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*Suzanne Collins is the most fantastic author in the entire world, before you keep reading I thought you should know...

Hello there! If you are reading this then I am hoping that you are a reader of my fan fictions. If you aren't, I don't know why you are reading my profile o_O so feel free to read my stories!

I am a girl, and I am at an eligible reaping age. That is all I will tell you about me personally. I am the biggest Hunger Games Fan you will ever meet, don't even get me started on how mad I was that Madge wasn't in the movie. I have seen THG movie 8 times... yeah I know... I'm weird. But I got the DVD at midnight!

My friends on fan fiction include mellarkhutch12, suzi2699, Squintz, and Ilovethemellarks. They are the most supportive people so go ahead and read their stories! You won't regret it!

I'm a dancer, forever and always. I have been since I was little and I would like to go to college majoring in dance. I'm not good at sports, ask anyone, I have an awful throw/kick/anything else in sports. I do like to swim though, not competitive on a team or anything but I LOVE the beach!!! I also LOVE kayaking and canoeing!!

I'm team PeetaXKatniss and CatoXClove. I really have been thinking about doing a Foxface POV, I always liked her. Or Clove, I think if Katniss and Peeta didn't win it should've been Cato and Clove. Or, maybe Thresh and Rue, just because, Thresh is a cool guy, ya know?

My biggest pet peeve is so annoying. When there is a loaf of bread in my house, my family all eats it. Right? Ok, so when someone leaves the gross disgusting ends in it after thy take their bread, it just annoys me so much. JUST THROW THE BREAD OUT. Those two pieces at either end taste down right gross. Just get rid of it! No one is going to eat it. I'm glad to have gotten that off my chest...

My favorite clothes store to shop at are American Eagle, Forever 21, Aerie and Deliah's. I LOVE Forever 21. I'll sometimes shop at Abercrombie but its so expensive that sometimes its not even worth it to pay that much for something.

As far as music goes, I really don't have a favorite song. But I adore Lady Gaga! People can hate on her and say things about her, but she is amazingly talented! She is more of an icon than anyone. And rappers, I love pitbull, and flo rida is a close second but pitbull is cool, well at least I think he is.

If you want to talk, or you have suggestions, comments, or questions, PM me!Or if you want me to read something. because I always review. I'll always PM back! Alright, well, that sums that up.


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Clato I know this has been done before but I really wanted to do something for it myself! Please RxR. My first fanfic, please don't hate. ONESHOT
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Forever Broken by thosekickedinwalls reviews
Clove, a tribute for the 74th Annual Hunger Games, has only lived in blackness. Her life has been filled with wounds and pain. She has been broken. Oneshot. Read and Review. Clove/Cato Clato. 1st oneshot in series.
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My First Date with Katniss Everdeen by holymfwickee reviews
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A Different Take On Catching Fire reviews
Katniss and Peeta have won the games. Peeta barely tried. All is good in District 12 until President Snow has to mess it up again. PARODY. **The sequel to Ilovethemellarks parody, she gave me permission to write it**
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Something About Her reviews
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Now the Capitol Games, after the Rebellion Capitol children must fight to the death. Through a girl's point of view named Preet Yon. Her struggle through friendship, betrayal and love.
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