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Author has written 10 stories for Digimon, Ronin Warriors, and Sailor Moon X-overs.
03-08-04~ Welcome to my small corner of the fanfiction world. ^_^ Still in Denver, and no luck with jobs as of yet. I'm still hunting, but my writing seems to take up alot of my time, so might just try for college instead.

Current projects~

Hope's Light-Chap 4~I know I know, this is taking forever... I have hit a major block, because I realised too late two major problems. So until I work on the original 3 chapters, and fix these problems, this story will be on temporary hiatis. But I promise, I will get this problem fixed, and worked out, as soon as possible.

Warped Digital Reality-Chap 5~An alternate end storyline. ^_^

The Eye of the Moon~This was originally started by another author, and has been given to me. With very minor revising, I plan on giving this a workout, and then continueing past where it is now, so let me know if anyone has suggests, because I have no clue where to go with it yet. ^_^

Dark Diaries~A story set in Lord Archive's Diaries storyline, with his permission. This is one of my longest running fics, makin me rather proud. This story, may put Warped and Hope's on standby for a bit, but I promise, I am going to continue them.

Requests~So everyone knows, i'm a very laid back guy. If anyone has a fic idea, preferabley one shots or songfics that they would like to see, but do now want to write themselves, I would be more then willing to write it. I'm going to be doing occasional ones between chapters of my big stories, so it just gives me something to work with. Odds are, if you send me a couple I like, it can be done easier, but even if you send one I do not personally see happening (Taito, Sorato, Daikari, that kind thing), I might try it. I am a Takari(Takeru+Hikari), Taiora(Taichi+Sora), Jyomi(Jyou+Mimi), Rakane(Ranma+Akane), Shizuki(Sho+Mizuki) fan. However, eventally, I want to broaden my writing skills. People say the best way to write it, is to attempt things that you normally would not, right? So send me your requests, the wished info will be at the bottem of the profile. ^_~

Notes~DD's is at chapter 19 currently! This is a new record for me with chapter numbers. Also, I have a songfic in the backburner that I was given as a request, but unfortunetly I haven't been able to get it running yet. ^_^;; To the requesty, I'm sorry it is taking so long, but I do remember it! ^_^V

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