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8.5.13 4:46 P.M. Hey guys I know I haven't updated in quite a while I do apologize! I am very sorry ! forgive me!

1:37 just posted another chapter for My hidden Agenda! :) yay me lol

6.26 12:04 a.m. !!!!!!!! I just finished watching Spring Breakers!! OMG insane movie I must say!

& it really made me want to write a summer themed story! So If any body got any ideas on what they want it to be about, or maybe I'll just throw in short stories, let me know! Message me! I will most likely base it on Serena&Darien because I absolutely love that pairing! Unless you guys want me to throw some other pairings in, I'll think about it. :)

Woot a chapter for each of my stories updated so early this morning, like seriously is 4 a.m I need to go to bedddd!! Goodnight :)

I actually have 4 days off a week now so its great that i have time to actually write these chapters and i can update more frequently! :) please review

Chapter 11 is up for The promise ring!! yay its so weird to see how long its been since i actually started this story! anyways next chapter up will be Sasukes story part 3 the last part to that when all will be revealed!

& chapter 3 is up and about for hidden agenda, enjoy :)

Currently working on chapter 3 for my hidden agenda.

Yes chapter 10 is up, and there really wasn't a lot going on, but i wanted to build it up for chapter 11. so don't kill me yet otherwise you won't know everything duh! i been really dying to write the next part i just been procrastinating because it to be described the best way possible without me effin it over, and please comment and review :)

So I will let you on a little secret! and it's about the next chapter for The promise ring!!! I will be making this chapter a good length! i think its about 1000 words right now. anyways so the scoop is that its mostly based on Sasuke and his emotions for Naru, and who knows he might actually come clean about the whole ordeal with why he hurt Naru ;-) so either later today or tomorrow there will be a new chapter up and ready!! i am so proud of myself for updating quickly as i can :) anyways dont you think its about time naru got sum answerss!

It is now 4:12 a.m. I am going to be heading to bed :) so good night/morning !!! ciao ciao and good night :)

I have to admit it's insane for the amount of followers I have! I love you all! I hope you guys love me back as well!!!! I read every comment! Every follow! every Favorite! cuz i have it all sent to my email :) you guys are awesome & i hope i continue to make you enjoy my stories even with the grammar errors, i do apologize. that is mostly due to my laziness and how quickly i try to update the stories!

Yay so its exactly 4:08 a.m. and I posted up another chapter for my new story Hidden Agenda! yah yah yah i really dont understand at the moment how I am not asleep yet! nor have i passed out from the lack of sleep. I am deprived of sleep i tell you! anyways please review :)

Has anyone else been keeping up with's still hilarious to me how they are the new future legendary Sannin. & Sakura is this strong.. I still hate her lmfao!!

I need inspiration... help :(

Hello fellow fan-fiction-ers (I know it's not a word, but this is my profile so :-P ) , so I been getting some followers for my new story My hidden agenda, so should I post another chapter or not, all depends on my mood and what you guys think. maybe I will even post up a poll for a week and see what everyone agrees on.

Lalala it's 3 a.m. and I just posted up a new story because I have no idea, I was in the bathroom "eww" I know, anyways but I thought it would be funny if Rei and Beryl were Dare sisters, aha am i evil? NO. well then at least your being honest. Blah anyways going to bed. Good night! or should I say morning -_- ...Zzzzzzzzzzz

So I hope everyone has enjoyed The Promise Ring. When I write the chapters it's always that day within a couple of hours. So I apologize if I do not update right away, or as quickly as you hoped. I can either be inspired that day, then I write the chapter but until then you will have to wait. :) So bare with me :) not literally! so stop stripping!!! ;)

Ahhh soo lately I been reading a lot of manga, like non stop,

and I have come across Skip Beat!!! omg I absolutely love it!!

Hmm also Code:breaker has piped up my interest.

Ahh I am obsessed with the opening song of Hiiro no Kakera, which is such a cute anime to watch!

I do not own Any of the characters or anime. (wish I did tho 0_0)

Favorite Anime:

1. Sailor Moon

2. Naruto

3. Soul Eater

4. One piece

5. Death Note

6. Darker than black

7. Eden of the east

8. Hmm if I think of more I will add..btw this isn't in any particular order :)

Disclaimers: I do not own Sailor Moon. I do not own Naruto. I do not own any Anime/Manga.

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