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Well hello there.

I am Silver Cress

I go by cress, silver, you name it, and I'm rather new with the whole concept of fan-fiction so any tips, tricks or guides are gladly accepted!

I have written several personal storied to feed the desire to write but I have never really shared anything with an audience, therefore my writing may be a little off or confusing or seem strange etc, etc, etc. Please feel free to give me criticism. I am a great supporter of improvement and encouragement in fields I need improvement or do better in. However, this does not mean I am okay with random, rude babbling and snarky comments. Seriously, you don't have to be a scholar to talk to people and I'm pretty sure considering the circumstances it's not really necessary to freak out over the fact that a character went a little ooc for a bit. Technically fanfiction is a story written by a fan of an anime, game, etc. who wanted to write a story based on the characters or plot of that particular anime, game, etc. using their own views and ideas. So, aside from the actual characters or plot or whatever, nothing really even has to match right? I enjoy pointing that out to some people, and if they spend that much time trolling over something as simple as these kinds of things then there's an issue, and it's not with the story. xD

In saying that though, you should know I personally try to keep the people I use as in character as possible. Just because I think it's not a problem to go a little overboard with the oocness and similar properties does not mean I try or do any of that excessively. at least not on purpose. Please tell me how close or far you think my fanfics are to the real thing if you feel like it, just don't be a troll about it and purposely hurt my feelings. We call that being a jerk no? It has no merit and no meaning except to make oneself feel better about their own ability.

So I kind of keep ranting on and on about this subject. xD I feel very strongly about it as you can see. Anyways, you should not be afraid to talk to me! Send me a random PM or hit me up in comments or reviews. I am a big fan of chatting about and talking to people.

Some additional things you should know about me are:

I tend to forget to put details into my stories. I get so caught up in the feeling and the tension of the scene I'm trying to set that I just completely miss the rest of it. And that's not anything to boast about considering what's left is not really the best either.

I know I'm a noob at this writing stuff. That's why I came here in the first place, to improve and get better at it.

I looove games and books that are action/adventure/drama/horror/a lot of other things. Basically, I spend most of my time roleplaying or reading or playing video games. I'm a FF lover but as a girl I'm practically inclined to like any game that include hot guys as the main characters. (Especially when they try to save the people who kill them, get injured in doing so, and then still try to get them to safety while injured. Only to take off their shirt in the next scene. *cough* Snow *cough*)

My absolute, most favorite scenes usually involve the dramatic, unexpected and totally awesome scenarios similar to or close enough to the idea that the main character(s) do something they shouldn't be doing. Forbidden or Not Supposed to Happen are a nice couple of phrases I think. Betrayal of an old friend, teaming up with or saving/sparing the enemy, hell, falling in love with the enemy kind of drama never lets me down.

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Game Type: Oh... dear lord... I play everything from Harvest Moon to COD but my favorites are usually RPG's with good/decent graphics and an epic storyline. I'm aaaaall about that story-line which is why I can watch an entire walthrough without playing the game and not feel any remorse as long as the stroyline is good. Besides, if I like the story and gameplay enough I end up buying the game anyways. Be warned though, just because I play a lot of games and love them to death doesn't mean I'm any good at them. I actually suck to be honest, but a die-hard gamer like myself can still spend 48 hours straight playing the same game just for the cutscenes. Days if it's reeeally good.

Game Station: I own a wii, DS lite, x-box, and I've played on the playstations before, but to be honest I prefer the grip of a nice x-box 360 controller in my hands. I don't know, the system just seems to fit with me better then the others. xD

Movie/Book: I don't know if you've ever watched Sword of the Stranger but it's one of the best anime-style movies I have ever owned. books are a little more limited, considering most of what I read is manga. However, the recently popular Mortal Instruments series and the Infernal Devices series of the same author have me always coming back for more.

Food: Huh... another toughie. I'll tell you right now I have rather bland tastes, I'm not a fan of spices of large turkey/Christmas typed dinners. I'd much rather keep to my delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and andbowls of fruit with sugar or chocolate on the side. I also enjoy appetizers, things like mozza sticks and meatballs with (non spicy) wings or other things will make me drool for hours in wait while they cook. My favorite actual meal I guess would be Chinese food. That shit's good I'm telling you!

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Game: Ressonance of Fate. Omfg I'm not sure why but I am addicted to this game. it's pretty damn hard but this is one of those few games where you work real long and hard so when you get to a cutscene you like get up off the couch you've been glued to grinding for hours and wake the whole building with a cheer at 2 Am. Yeah. I do that a lot...

Book: I'm reading the first of the Riyria revealations series called Theft of Swords. I only started it on May 15th but this has so far been one of my favorite all-time books. And we're only on the first one, on the 5th chapter.

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