. So she let her go to Möbius along with the rest of the team who fought along side with their new teammate.

After that, Alicia did go back to their world with them and remained there until she was ready to go back home to claim the throne once she was ready. She was so happy to make new friends that treat like an everyday normal person, not to mention to even have secret feelings for Espio, the one who saved her from death. Within a few weeks of her stay in Möbius, she was a fellow FF, and also a fellow Chaotix memeber. Alicia may be a princess, but she is more than that. She is a regular person who only wants to be free and live her life of what she really wants.

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Sequel to 'Taking Care of Baby Amy Rose' and remade from 'Taking care of the Ultimate Life Form'. Amy and Shadow were spending quality time together till Eggman had to spoil it. When Amy tries to help, Shadow steps into the fight saving her, but to hers and Sonic's shock, they find out that his sacrifice, ended up turning into a baby himself. Remake request from Savvy0147.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 18,870 - Reviews: 58 - Favs: 33 - Follows: 35 - Updated: 10/29/2017 - Published: 8/24/2014 - [Amy, Shadow] Sonic
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Set in Camelot, Amy was a poor girl living alone in an old cottage in the forest. No money, or anyone to help her. After a great war, she found a red and black hedgehog lying uncouncious. After taking him in and him and seeing who it he was, the two began to feel something special in a few days. But the knight begins to fear of putting her in real danger. ShadowxAmy chap. 31 up
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Amy Rose had a troubling past, no love, or any friendship trusts for being a 12 year old. But when she matures, she is now a grown young lady now working in G.U.N.. Still no one to love all these years, but when a certain ebony hedgehog appears, she starts to have a crush on him. Does he like her, too? What does he have for her on Valentine's Day? Late VD story. Enjoy!
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Very strange story, but please like. It's for Christmas. Amy, after seeing the classical ballet, The Nutcracker, went to sleep and began to dream of herself as the star in the play. Her as Clara? Sonic as the god father? But who will be her nutcracker prince? A two part Xmas story for all of you who have been patient for me to return to make stories. Happy Holidays to all of you!
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Shadow is an agent from G.U.N. who's mission is to protect young wealthy Amelia Rose, because her father was kidnapped by Eggman and needed her for the job. It's up to Shadow to keep her safe. But is it for money? Or is it because he's falling in love with the pink hedgehog he was supposed to be protecting? Big oneshot and late gift for a special friend. ShadowxAmy
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Based off my favorite manga. Shadow is a famous singer, who has a thing for having sex with girls. Amy is a normal girl who's wish is to be like the girls and mate with him. What she didn't know is that after the two did it, Shadow began to want her more. Was he really wanting for her body, or did he love her? ShadowxAmy one shot rated M for sexual stuff. For adults!
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This is a special birthday present for sonic1133. Shadow is a noble prince, Amy is a slave. When she is bought to be his personal slave, true feelings are wanting to come out, but there was a rule that the noble prince should not fall for a slave. Will Amy be able to love him, or suffer for what is to come of her. Shadamy with a couple of couple parings. Happy Birthday! 10/30
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Shadow the Hedgehog has died in an accident and left his widdowed wife Amy along with their new daughter. Amy lays in bed and crys for as long as she could. But for that night before her eyes blead in tears, she'll have the most wonderful and unforgetable night of all. I know its early, but I wanted to write this. Happy Valentin'es Day Fanfiction!
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