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Writing is simply a hobby of mine. I enjoy doing it in my spare time. I am not necessarily looking for a career in writing, just doing this for fun. I love the Harvest Moon series, if you can't tell by the FanFictions I have posted. I will probably keep the stories I write to Harvest Moon.

My favorite Bachelors in the Harvest moon series are, Gray, Chase, Wizard, and Marlin, they will probably show up fairly consistently in any fanfiction that I am writing. Rock, and Rick tend to be my least favorite as I assume will also probably manifest itself in my stories.

I am really enjoying this site so far, and I appreciate all of the comments and reviews. Please feel free to point out any grammar errors you see in my writing, I tend to miss those when I am "in the zone" and I appreciate the help.

My stories:

The Bells of Castanet:

The re-write of this story is up. Much of the storyline is the same, the only difference is the beginning and Molly is a bit tougher in this re-write. I am going to be throwing a lot of stuff that Molly is going to have to handle and the overly emotional Molly I had written was not quite going to fit all the things I am going to have her go through. Anyway I hope you enjoy the re-write :)

I was looking for something a little bit darker, and with more danger than the original game. There are going to be some characters that I add in that are of my own creation, example being the evil harvest sprites, and other antagonists for Molly to have to deal with. While there may be some hints at romance, this is not meant to be a romantic story.

The Agent and the Farmer

I decided to try my hand at writing a crime based fanfic. It is not going to be a technically written crime story, many of the procedures that Jill is going to be following is not going to be according to any country's laws, just whatever I decide fits best with the story. Jill is a hardworking undercover cop, that trusts no one, and is begrudgingly put on an assignment in the middle of nowhere.

The Problem With Running

This is a Gray x Claire romance. Claire in the story is overly cautious and has some major trust issues. She is running away from a dark past, that will be revealed very slowly through out the unfolding of this story. Warning to anyone who happens to like Rick as a Bachelor, you may want to stay away from this story. Rick is portrayed as an abusive older brother, and a general trouble maker. This story is mostly about Gray and Claire, but I have added other non canon pairings, such as Mary x Trent, and there will be some other unexpected pairings. In the beginning of the story Gray and Claire really do not like each other, but this is the story how they slowly start to develop feelings for each other, and how they slowly learn to admit to themselves, and others of those feelings.

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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