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fellow writers.

Come in, come in! Don't just stand out there in the cold. You shouldn't be out this late, anyway. But thank you for visiting today. Please, sit down for a moment. Perhaps have a hot drink? I'm here to tell you about me, after all, so why not pause to listen?

a little bit

a b o u t

m e

I'm a female of fourteen years old. I've been writing for as long as I can remember. In my spare time, I draw, read books, play my instruments, chat with my friends, and spend a little too much time on the internet. I play the piano. I also play the flute. I've been playing piano for nine years and flute for seven. I live in Australia, and I have a cat named Caramel and a dog named Toby.

I'm very emotional, quiet and awkward. I have bad conversation skills.


m y

s t o r i e s

Well I tend to discontinue stories all the time.. I mean I just get sick of them, run out of ideas, find them too cliche, just generally abandon them. I'm not going to delete any I post here, I guess, but just be aware of the fact that I move on fast from my stories.

Anyway, I find it easy to write my new chapters, generally sticking to about 1000 words each time, but I lack the motivation. I don't live off reviews, but it's nice to get a comment once in a while. Moral support.

And you see, I only really write about the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. I do not claim any rights to her series or characters/plots/anything, only my characters and the way I've done my plots.

So... here are my current stories ;;

Crimson - There's an evil psycho kitty in town and he's got a plan. The poor cats of SaffronClan have no idea what is going on, as one by one their warriors fall victim to what seems to be ancient magic. Join Sorrelwing and her small group of friends as she tries to figure out just what's going on... and save her father.

Escape - Originally for a contest, this story features a young mother who can see the evil brimming in her son's eyes. Desperate to leave the confines of her Clan, she runs away to find a better place. Along the way, she meets new friends and dangerous enemies, and faces the forces of nature itself as she battles for a place to call home.

And here are my discontinued stories ;;

Amber Flowers - I don't know how so many new people manage to find this story. I haven't updated it in months even though I often get emails showing that there is a new review or follower. Sorry guys, but this was my first real fanfiction and it's just awful cliche boring I've lost inspiration. I think I've improved heaps since I wrote this so please check out my newer 'fics. If you insist on reading, do so at own risk of burning your eyes >.

Ashes - Ugh. Terrible. So cliche it hurts when I think back on it. Please do not read it xD I swear... anyway, I lost inspiration (and rightfully too -.- there are only so many plot twists you can do with this..) I'm never updating this again.

When The Earth Began To Tremble -Don't get me started. Oops, too late. Here I go again
Even though I wrote this all before Survivors, the new series about dogs by Erin Hunter, somehow it's ended up extremely similar. I do not know how, but there are so many freaky similarities that I've just stopped altogether before I'm bashed for this one.

I'm so tempted to delete all of these... but I'm gonna leave them there as a reminder that there is always room for improvement, never give up writing in general, and just keep swimming cx


s t o r y

p l a n s

None at the moment. I'm happy with what I've got.

how often do I

u p d a t e ?

I update whenever I feel like it. I'm often busy with school and homework but if I get nagged enough I probably will write something for you.

t h a n k

y o u

for reading this far

Yeah, it was difficult, I know. Just remember, I'm always here to listen to whatever you have to say. Criticism is alright - it will be used to make my stories better. Feel free to have a chat whenever you please

Thank you for listening. I know it's chilly outside, but you can't stay all night, now can you? The frosty flakes are spiraling down in a whirlwind, but I'm sure you'll be back home soon in front of a roaring fire; sitting in a cosy armchair. Your cat will be purring at your feet and the amber glow from the fire will cast the room in a warm light. I'm sure there's only a short distance from here until your place, so I hope you visit again sometime. It was nice meeting you, too! Farewell!

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