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Whoa whoa whoa wait

Where did the spiral come from? http:// wiki/Hilda?file= Hilda.jpg

Why does Hilda have a spiral at the end of her eyebrow now





http:// i174/0905/2d/ e233ef24b3b9.jpg


http:// 7175/75947175/ pics/958140147_1_7_AODXuCrp.jpg


Hay, whoever's reading this!

I'm a girl, and I'm probably younger than you think I am. Don't mind me.

Anime is basically the bedrock of my life, though I barely ever finish any. I start watching new ones and then it just keeps piling up...

Favorite Anime: One Piece. And Durarara!! and Baccano! And a few others. And then come the ones like Death Note, Naruto, Prince of Tennis (and so on) that I'm not really actively into but still like and know about and sometimes read.

One Piece (the best thing ever, of course. But I kind of wish I'd never found this fandom because it's made me biased.):

Favorite characters: SANJI. He's adorabu!

Next... hm, I like Usopp. Captain Usopp, amirite? ;) He just gives me warm fuzzy feels. Well, all of them do. But him especially, what with his cowardice (though personally I think he's really brave) and epic stories and all. Also Luffy, because how could you not love him?

Nami is one of my favorite Straw Hats as well. I've seen a few people say they hate her (probably girls, because girls are jealous things), so I just wanted to say this: I don't feel jealous of descriptions of her beauty or whatever, like I might if saw that about another female character. In fact, I feel kind of proud.

Anyway, as for the rest of the crew, they're all lovable. I love everybody, and I also get lots of warm fuzzy feels when I read fanfics :)

Favorite pairings: Usopp/Kaya (since it's the kind of canon one, as well as the fact that they are such a cute couple)! Also... heh, ZoSan. Since I'm a girl. (Though in the world of One Piece yaoi there is also ZoLu and the occasional SanLu or SanUso or Ace/Zoro or whatever, but mostly just ZoSan and ZoLu for the yaoi. Zoro, you slut.)

Yep. But I'm not one to talk– SaNa ftw! I can't decide between ZoSan or SaNa. I suppose I like ZoSan a bit more, but I can't abandon SaNa either. I guess I could just put them all together. I do love reading Zoro/Nami/Sanji threesomes. OT3, yo.

Anyway, for pairings, I also (kind of) like Frobin. Gasp. I know most people like ZoRo, but... idk, Robin is the super sophisticated mother of the family and Zoro is one of her sons (Oda said this).

I think Zoro is gay, though. Or, at least, picky about women. I'm certain he's the kind of guy who wants a tough, strong, independent kind of woman who can think for herself and put up a good fight. Someone who can release his stress. Perhaps by sparring (hint hint?).

I think if Zoro is ever going to get a woman, it's going to be Tashigi. Maybe. (Though tbh I really liked Tashigi more before the TS than after.)

(...But I still think that he's gay.)

Durarara!! (I really don't know how to describe this anime at all. I just kind of love it so much it hurts):

Favorite characters: Izayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

(I don't even know why I like him, though. I can't understand him at all.)

I also like Kida, and I have found that I love to read about Simon too (I like his fish lips lololololol). :(O) As for Shizuo, he's not my favorite character because he's too predictable. (...God, now I sound like Izaya. This is the result of watching too much Durarara!!) Not to say that I don't like him, but he's just not my favorite.

Favorite pairings: Well... Shizaya. Their relationship is interesting. Do they really hate each other? Or is there something more? My thoughts: If Erika can suggest such a thing (AND SHINRA DID TOO, DON'T FORGET; HE WAS TOTALLY LIKE: "HM, THAT MIGHT ACTUALLY–" AND THEN CELTY CUT HIM OFF), then it's not entirely impossible. If they really hated each other, such a thought would never be canon. Get what I'm saying? (If they really hated each other, it'd kind of be like... like a Harry Potter character suggesting Voldemort/Harry.) Also, if they really do hate each other, why does playful action music always come on during their fights? I think it would be more of a dark nature if they did.

Izaya/Namie. They're also interesting (but I can't imagine them kissing or having sex). There are a lot of interesting relationships in DRRR!!, okay? I always kind of had some kind of vague thoughts floating around in the dark cavern of my head about these two, but recently there was this Youtube video that solidified it.

Besides those, Shinra/Celty (who doesn't love this pairing?) And as crack: Simon/Everyone. :D A beautiful fic on the DRRR!! kinkmeme convinced me.

