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Hello! Y'all can call me Em. I am an 19 year old female and love to write all the time, all my free time is devoted to writing stories. Anyway, I recently decided to update my account since it's been about three years, and kind of start over. I have recently come into some free time so I should be more frequently updating again! Yay! Anyway, if you have feedback please review, and also let me know if stuff is worded weird, or I need to fix a mistake, cause some times I read over stuff. Anyway love y'all and happy reading ohh and you can PM me anytime with ideas or guesses as to what's going to happen in my books, I would love to read them!


Hey my lovely internet friends! So I started NGNR four years ago, and I went back finally to reread what I had written with the intent to update, and realized that before I can continue the story I must edit and revise some of the chapters to my current quality of writing, because if I don't, and I try to continue the story it won't flow in the way I had intended. However I plan to finish this all within the month, so a new update should be along shortly.


Will be back to this once I finish New Game New Rules.

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Back in England, teenage Susan begins to have nightmares about the "Golden" Age. When she realizes the dreams are actually forgotten memories, she will stop at nothing to prevent her family from falling apart again — even trying to change the past. Part III of "The Secret Chronicles of Narnia Trilogy."
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The prophesised Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve have taken their places. The Golden Age has begun, but the Pevensies reign isn't as peaceful as they'd hoped. After their princess disappears, many secrets hiding in the dark are unveiled in the light, and where hearts and loyalties lie. Darkness lies within surprise, and nothing is ever as straightforward as it appears to be...
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My name's Lysette Panderlan. I was just walking home from school one day, and next thing, I know, I'm getting hit by a car and waking up in another world! And worse yet, they all remember me but I don't remember ANY of this other world. This will be very interesting..
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...but to always be a boy and have fun means to never know the extent of love.
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How I Met Your Mother (Narnian twist) reviews
Through a series of flashbacks, Edmund Martin tells his children the (very long) story of how he met their mother and the shenanigans that he and his four best friends had to go through in Manhattan in order to lead him to the love of his life. (No incest they are only related if I specifically state, pretty similar to How I Met Your Mother at first, but get into Narnia later)
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After Katniss finds out there will be a 77th Hunger Games she calls upon The Kings and Queens Of old to prevent it. Little does she know they won't just be ending the Hunger Games but participating. Will they save Narnia, or will the four die in the games
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