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Me and my friend Chu10 are working on a joint story, called 'Outlawed'. For all you gamers out there, this is Assassin's Creed... In the Wild West and Civil War. What an awesome blend is that? Now why don't you get your asses over there and give it a read.



I finally learned how to use photoshop. I have made several images relating to my MHV stories, and have created an account on deviantart (


My name's JJZ-109

Nationality: Australian/American

Gender: Male

Height: 1.80 Meters

Weight: Who the hell cares, but 65 KG

Hair Color: Black


War: Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers, Inglourious Basterds, Apocalypse Now and Black Hawk Down.

Animation: The Lion King, Toy Story, Tarzan, Finding Nemo and Aladdin.

Drama: The Godfather, Bullitt, Django Unchained, Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

Comedy: The Blues Brothers, Tropic Thunder, The Party, Blue Harvest, Beverly Hills Cop

Sci-Fi: Star Wars Franchise, Alien(s), Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, and T2 Judgement Day.

FAVORITE MUSIC: Rock and rock alone. AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Avenged Sevenfold, Santana, KISS and Michael Jackson. I also like some movie songs, but only the catchy ones.

FAVORITE GAMES: Battlefields 3&4, Far Cry 3, GTA-V, Assassins' Creed II&IV, FIFA Series

FAVORITE INSTRUMENTS: Electric Guitar. I used to play

FAVORITE CARS: Mainly American Muscle (Particularly the 1964-70 Mustangs) or European supercars or touring cars. I own a 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback, like the one Bullitt except it's red.

FAVORITE FOODS: Either Italian, Japanese or American Food.

SHIT I WRITE (Non-Fanfic): Mostly War stories, and occasionally thriller or historical stories. I have shown a talent for Comedy, but don't use it much. I am generally terrible at romance. I tend to use a prevailing stylized action/violence style for my stories, making the vicious elegant and enjoyable.

WHAT I PLAN TO DO: Well, I want to be an author, yes. But at the moment it looks like I'll fall back on a military career.


- I have had four fingers on my right hand since I was 2. One of my story characters has this trait and anyone who can identify them for me gets a PM outlining their awesomeness.

- I am a huge Soccer and Australian Football fan. In Soccer my favorite teams are: Liverpool, FC Barcelona and Milan. In AFL support none other than the Fremantle Dockers.

- I was born and raised in San Francisco, USA and now live in Western Australia. I have dual citizenship.

- I'm a huge fan of FPS games.


LOCATION: Mediterranean Sea. Part of Western Bloc.

LANGUAGE: English. Swahili was the indigenous language.

CURRENCY: Prideland Dollar ($PLD)

CLIMATE: Mediterranean

POPULATION: Around 82 million

CAPITAL: Prideland City

GOVERNMENT: Constitutional Monarchy





NATIONAL SPORT: Football (As in Soccer)

LOCATIONS: Prideland City (West Coast, all urban environment). Northam City (North Coast, urban). Outlands (South side of Country, mostly dry desert terrain), East Side (Eastern Prideland City, Heavy industrial area. Relatively undeveloped, similar to Harlem). Pride Rock National Park (Inland, all Savannah terrain. Protected area) Royal Palace (Base of mountain in Prideland City, 38 floors high, memorial park, garage etc) Prideland-Outland Demilitarized zone (From 2015 to 2034 only). Carroscir Football Stadium.


88 AD - Pridelander Native Tribes defeat Roman Invading forces in the first attempt of an invasion

1567 - British Explorers discover country

1630 - British Colonize the Pridelands

1700 - First building in Prideland City is built

1725 - Slavery of Native Pridelanders allowed, Martial law introduced against offenders

1741 - War starts between Pridelander Colonists/Natives and the British Colonial Forces

1750 - Colonists/Natives defeat British Colonial Marines for independence. First King crowned.

1806 - Industrial Revolution begins in Pridelands

1811- Palace first built

1849 - Discovery of numerous resources in the Outlands sparks massive immigration for the PL

1851 - Expansion into the Outlands/Borderlands. 'Prideland Frontier' begins.

1863 - Lack of law enforcement personnel in rural Outlands allows lawlessness and banditry to ensue

1864 - 'Wild South' officially recognized.

1897 - Prideland Royal Marine Corps formed to counter growing threat of banditry and gunfighters in Wild Outlands.

1908 - Prideland Frontier comes to an end, Wild South dissolved.

1914 - WW1 breaks out. Pridelands remain neutral throughout course of war, and do not get involved.

