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ok I have short hair its as black as the midnight sky. I have dog ears on my head I am a hanyou dog demon my eyes are navy blue witha silver ring on the rim of my pupils. I wear baggy blue jeans and a black shirt.
nicknames- Dog Ears, wolfie, Inuyasha, and Spot
Fav. Bands- Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, GOOD CHAROLETT

Fav.Song-Faint by Linkin park
Fav. shows-INUYASHA, Trigun, and .
Fav. sport- 4-wheeler ridin' (I don't care if you don't think this as a sport I do and thats all that matters) and RODEO
Fav. saying- Innocent until proven not guilty :Dog Ears
Fav. time of day- night time when the moon is out
Dogs- Lloyde, Ginger, And baby( GooseGoose)
other animals- 16 cows, andthree Horses
Friends- all my reviewrs if there is any that cares about me. - Monkey, Drummer boy, Birdie, Red Shadow, Poison claws, and War
Faithful Reviwers- BigAnimeFan1, Alana Star, StarLight-Eyes00, luvsdogz, trixie-trix and Etc.
(sorry I couldn't add everyone because there are too many names.)
Fav. authors- Maiden of the Moon, Alana Star, fire-godess6 and other people I just cant remember right off
Reviewers that is on my bad list- none for now !
I say thanx to
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hey well seeya and hope you enjoy my lousy stories
ITS 2005! bad memories from last year returns and new memories to regret
IMPORTANT NOTE: LADY HAS DIED February 12, 2004 its been a year since she has died and I'm sorry i still haven't updated but I am having even more problems so I am truely sorry and my friends are having troubles so I just haven't had the time. I'll try sometime but i don't know..

HEY YALL GUESS WHAT I'm sorry but fanfiction banned and removed Stupid sleep over so i"m guessing there is no point in the sequle but i guess this is what happens when you HAve restrictions ON WRITING

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