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Author has written 54 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Wheel of Time, One Piece, Detective Conan/Case Closed, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

"I will stand or I will fall. I will not sit." - Largo, from Megatokyo

"Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer."
– Barbara Kingsolver

"Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it."
- C.S.Lewis

"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say. "
- Anaïs Nin

Random Info of the Day: (July 17) I had a really rough week, guys. Still recovering somewhat. Have a lot of things I need to do. Have the high school chapter mostly written but I have to add more and I'm not sure I really like what I have atm. It has to be high quality before I post so I'm being picky and I promise I'll have it up as soon as I can.

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Update Schedule: I will be aiming for AT LEAST every Friday. I will update earlier in the week depending on 1) an update has been long put off; 2) i have enough material to update twice a week

My Anime Music Videos
I deleted the long list of these but you can go to my youtube channel (Reda1417) if you want to check out my One Piece, DBZ, and Hetalia amvs.

Videos Done for My Works:
-One Season-
(spoiler for Chapter 3) - thanks to Kairi: Dead Hearts


-I am 28 and happily married for 2 years.

-I like quotes, video games, fantasy, furries, ponies, learning other languages, and generally anything that is considered weird.

-I am a church music director at a small church and it's only the best job ever.

-I dream of being an author with at least one kid and lots of cats.

-I have one big happy family and love each and every one of them.

-At times I feel like a hyperactive child trapped behind a huge brick wall of anxiety and fear.

-I write a lot, read a lot, and love meeting people on the internet. Especially if we can talk about writing!

-You can love it, you can hate it, you can ignore or adore it. But whatever it is, ah, it's always going to be a part of me.

Favorite Fandoms (aka: universes I will write in):

Will forever and always love Dragonball/Z.
Hetalia will never be forgotten.


DragonBall Z: Let's just say I'm obsessed with Goku/Chi-Chi and call it a day. Okay? Obsessed is a good word.

Hetalia: I still have a major story arc in an AU for Hetalia planned. I may return one day.


All of these fics are connected. Meaning they all happen within the same universe. Of course the Goku x Chi-Chi one starts us off (and is my forever OTP), but every other pairing is eventually introduced and carried on. Updates will be based on whichever has the next chapter chronologically. I am using a 100-prompt list to help me plan, but I don't know if I'll actually get through all 100 prompts on all of the pairings. You do not have to read each pairing fic to get the full story but once my original plot line comes into play (which is still far in the future) then you might want to dabble to fill in all the holes. It should be structured to still make sense, but it is up to you if you want to enjoy my master plan road map or not.

PART I: - involves the pairings through established canon, fitting in moments behind the scenes to expand upon the universe -
A Thousand Years (Chapters 1-28)
Five Hundred Miles (Chapters 1-22)
Wildest Dreams (Chapters 1-22)
More Than Words (Chapters 1-7)

PART II: -involves the pairings slowly veering from established "post Buu canon" into original expanded AU-
A Thousand Years (Chapters 29-?)
Five Hundred Miles (Chapters 23-?)
Wildest Dreams (Chapters 23-?)
More Than Words (Chapters 8-?)
Clarity (Chapters 1-?)

A Thousand Years - Although they start with a fragile bond, through the years Goku and Chi-Chi learn what it means to love as time challenges all they've grown together. Lucky for them, not even death can stop true love. [Goku x Chi-Chi]

Five Hundred Miles - A curious fling, an unexpected responsibility, and somehow Vegeta and Bulma discovered a relationship that meant more than either one ever believed possible. [Vegeta x Bulma]

Wildest Dreams - A kiss to drive him insane. A wish to make her re-think her choice. A romance everyone called impossible. And a relationship to prove love can be found even where we least expect it. [Krillin x Android 18]

More Than Words - Gohan says she's like his mother. Videl says he's the type her father would never approve. They say no words can describe how they fell for each other. [Gohan x Videl]

Clarity - Trunks is jealous, Goten's confused, and the world is falling apart around them while the teenagers are still trying to understand what their special bond actually means. [Trunks x Goten]

Current Road Map of Update Events:

