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BANDICOOT SAUCE (also on YouTube and DeviantArt)

The 'Sauce' of N. Sanity

Welcome! I'm a hobbyist gamer and writer looking to share my passions with the world! Check out any of my fanfics that might pique your interest and enjoy!

Have questions? Then by all means, message me! I don't bite... much.

See you soon, fellow meddling marsupials!

My OCs (Original Characters)

CAUTION: Possible SPOILERS for various fanfics of mine ahead!

Frigid Faze

Series: My Little Pony

Species: Batpony

Gender: Male (Stallion)

Age: Young Adult

Bio: Frigid Faze hails from the Belfry, a remote settlement in a frigid, snow-covered region far outside the borders of Equestria. He journeyed far from home thanks to his desire to see the outside world in spite of the widely spread stereotype of the ‘vicious, vampiric Batpony’. He was able to acquire a battered, run-down wagon as a mobile home and took up the only line of work that somepony as ‘spooky’ as him could find: Grave digging. With Flutterhsy’s help, Frigid just might be able to overcome the negative stigma surrounding his species and form lasting friendships with the denizens of Equestria!

Powers And Abilities:


Enhanced agility

Ability to hang upside-down from overhead surfaces

Ability to see in complete darkness

Barista Garnet (BG-2187)

Series: Crash Bandicoot

Species: Brat Girl (Anthropomorphic Bat)

Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Bio: In an alternate timeline, BG-2187 served as a minion of evil at Evil Public School on the outskirts of Wumpa Island, but unlike her fellow Brat Girls (half-bat, half-girl, all nuisance), she had no passion for being evil or blindly loyal to her superiors, making her the subject of much scrutiny from her peers. Feeling out of place among her idiotic and highly irrational co-workers, BG-2187 kept to herself whenever possible, leading her to discover her talent - and passion - for brewing coffee in her spare time. Upon demonstrating her skills, she was put to work in the school cafeteria as a barista, where she faced verbal and even physical abuse from her fellow Brat Girls, who were spitefully determined to find fault in her excellent coffee. Finally becoming fed up with her abuse and unfulfilling lifestyle, BG-2187 volunteered for a field assignment in the harsh Frozen Coast, intent on slipping away into the icy wilderness in search of a new and better life for herself. With the help of a Ratcicle Titan that she named North, BG-2187 was able to escape, ultimately falling through a quantum rift and finding herself in a new world - the SNaXX Dimension! Taking the name Barista Garnet, the outcast Brat Girl found a new home and a new lease on life in Neon City, the culinary capital of the universe!

Powers And Abilities:

Hand-to-hand combat (channels ‘Mojo’ magic to promote stronger strikes)

Immobilising chitter (requires megaphone)

Ability to convert Titans into energy and magically store them in her pocket

Ability to ride and command Titans (requires North)


Series: Crash Bandicoot

Species: Ratcicle (Titan)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Bio: In an alternate timeline, Dr. Neo Cortex created an army of powerful mutant monsters called the Titans! As a Ratcicle (half-rat, half-icicle, all muscle), North was kept in the Ice Prison - a cold storage facility built into a series of icy caverns in the Frozen Coast, where he was treated like an animal, forced to abide by the orders, whims and fashion statements of Cortex’s ‘Brat Girl’ minions on a daily basis. It was only Barista Garnet, the Brat Girl formerly known as BG-2187 and who was more sympathetic than her peers, who saw North as anything more than a mindless, exploitable monster. Together, they escaped the Ice Prison and ultimately fell through a quantum rift, finding themselves in a new world - the SNaXX Dimension! Now, North loyally stands at Barista Garnet’s side, the two having each other’s backs as they brew coffee and pursue fulfilment in life.

Powers And Abilities:

Super strength

Enhanced agility

Powerful, frost-infused claw swipes

Ability to create icicles to attack and/or freeze enemies

Ability to freeze large bodies of water

Moss (Hector)

Series: Pokémon

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Bio: From a young age, Hector aspired to become a Pokémon Breeder. Growing up in the Sinnoh region, he forged bonds with many wild Pokémon as a child, including his trusted partner Pokémon, an Eevee that he nicknamed Tickles. Hector also received a nickname of his own, Moss, courtesy of a childhood friend he grew up alongside. The nickname is in reference to Hector's love of nature and greenery. Nowadays, Moss seeks to prove himself as a Breeder, but he stumbles (sometimes literally) due to his clumsy nature. Despite his shortcomings, Moss is earnest and compassionate to a fault and will never turn a blind eye to someone in need, be they human, Pokémon or something else entirely.

Powers and Abilities:

Proficient in Pokémon battles (requires Tickles and/or other Pokémon)

Knowledgable in regards to Pokémon health and biology

Knowledgable in regards to herbal medicine

Proficient in cooking

Licensed to drive road vehicles

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