1925 - Economic Depression hits the Pridelands

1929 - King Maskini forced to step down, and brother Prince Mohatu is crowned

1934 - King Mohatu sets up Constitutional Monarchy, builds Parliament

1935 - King Mohatu signs Non-Aggression pact with Adolf Hitler/Nazi Germany

1938 - Pridelander Royal Air Force is formed

1940 - PI1 (Prideland Intelligence) formed

1941 - Adolf Hitler breaks non-aggression pact and attacks the Pridelands, bombing the Navy base

1942 - (Early) German Invasion of the Pridelands begins, bombing of the city commences

1942 - (Middle) PRAF scores victory of Luftwaffe, Princess Uru is abducted

1942 - (Late) Uru rescued, Pridelander Army starts counter-attack on German invading forces

1944 - (June 6th) Pridelander Soldiers land in Normandy as part of D-Day

1945 - (April) Nazi Germany is defeated

1945 - (May) Ahadi and Princess Uru marry

1949 - Princes Taka and Mufasa born

1957 - Great King Mohatu dies. Memorial Park set up in his honor. King Ahadi is crowned.

1963 - King Ahadi deploys first task force of 10,000 Marines to Vietnam

1964 - King Ahadi reluctantly passes civil rights bill

1969 - Prince Taka wrongfully deployed to Vietnam on compulsory service. Disappears.

1972 - Prince Taka 'Scar' Taylor rescued from Hanoi

1972 - King Ahadi is killed. Referendum for Republic turns up negative. King Mufasa is crowned.

1973 - King Mufasa starts withdrawing personnel from Vietnam

1973 - Attempted assassination of Zira Blackburn. Unborn child killed, as well as another Russian man.

1975 - North Vietnamese Army officially defeats the Prideland Royal Marine Corps

1989 - Mufasa ends Cold War with USSR

1991 - Pridelands join coalition for Operation Desert Storm

1993 - Known ex-Viet Cong operative 'Bane' killed at Fremantle, Western Australia

1994 - (Early) Prideland National Socialist Party becomes largest and most powerful

1994 - (Mid) Prince Simba born, presented at Palace.

2006 - Prideland City center bombed, King Mufasa killed in unknown circumstances. Simba believed dead.

2006 - Scar establishes Socialist Government, makes himself Head of State. Parliament is disavowed.

2009 - Pridelands officially Communist. Resistance begins

2012 - Prideland Resistance Front officially formed. Civil War officially recognized.

2013 - Battle of the Borderlands. PRF captures a lot of ex-Prideland Military equipment

2015 - Nala Kelly revealed to be spy. Sent on a covert operation in neighboring country. Ex-Prince Simba Taylor found alive.

2015 - (October 11th) Operation Knife Edge. Simba leads NATO-backed forces to overthrow Scar. Pridelander Constitutional Monarchy re-formed.

2015 - (Late) King Simba crowned and married to Nala. Loyal Communist forces retreat to Outlands. Pridelander-Outlander DMZ established.

2016 - Princess Kiara is born, presented.

2028 - Kiara sneaks into Outland DMZ, meets Kovu Blackburn. Stand-off between Pridelander and Outlander forces

2030 - PI1 operatives seize all Pridelands-based Outlander safe-houses

2034 - Princess Kiara rescued from urban fire by Kovu Blackburn, as part of a plot to infiltrate the Pridelander government

2034 - Kovu Blackburn's initial intent revealed in firefight, and he is expelled from the country. His passport, citizenship, files and records are destroyed.

2034 - Simba leads Task Force Delta-Four to eliminate the Outlander Question in 'Operation Outland Storm'. Battle is broken up by the appearance of Kiara and Kovu, and Zira is killed.

2035 - Pridelands and Outland unified, DMZ disestablished.

2040 - 'HYENA' organization formed in secret

2042 - Kovu Blackburn and Kiara Taylor marry.

2045 - Prideland City Airport Massacre

2045 - 'Rise of HYENA' crisis commences. Plutonium stolen.

2045 - Lt. Conner 'Kopa' Palladino revealed as the unknown son of King Simba

2045 - King Simba assassinated in memorial parade

2045 - Takeover of Prideland City

2045 - Prideland City liberated, nuclear bomb disarmed.

2046 - Assassination of Doctor Friedrich Heckler, Prince Simba II born

2046 - Kovu and Kiara Blackburn crowned King and Queen

2075 - Death of Great Queen Nala

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