[Want Chronological from the Beginning? Start with: A Thousand Years]

[Listed Road Map Will Change As Updates Progress]

A Thousand Years (GoChi) - Chapter 18

Five Hundred Miles (VegeBul) - Chapter 8 [We Are Here]

Five Hundred Miles (VegeBul) - Chapter 9

A Thousand Years (GoChi) - Chapter 19

Five Hundred Miles (VegeBul) - Chapter 10

Story Status :

On hiatus (but will probably return to one day)

--Hetalia: What We Become
-I love this story too much to stop; I even wrote a few words in it the other day; I will return

--Hetalia: Don't Tempt Me
-I have one chapter left; if I ever get the Spamano itch, rest assured, I will make the best effort to finish said last chapter


--DBZ: A Thousand Years
-My OTP shines here. My headcanons, my character interpretations, my views on certain events within the series, all right here. In collection but story line format. Oh but I love these two. Update schedule will be Friday and occasionally an extra day sometime in the week.

--DBZ: Five Hundred Miles
-Vegeta and Bulma throughout the series with glimpses into moments we don't get to see on screen. My headcanons, my character interpretations, my views on certain events within the series, and then eventually an original plot. So much is outlined in all these DBZ fics and there is so much to come.

--DBZ: Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore
-Ah, the Kakavege smut fic. Or is it? Heh. I have such a weird view of's a weird fuck-buddy non-romantic view.


--DBZ: Just Another High School Romance
-Goku x Chi-Chi high school alternate universe fic. I never, ever thought I'd be writing a full AU story and especially never thought it would be a high school one, but here it is. One of the most fun parts of writing an AU, I have to admit, is actually figuring out or discovering where all the characters fit in. I like Raditz here. He's such a minor character, but I like him a lot.

DBZ: Travelin' Soldier
-A Raditz x Yamcha alternate universe set in the same universe as "Just Another High School Romance." Raditz is a military man from another nation, Yamcha is just trying to get by in life, pass high school, maybe rise up in position at his local restaurant job. It''s gonna be a fun ride.

Coming Soon

--DBZ: Clarity
-My soon-to-be major story line original plot fic. Starting with Truten at age 12 and 11 and leading all the way to 17/18 where "major story line" stuff happens...and then beyond. All original storyline and headcanon based. Ignoring GT and sort of including Beerus. It's complicated. God, I love this story. I can't wait to share it!

--DBZ: More Than Words
-Gohan x Videl, HanVi, whatever the ship name is, this story will most likely be a bit shorter than the others, but expect it eventually.

--DBZ: Wildest Dreams
-Krillin x Android 18 get together story collection starting with their Introduction with the famous kiss scene and going onward and beyond the Z storyline


--DBZ: I Think I Love You
-A one shot of early marriage GoChi with Goku realizing his feelings for Chi-Chi.

--DBZ: Life is a Road, Love is a River
-A collection of Son Family fics, ranging from AU to canon to fluff to angst.

--DBZ: The Gifts We Don't Ask For
-A one shot of Goku meeting his parents in the afterlife. Because I needed it. No other reason.

--DBZ: The Unimaginable
-hurt/comfort/angst sad stuff because of a 'what if' idea where Gohan dies against Cell, Goku survives, and the dragon balls no longer exist...meaning GoChi have to live on and grieve and cope with the loss of their son. It's a pretty rough ride, but hopefully it works out enough in the end.

--DBZ: Counting Stars
-just a cute collection of fics I wrote during Thanksgiving Week to celebrate the Son Family; all of these are moments that take place after Goku's return from Buu

--DBZ: While We Wait
-okay so this is my response to Episode 17 of DBS; deals with all of Chi-Chi's thoughts and memories of her most intimate moments with Goku through the years; basically a lot of smut

--DBZ: Wedding Night
-my take on Goku x Chi-Chi on their wedding night; it's not my favorite take on this moment for them, but I wrote this early on into my writing of this couple; I still like it though; wee wedding night smut

--Hetalia: As You Wish
-my take on USUK getting together; basically a shit ton of smut and angst taking place on 4th of July