...Wow. So I dug around the fandom some, and surprisingly, a lot of people say that they hate Shinra and Shinra/Celty. And a lot of those people say they ship Shizuo/Celty. Wtf, how do you hate Shinra? And Shizuo/Celty... no. I like to think of their relationship as purely platonic. Shizuo's Izaya's and Celty's Shinra's!

Baccano! (thank you! Fuck you! The villain has appeared! The equally awesome counterpart-ish anime to Durarara!!):

(Actually, I think Baccano! is superior to DRRR!! in terms of plot and stuff... but Izaya is fabulous, so he makes everything better.)

Favorite characters: Oh man. Let's see...

Isaac & Miria, the dynamic duo! They were just amazing. They are just amazing, actually, since they're still fooling around somewhere... possibly still in Ikebukuro with the Dollars... hmm... I feel fanfic ideas brewing...

I also liked Claire and Firo. And Graham, even though he was kind of just added randomly at the end for no reason. And everyone else. Seriously, I loved everyone. Except Szilard. And some other dudes. But I liked all the "main" characters.

Favorite pairings: All the canon pairings! They are just so cute! Firo/Ennis, Jacuzzi/Nice, Claire/Chane... etc. Ladd/Lua, too, because even though Ladd is a fucking psycho maniac (though I love him for it) and Lua didn't really do anything, it was really sweet when he jumped off the train to save her.

Also... teehee, I just found out that in the (OFFICIAL) DS game, on the train roof with Ladd, Claire, and Chane (and Lua maybe– don't really remember– but who really cares about her, honestly), it's possible for Ladd and Claire to get married as a crack ending. Oh god, the fanart this will and probably has already elicited lololol.

Kuroko no Basuke:

(So... I ended up adding this anime here. I discovered it a while ago and I really like it, even though I don't even really like basketball. /sweatdrop.)

Favorite characters: Oh man, let's see. Kuroko and Kagami for sure; they're so cute. Especially together. I like Aomine too. His younger self was so adorable! He was so cheery back then! But I still like his present self; his arrogance kind of appeals to me. And I suspect that he's kind of tsundere (but Midorima is the best at being tsundere, teehee).

Also, I am strangely in love with Takao. He's, like, the most adorable thing ever!

We don't see much of Murasakibara in the anime, and I haven't read all of the manga (only like 5 pages), but I knew beforehand that he's a giant who loves sweets, and after watching the 12.5 OVA, I think he is so cute! * He may end up being one of my favorite characters in the second season!

Speaking of the second season, I can't wait for Akashi to appear more as well! His seiyuu is HIROSHI KAMIYAAAAAAAAA, which means that he will DEFINITELY be pretty awesome (from what I can see, he's the commanding type with a lot of presence and authority– kind of like the opposite of Kuroko)! He also has cool hair and eyes, so we'll see if I like him or not!

Favorite pairings: KagaKuro. They're just so cute together! Also MidoTaka (SQUEE! Tsundere Midorima and adorable Takao = rabu!) And then... um... AoKise, maybe? I don't really know who to put with Kise or Aomine yet. AoKaga? AoKuro? KiKuro? Ahhh honestly I'm fine with any pairing in KuroBasu.

For some reason, there is a lot of AkaKuro. And AkaFuri. I didn't even know what Furihata's name was before I saw a fanfic here featuring them together. But I haven't read the manga, so I can't quite judge yet. After all, we barely saw any Akashi in the anime. Or Murasakibara, and I really want to meet Murasakibara :3

And for some reason, Hyuuga/Izuki is basically non-existent. I don't know why I support it, but I do. I ship Hyuuga/Riko too, though. It seems that Kiyoshi pops up in pairings involving Hyuuga or Riko too, like Kiyoshi/Hyuuga or Kiyoshi/Riko (though not so much of the latter). Or even Hyuuga/Riko/Kiyoshi. But I don't see Kiyoshi as... someone in a pairing. He's more of just a... "weird" guy, as Hyuuga says. But weird in a good, kawaii way.




...Okay I'm calmed down.


...I'm chill now. Yeah.

Favorite characters: EVERYBODY!

But particularly the main mains: i.e. EREN, MIKASA, and ARMIN.

ALSO, Rivaille/Levi. First of all, he is BADASS, and second, his seiyuu is HIROSHI KAMIYA and so YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.

