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Name: David Shock.

Nicknames: Crazy Dave.

Gender: Male.

Species: Raving Rabbid.

Game Series: Raving Rabbids.

Age: Eighteen.

Personality: Like all other rabbids David can be insane, but he has enough sanity that he is smarter than other Rabbids, and can speak real words. He tends to get angry when someone insults him about his species smartness, but he is a really nice guy to hang out when he isn't angry. When David isn't insane, He tries his best to act like a gentleman.

Appearance: He looks like any other Rabbid except he wears dark green sunglasses on his head above his eyes, a maroon belt, and blue wrist bands.

Abilities: He carrys two knifes on his belt, and he has great hand to hand combat skills. He's also really quick when it comes to running, or attacking.

Weaknesses: Like I said, David can be a little insane, but he only goes insane when he gets really angry which causes him to start most of the fights he gets in. Also, He doesn't know how to swim.

Interesting Facts: He is smarter, and stronger than all the other Rabbids he has met.

Name: Mark Drake.

Gender: Male.

Species: Waddle Dee.

Game Series: Kirby.

Age: Thirteen.

Personality: Being the youngest he has a bit of a childish personality. He is nice to anyone he meets, and helps anyone in need. He also tends to joke around.

Appearance: He is a maroon Waddle Dee, and wears a green cap that looks like Luigi's cap without the white circle, and the "L" on it, and has a blue backpack that carries all the stuff he has.

Abilities: He has been trained to have knowledge of how to use Spears, Bows, and Arrows. He can glide over large holes with his Parasol.

Weaknesses: Mark doesn't know if someone is evil, or not so he might end up trying to help a vilian unless either someone else tells him that person IS a vilian, or that person attacks him, or his friends.

Interesting Facts: He loves Winter because of the snow it brings, and he hates telling/showing people how he eats, or talks without a mouth.

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