--Hetalia: The Awesome Yellow Chick
-Prussia's history in a nut shell, from the point of view of his little yellow chick Gilbird. It's great, honestly; just little moments throughout his history; certainly not everything; just the highlights I felt like covering; was a birthday present for my sister

--Hetalia: One Month
-probably the best PruCan story I ever wrote; it's got action, adventure, romance, some one-world-government extremists, general silliness and my odd humor; based on a roleplay; Iggy's magic is probably my favorite part; and the Spamano stuff; that's great, too; I mean, the PruCan is great and all but I love the little stuff going on between all the other couples too

--Hetalia: There Once Was A Time
-really, just an excuse for PrUk smut; I dunno what I was going on about trying to make it all historical; I just chose a point in history and they had sex

--Hetalia: What Goes Without Saying
-a request for RusCan; came up with the idea of putting smut during some important hockey match between the two countries; I am neither Canadian nor Russian but the point of view is Canada so expect the bias to go that way, ne?

--Hetalia: Never Again
-I sin way too much in this series; three chapter sex fic; written in present tense I believe; the Bad Touch Trio having fun with Prussia

--Hetalia: Chirp for Me, My Little Bird
-Some little thing of Prussia during his time as a part of the USSR; eh; I just like Prussia torture; and I like throwing in the minor flute / Fritz stuff too

(If something is not in these lists, consider it dead or completed; my first DBZ fics "The Horror of Emptiness" and "Psyfoam's Return" were written when I was 13 and I keep them here for pure nostalgia and to see how far I've come since my first ever fanfic. Do NOT judge my writing on those, please.)

Writing Goals:

Write at least 1000 words a day

Finish a prompt list.

Make sure to update something consistently.

Hamilton Writing Challenge: 36/51 (Challenge Due Date - Sept 9)

On Reviews I Give:

I try to keep a policy: if I read, I review, so I hope for the same from others. If you read, it's only courtesy to review - good, bad, or otherwise. Sometimes I leave helpful reviews; other times they're just acknowledgments of "I like this" - though I will leave what I like if I do say that. By reviewing me, you point me to your stories. Does this mean I will diligently read them? No, not necessarily. But I do like to read the profiles, at least, of everyone who reviews or favorites or alerts me.

On Reviews and What I Hope To See:

Personally, I write fanfiction to practice my craft and to take a break from the more seriously approached original stories. I don't search out heavy criticism like I do with my original stories. Certain things are important to me in fanfiction: are the characters in-character - or otherwise explained as to why they're different? Is the plot interesting or terrible? Are the character interactions believable? (THAT one is SUPER important to me) Should there be more or less description? Is the balance between dialogue and narration good or does it need work? Is the pace fast/slow, bearable/unbearable? Do I pull you in and keep you or do you find yourself wandering? Are you enjoying it? Why or why not?

On Reviews and MY RESPONSES to Said Reviews:

I try really hard to respond to everyone, but sometimes I panic (for some awful reason, I dunno). I worry about coming off as too conceited or something in a reply, or I worry about being too defensive. Basically I worry about saying something dumb/stupid/crazy/weird and scaring you off, so if I don't respond to anything you review, that's why. Also - guest reviewers - I can only answer your questions in the next posted chapter. So keep that in mind when you ask something. (Also, I LOVE rambling reviews; I LOVE it when something I wrote sparks you to go off; I LOVE hearing all your reactions; and I LOVE AND APPRECIATE everything you can give me).

Musicians and

"Characters rule the story. I just write it down."
"It's not about what happens to the characters - it's about how they react."

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Camouflage by Lady Rhapsody reviews
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Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 43,678 - Reviews: 39 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 6/22 - Published: 10/5/2015 - [Yamcha, M. Trunks]
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Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 26 - Words: 250,898 - Reviews: 74 - Favs: 86 - Follows: 53 - Updated: 7/21/2015 - Published: 9/29/2011 - [Prussia, Fritz] Germany
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Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 63,235 - Reviews: 360 - Favs: 451 - Follows: 163 - Updated: 11/29/2011 - Published: 7/9/2011 - Germany, N. Italy - Complete
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