...Favorite pairings: None. So far. Romantically. Eren/Mikasa is cute, but I wouldn't want to see them kissing or anything; I think it should be mostly platonic. But also maybe Eren and Rivaille/Levi (seriously, which is it), or Connie/Sasha (idk I just have a feeling they might go well together) but I'd have to watch the REST OF THE EPISODES TO SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


This anime was so beautiful and quirky and cute and I'm in love with it!! I just about died of feels in the last episode when Haru came back, omg that moment TT_TT

Favorite characters: HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE



Favorite pairings: NONE! THEY ALL BELONG TOGETHER IN ONE GROUP! Yuki/Haru/Natsuki/Akira (and Tapioca) friendship!! :3

(Well, in one group could also mean a foursome. Or fivesome. If you include Tapioca.)

So I'll put some of the anime that I don't really... actively search for or think about, but that I do know about and will read if it pops up. Keep in mind that these aren't all of them, but the... more popular ones/main ones, I guess?

Beelzebub (so this isn't really considered popular but... meh, whatever. I've been watching it.):

Favorite characters: Let's see. I like everybody. (Too many cool people, okay?) The ones that stand out more are Oga, Furuichi, Baby Beel, Alaindelon, Aoi, Nene, Kanzaki, Natsume, Himekawa, everybody else... (Beelzebub doesn't really have a proper fandom so I haven't been influenced by fanfiction or anything. That's why there are so many people.)

Favorite pairings: Okay, guys, like I said before, I haven't been influenced yet. So here it is. Let me try to untangle my thoughts and connect everything smoothly.

I like Oga/Furuichi. I sorta like Oga/Tojo, but still not that much. Same goes for Oga/Natsume. Now for the dreaded question: Oga/Hilda or Oga/Aoi? Um, I kind of ship both, but I like Aoi more than Hilda so I think I'm going to go with Oga/Aoi. Speaking of Hilda, I ship Hilda/Furuichi a little bit. Speaking of Furuichi, Furuichi/Alaindelon was on its way to becoming one of my OTPs but then I found that Alaindelon had a daughter (wtf he married), so I started shipping Furuichi/Angelica a little. I still ship Furuichi/Alaindelon, but less now. (FOR COMEDIC PURPOSES. What, you thought I was being serious? Psssh.) Anyway, back on the topic of Furuichi. I know people most often ship him with Lamia, but I don't really like Lamia, so I ship him with Nene (idk, but they're cute). Speaking of Nene, I ship her with Kanzaki a tiny bit. Speaking of Kanzaki, I ship him with Himekawa, Yuka, Shiroyama, and Natsume. Speaking of...

Death Note (included because it's pretty epic):

Favorite characters: L. I know, he's popular. But there is a reason! He's just too adorable!

And I also like Mello. I dunno. He's just cool. And I like his girly hair.

Don't really like Light. Near is sheep. Watari is cool. That is all.

Favorite pairings: Well, I mean... it's Death Note. There's nothing remotely romantic about it at all (Misa and Light don't count). But... oh, who cares. I ship L/cake, because I can! (Following that line of thought, I also ship Light/potato chip, Mello/chocolate, and Near/toys... wait, that last one sounded really weird O_o)

Prince of Tennis (this is the most nostalgic anime ever for me. I think that may be one of the only reasons why I like it.):

Favorite characters: I don't really have favorites, but I just like these people a little bit more than others: Ryoma, Eiji, Fuji, Marui, Kirihara, Mukahi Gakuto from Hyotei (I don't know, I think it's also because of his hair)... lots of other awesome people, because there are a lot of those in PoT...

Favorite pairings: Er... PoT is a fandom in which yaoi blossoms. I mean, c'mon, there are only like 3 girls in the entirety of the story. But I'm still not sure about a lot of things yet. One thing I am sure about is that I like Kirihara/An (Ann? I've seen both spellings, but wiki says An, so whatever). And I like Tomoka/Horio (Tomoka's name is first because she would obviously be the dominant one in their relationship).

Not sure about Ryoma/Sakuno. Hm, Sakuno/Ryoma, yes, but Ryoma/Sakuno...? I can't really see him in a romantic relationship.

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden (it's popular. What can I say. It was fine when I watched parts of it but the fandom turned me off. A lot.):

Favorite characters: Hm. I like Shikamaru. I like Deidara. I like Naruto... I don't like Sasuke all that much (though lately I've begun to like him more, now that I've been avoiding watching the anime and just reading fanfics, where, more often than not, he is depicted as a better person, rather than the asshole he actually is). And believe it or not, Hinata is meh to me. I've never really been into the shy/clumsy girls. But I think the main reason is that I stopped watching before I could witness all of her badassery.

Now here comes the dreaded question: Sakura– yes or no?

