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Hey everyone. So I’m super new to fanfiction.net but, I’ve been reading so many great stories from very talented people so it inspired me to do the same.
I’m a hardcore gamer girl, I love all kind of games but I’m a huge sucker for an RPG.

Lately I’ve been reading tons of Final Fantasy VIII stories and it just made me wanna start writing there. I’m a huge believer in Squiona, they are such a cute couple and with all the trials they have to go through to be together, hey what’s not cute about it.
I know there is so much controversy about Final Fantasy VIII, many people hate on it. I don’t get it. It has a good plot and some really awesome characters. Everyone pegs Squall for being a broody, emo jerk. But he’s not, I mean how would you feel being abandoned at an orphanage when you were a child. Not knowing who your parents where. And suddenly this person enters your life and supports you, is there for you when your lost and confused. You learn to trust them, knowing they have your back unconditionally. Then suddenly they disappear, you don’t know where they went just that their gone. Wouldn’t that cause trauma for you? Cause you to close yourself off as a defense mechanism to protect yourself. To never have to feel that kind of disappointment again; to not be alone anymore because you never let people in so they can hurt you. I personally understand where Squall is coming from. There’s a lot of people who do, if you can relate to a fictional character and understand them, then Square’s doing their job. Who would want to invest 30 hours into a game to not enjoy the person you play as? Seems like a waste of time.

Also the R=U theory, I don’t buy it. It’s super flawed and someone obviously has too much time on their hands to think of a thing like that. I mean even Square soft has openly stated Rinoa IS NOT Ulitmecia.They also have stated "the singular great flaw in the whole idea. The theory's only support was that the Sorceresses have extend lifespans and when [SE] pointed out that wasn't true and remind everyone that Ultimecia's only motivation was that she didn't want to die ruins the theory." The reason she wants to destroy SeeD is because they were going to skill Edea, the body she transfers her powers to. Who acts as her host, why would she let an organization remain when it puts her in danger. That’s why she hates SeeD, not because shes Rinoa. Also Squall becomes the leader of SeeD, so even more reason to want him to die. I think that when people believe that Rinoa would go berserk over Squalls death doesn't fit Rinoa's persona. She was willing to put herself away and never see Squall again if it meant the world would be a safe place. If she was so hell bent because he "died" then why would she be able to go to the sorceress memorial so easily? Makes no sense. If she wasn't so selfless then she probably would have done anything to stay with Squall. Allow him to become her knight even if it meant turning on his friends. Squall has openly said he would betray everyone if it meant keeping Rinoa alive. But she would NEVER want that for him. So it makes no sense. Why do so much for someone if in the end that person would end up trying to kill you?

Square Enix is smart, but honestly to twist and tarnish the game that began CGI graphics; isn't smart. They wouldn't do that.

Also, Griever. Why would Ultimecia use Squall’s metaphor for himself, that he’s a strong and courageous lion? Obviously to upset him, not because Rinoa used Squall's memories or whatever to make Griever. If what the theory says is true about how shes so distraught over Squalls "death" and forgets everything how would she use a special memory in order to hurt him? If she remembers what Griever meant to Squall, what it means to her then why would she forget Squall? The English translation of when Ultimecia summons Griever is not that of the original Japanese translation. In the English version she says “ The ultimate GF, Griever make them suffer!” But, the Japanese version she says “Your feelings, I shall summon the most powerful of things
[from them]! The more strongly you feel, that will be what shall torment
you. Fufu.” Plus if you use scan on Griever it should say “In SQUALLS MIND, the strongest GF”
She’s ultimately just messing with him. To psyche him out. She’s taking something he relates himself to, that he considers strong and makes him fight it. She’s tried to mess with him on numerous occasions and this is her last stand to make him falter in battle. Not because she’s Rinoa. Also I believe thing about how when Rinoa's face is blurry in the ending and you see flashes of Ultimecia. I think thats because with time compression the game said if you forget who you are you'll disappear so believe in your friends and so forth. So Squall's trying to remember but, time compression is trying to make him forget her; hence the blurriness. And then ultimecias face is because she did the compression so she's messing with him again. That's why you can see him crying, because without Rinoa he's nothing.

And the Dissidia thing about how Ultimecia supposedly has Rinoa’s weapons, I’ve never played the second one so I can’t really often an opinion about it…unfortunately.

Let's start with your experiences of Final Fantasy
How many of the games do you own?

Which one did you play most recently?

To you, what makes Final Fantasy such a good series?
I enjoy the plot, I mean I would so be down for saving the world and kicking some ass.

List the FF games you've played, from favorite to least favorite,
This is hard...but VIII, VII, IV, Tactics, Tactics Advanced, XIII, X, II, Crystal Chronicles, Echoes of Time, I, Crystal Bearers XII and XIII-2, X-2

Your Favorite Final Fantasy Game
Which game is your favorite?
VIII, it was the first one i ever played.

Who does your party usually consist of?
Squall, Zell and Rinoa

Who is the best character?

What do you like most about the game?
The plot and the battle mechanics, and of course Triple Triad!

Are there aspects of it you don't like?

Have you ever completed it? (Ie, got all ultimate weapons and secrets etc)
Yeah, I have. A few times acually.

How old were you when you first played it?
Six I believe.

Best and Worst
Best playable male character:
...thats a hard one, I'd say Squall.

Best playable female character:
Rinoa or Tifa.

Best villain:

Best battle system:
X, loved being able to literally use every character.

Best summon/GF/Aeon/whatever they're called this time:
Odin, Love one hit kill GF's...totally abusive until he dies...

Most moving and/or epic cutscene:
When Aerith died, I cried the first time.

Best limit/overdrive/you know what I mean:

Best Cid:

Best character theme tune:

Favorite character of all time:
Squall or Cloud

Lamest antagonist:
Seymour, that guy was totally evil...so obvious he was the villian! How can you not notice!!!!

Worst story line:
XIII, It was confusing at first. Gotta complete this...okay? Complete what? And How? Why all the linear pathways!!

Worst battle system:
XII...I'm OCD when it comes to having full Hp at all times...it's impossible in this game.

Worst summon:
Carbuncle, I could never heal myself...

Best game overall:

Worst game overall:
Probably XII.

Favorite Character From The Games (leave blank ones you haven't played or know about personally)
I I always liked the Knight
II Firion
IV Cecil
VII Cloud
VIII Squall
IX Vivi or Steiner, just because he was good comic relief
X Auron
XII Balthier
XIII Lightning

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