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My name is Andrea (and that is as far as you will get with that), but I am also known in the vast cyber world as these names: Iseijin (, , and here; Masurao ( and ).

As you can see, most of the links above go to either Role Playing, Discussion, or Art sites.

Mini Bio- I am a 21 year old college student, with a focus on traditional art and media. When it comes to Photoshop, I succumb to Down Syndrome - I am seriously retarted with the most basic computer art programs. But gimme a pencil and paper and apparently people like what they see. Currently I live in Spain though I am making plans to move back to the States and live with my aunt, where hopefully I will pursue my dream of doing something artsy for money. Hey, I don't make plans. I just go with a smile and hope for the best. ...Shut up.

Uh, I play WoW. I am so ashamed!


- Artistic License: One searching for inspiration. One searching for Honor. Two do not need a language to communicate when pictures are worth a thousand words...

Outline - Theresa Rossner is a successful woman, thriving in her career in concept art for movies and books, specifying in creature design. When an upcoming movie blockbuster idea needs the perfect monster to fill in the villain's role, they call upon Terri's wild imagination and artistic skill to bring this monster to life. On the other side of the stars, a struggling yautja Hunter named Guan-da', a talented but unpopular tattoo artist, tries to balance both work and pleasure by forcing himself to get the adequate permissions to hunt on the fabulous human home world, while at the same time suppressing his more creative side. By doing so, Guan-da' believes he can finally become the respected Hunter he thinks he wants to be. Terri needs a monster, and Guan-da' needs a trophy. Only one will get what they came for.

Status: Unfinished. TO BE CONTINUED.

Notes/Odds and Ends: After much deliberation - and referencing to outside sources - I have decided to place the next chapter on hiatus in order to work on amending the previous chapters. I wrote Artistic License with a guilty conscience. The protagonist, Terri, was NOT the character I had in mind. If chapter five in the story has shown my readers anything, is that this woman is much more cynical than she was shown. That is Terri's true nature. I held her back during the first four chapters because I was afraid of creating such an anti-hero (or in this case, anti-heroine) that she would be viewed immediately as a villain, instead of a character with prejudices. I admit that it was a spineless move, and one I regret doing. These amendments will not change the plot, or the characters, but they will be a way to - not only correct spelling and grammar mistakes; c'mon people, that's what you're here for! - add more depth to what was already mentioned.

Important! (June 2, 2006): Chapter 1 has undergone what I call a "Spring Clean" edit. Basically nothing plot-wise has been amended from the original, but more details have been added to what was already there. Will continue "Spring Cleaning" chapters 2 through 5.

Special thanks to: Sealink, Solain Ryho, and Sara for their help, support, and guidance, and who - coincidentally enough - share the same first letter of their name.

- Nature vs Nurture: It has been many years since the first encounter of humans and Xenomorphs, and a second-rate team of veteran operatives will soon find out that maybe the two are not that different after all...

Outline - The Odyssey’s crew, Dora-May Lismore, Andrew D. Coleman, Abigail Kettle, Johann Tilton, and Joe L. Kirkham - xenobiologist, marine grunt, medic, marine grunt, and marine officer; respectively - are flushers when it comes to dealing with the higher-ups, but are damn good making sure the militia's reserve Alien hive and its buggy inhabitants stay nice and safe where they are. The planet Nostlinger is known for its winter wonderland landscape...and that's about it. Little else is native to the hunk of frozen rock, so when a decade-old Alien hive with valuable specimens needs someone to take care of them until the Company can find use for their extraterrestrial guests, well, there's pretty much nothing else to do but just that. They take their job seriously – at least, whenever possible – and at a safe distance, literally playing sitter for the creepy creatures! An old rogue bug creates a little havoc on the outskirts one day, and the Odyssey soon ends up with a whole new meaning for the term “babysitting”…

Status: Unfinished. ON HOLD

Notes/Odds and Ends: This was my first Alien fan-fiction, working hard on the chapters whenever time allowed me to, and it’s a shame I have to leave it on hold because Artistic License’s grip is a little stronger. The crew’s names were taken from the DnD Alien version my friends and I created, each name taken from our characters. So in a way I honor my friends in the States by adding their names, and their personalities, in my work…then again, maybe that isn’t a good thing. Thank you all who have reviewed; you know who you are.

- The Rise of Dark Link: Tired of being a shadow, Dark Link seizes a part of Link's soul to become a physical being, yet soon realizes that it would be a curse to them both. One-shot. Mild violence.

Outline: The darker side of life is always more inviting, more tempting, more…attractive. Yet like a fire that burns too bright, the flaming passion of darkness burns out soon and the calling for something pure quickly becomes unbearably loud. Dark Link calls out, and the call is returned. Unwillingly, by breaking the chains that bind him to darkness, he has added new shackles onto himself.

Status: One-Shot. COMPLETED.

Notes/Odds and Ends: It is interesting to see how many people were actually paying attention to what was written as the story’s summary. I could swear it clearly states one-shot in there. I swear I do; check it out for yourself. Those words mean that the story will not have continuing chapters. Simple enough to understand, no? Well, I still got reviews about how people would like for me to continue the story. Simply put: It ain’t gonna happen.

Anyways, this story is rather a turning point for me as a writer because it marks the first time I added a personal “theory” or “fanon” into fiction. I was so used to following the fandom word for word like a fictional Bible – or maybe just Bible would be fine, same difference – that I grew interested in the kind of response I would get if I added something of mine into a popular fandom. Remember, this was before I was an internet junkie; I had little clue what this whole “fanon” and “canon” thing was, much less if I could mix the two. Not my best work, but it’s something personal; therefore it was not deleted in Andrea’s Great Fanfiction Scrub of ’05.

- Two of a Kind: It's hard enough to satisfy one Tallest, but two? This short little piece features our favorite Tallests in an unusual yet humorous situation. One-shot dedicated to my sister.

Outline: Almighty Tallest Red and Almighty Tallest Purple each rule the great Irken armada with an iron fist; and if math has ever served anyone, that means that’s an entire set right there! Yet dictators of any kind were not exactly the most generous of people when it comes to sharing, and when a situation with a pestering alien species calls for quick-thinking and fast action, well, it just won’t happen.

Status: One-shot. COMPLETED.

Notes/Odds and Ends: Forget that it says that this piece was submitted before The Rise of Dark Link. In fact, it was the opposite. Two of a Kind was created after The Rise of Dark Link, but I submitted this Invader Zim shorty before I decided to submit the Zelda shorty. Have I confused you enough yet? Me too.

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Two artists; one searching for inspiration for a movie blockbuster, another searching for prey and trophies. A battle of wits in which only one will get what they came for.
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