I like her enough. I don't understand why there's such a big argument about her all the time. Some people are all like: fcuk sakura dat biatch shes so useless!! And others... actually, most people hate her. But I don't get it. I understand that some people hate that she hits Naruto, but it's supposed to be humorous– which, admittedly, it isn't, but it's not like she's really serious. People also say that she treats him like shit. She does genuinely care for him, though. And people say that she's useless. I can't argue that she is, a little, compared to some of the other characters, but she tries her best and she's saved lives, and I'm sure that if those people were put into the Naruto universe, they would do worse than her. So shut up. This is why I don't like the fandom much.

But quite honestly, Sakura can be annoying sometimes (ESPECIALLY IN THE FIRST SEASON SHE WAS SO USELESS IT'S TRUE SHE DID NOTHING), but she really does care.

Also, why does everyone love Itachi so much?

Favorite pairings: I like NaruSaku, and NaruHina is okay too, but I wouldn't be satisfied if it ended with either of them. Mainly because of the gigantinormous fucking shitstorm that would induce. Thus, I think NaruSasu (SasuNaru?) is the best choice. I mean, they kissed twice! Granted, the second time was filler, but. Still.

Back to pairings, SasoDei is a big one. I think every Naruto yaoi fan likes SasoDei. You can't just not like it. spoilersspoilerspoilerdon'tsayIdidn'twarnyouokayseriouslydon'tlook](R.I.P. both of 'em).

Naruto Shippuden is going to break my heart, honestly. It's likely that Naruto is going to end up with Hinata, and that Sakura's going to end up with Sasuke. Sucks, 'cause I don't like SasuSaku at all. Also, I just found out that Inoichi and Shikaku die, as well as Neji. If Neji's dead, what about NejiTen?! I never actually expected any of the Rookie 9 to dieeeee![spoilerendhereandstuff]

Bleach (see above. Bleach isn't a big fandom for me because I didn't really get into it that much, but oh well– /shot):

Favorite characters: ...My favorite is actually Shinji, for some reason (it's the hair, you know). Ichigo is meh/okay. Orihime can be too clingy at times. Rukia is a cool midget.

Favorite pairings: Shinji/Hiyori, Toshiro/Karin (they just met once, but THEY'RE SUCH A CUTE COUPLE ZOMGOMGOMG).

IchiRuki, because they're so cute when they're arguing. IchiHime is too one-sided and sentimental. That part where Orihime is allowed to say goodbye to one person before leaving for Hueco Mundo was too cliche/cheesy for my tastes. IshiHime ftw :)

Yeah, I know Ichigo was probably meant for Orihime and Rukia was probably meant for Renji. But that's what fanfiction is for, ne?

K (this was a nice anime, but it had so much more potential. I'm only putting this in because it's relatively new; after a while I'm probably going to delete it.):

Favorite characters: Number one is Yata. Number two is Fushimi, I guess. (Am still not sure whether to refer to them by first or last name.) Yata and Fushimi are like Shizuo and Izaya, but I like the character in Shizuo's place more this time around. Perhaps it's because Fushimi is just kind of lazy instead of more... Izaya-like (there are no words to describe Izaya).

Favorite pairings: Um, Fushimi/Yata? Because I like foe yay. (And I think Fushimi is sort of secretly obsessed with Yata anyway; I'm listening to his character song, which is all about Yata.)

Is that it? That's it. I'll add more if I want to.

I bet once the Straw Hats get to Raftel, they find that One Piece is something like the bonds the crew had to have developed to get there... and the reason it's called One Piece is because they are like "one piece"? Something like that, in any case.

Right now, One Piece is still mostly a comedy/adventure thing. Pretty happy most of the time, light, carefree kind of thing, not too complicated, straightforward. I think this will change later. I think it'll still be comedic, but I can sense something deeper brewing lately. The ancient weapons. Poseidon being Princess Shirahoshi. That was mentioned way back in the Alabasta arc with Crocodile, which no one even pay any attention to these days. Oda says that he already has something planned out for the ending, and that it will be epic. I don't know, but I have a feeling that Skypiea (especially in regards to the moon) will come back sooner or later and that it will be a crucial part of the plot (a video on Youtube by KingofLightning has convinced me; too lazy to find it again right now). Oda has a tendency to bring back things we had all but forgotten about (like Laboon, Dragon, etc.). I think this will all unravel to form something more.

Of course, One Piece won't end until another 10 years or so. Aaaaaaaughuhuhgh, I want to find out what happens, but at the same time I don't want it to ever end aiduhfiudshfkndk

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