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Hello people who are on this page for some reason! I am The Blazing Torchic, but I call myself Torch. No, I am not a Pyromaniac.

Name: Yeah, not telling people that. You can just call me Torch.

Age: I'm under eighteen but over thirteen. That's all you get from me.

Gender: Well, I'm not male.

Hobbies: Reading Warriors; playing Pokémon; stacking chairs; writing fiction; and thinking up AMVs that will never be made since I have no art skills.

Likes: Creative insults; people who aren't complete turtles; Pokémon; the Warriors book series; people who can stack chairs right; chocolate; respect; when people don't judge based on appearance; my family; writing fiction; Pokémon Mystery Dungeon; my Plot Gerbil, Phil.

Dislikes: Uncreative and generic insults; my grade 8 class(I could list so many reasons why); bullies(grade 8 class); stereotypes; disrespect; rumors; people who judge based on appearance; people who don't stack chairs right; out of control fire; when Phil refuses to give me ideas.

How I Get My Inspiration: I have no clue, so I just say that it comes from my Plot Gerbil, Phil. Sometimes I'll have conversations with him in my author's notes.

Random Top Fives

Top Five Favorite Pokémon:

1. Torchic (Despite the fact that they have no arms, they are still completely awesome!)

2. Azelf (If you don't like Azelf, I SHALL DRAIN AWAY YOUR WILLPOWER!)

3. Grovyle (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky. 'Nuff said.)

4. Dusknoir (Epic and awesome in PMD:EoS. Both in the main story line and in the special episode!)

5. Totodile (My first Mystery Dungeon team was a Totodile named Tali as the hero and a Torchic as the Partner. Team Stars forever!)

My Top Five Pokémon Games:

1. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (For obvious reasons.)

2. Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (KatexKeith! RhythmixIssac!)

3. Pokémon Emerald (Torchic. 'Nuff said.)

4. Pokémon Platinum (Really good game.)

5. Pokémon White (Amazing plot.)

Top Five Things That Confused Me In PMD:EoS:

1. The way Dusknoir laughs. (This may just be my friend's logic, but Dusknoir does kind of look like he's doing something to the air when he laughs in the future...)

2. Sentry Duty. (Why do they have the apprentices trying to find out which footprint is which, instead of just having them stationed right beside the door?)

3. The thunder and lightning at the beginning of the game. (Why is it in a Dimensional Hole? Did Darkrai use thunder or something?)

4. How Temporal Tower is still standing in the vision Dialga shows the hero and partner. (Seriously, it shouldn't be standing.)

5. Why Grovyle doesn't just push Dusknoir into the Dimensional Hole. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that he had a perfect opportunity to.)

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