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Hey Everyone, im Mitch 566

I live in England Im a boy in the middle of his teenage years. I know... shocking. Most boys my age are spending their free time playing computer games 24/7 and other BS while im writing stories about a bunch of anthros with superpowers from a show thats a spin-off from the looney toones, and you know what? I love it that way! :)

My free time is split between numerous hobbies. I do alot of sport, i help my mom with house work, i play the odd computer game, hang out with friends, i love music, all kinds really, i dont just stick with 1 genre, and recently, i have started dipping into my sorry excuse for a writing talent by writing FanFics! And i have to say, so far im really enjoying it! :)

I made the choice to make this account due to my combined love of the loonatics and writing.

What also helped my desicion was the inspiration i received from 2 Fanfic authors: LANA 8D and Loonaticslover13 (check out their Fics if you havnt already, they are awesome!)

My love of the loonatics started when the show first came out on Cartoon Network, it seems like a millenium ago. I watched it everyday and was as sad as everyone when Warner Bros. announced they would not be making a third series.


But Ace, Lexi, Duck, Slam, Tech and Rev live on through our immaginations and our words! :)

My first fic is going to be introducing my OC "Blaze Tiger"

All my fics will have variety to them. I wont just be doing about one topic all the time. As a writer its good to show diversity.

I will be having a series of fic's following Blaze on his journey to becoming a fully-fledged loonatic, i will be doing some fics of the loonatics set in a different time and place, and of course, some ACEXI!

So yeah, ill be giving it to you from all angles (in a non sexual harrasment way ;) lol)

Anyway hope you guys enjoy my stories and be sure to review!! :)

Cheers guys :)

P.S. If loonaticslover13 and LANA 8D are reading this, THANKYOU! You are the ones that gave me the push to start my "journey" (if you can call it that) :)

Mitch 566

Story Updates:

Okay so at the moment I am working on the first story (New Kid On The Block) of a planned trilogy that focuses on my primary OC: Blaze Tiger, and the trilogy will follow him as he goes through the High's and Low's of being a member of the loonatics and how he has an impact on his teammates, all while he battles with the demons of his past.

Now although Blaze is the main character of the trilogy, i assure you that its not going to be ALL about him. The other loonatics will be a huge part of the series and i will introduce lots of elements involving them as the stories goes on. So please check out the trilogy and let me know what you think :)

I've also recently come up with a few ideas for a new story! Its called "Another Try". I got the inspiration for this story idea from one of my favourite songs: "So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin (check this song out, its amazing!) Here's the summary for my story idea:

3 years after the Loonatics spilt up following a huge argument and a mission that went horribly wrong, Acmetropolis becomes engulfed in a war that threatens to destroy the planet. As the Loonatics are forced to put back on their suits to stop this fate, can they put the past behind them and become the unstoppable team they once were?

There will be no OC's in this story, just the original 6 Loonatics that we know and love. I haven't decided if I want to do this story yet so let me know what you guys think of it! :D

Also, if you guys have any querries or ideas that you would like me to know about then by all means let me know in a PM or in a review, i would love to hear all your thoughts :)

My OC's:

Blaze Tiger

(If you guys would like to use any of my OC's in your stories then please ask me first and i will give my permission) :)

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