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My dear lonely King

Hello everyone! Names Jake! Nice to meet you all.

Where I'm from - None of your business

Where I currently am - None of your business!

My age, I guess I'll tell, but ask first.

Religion - I am a Christian, and no one will change my beliefs in my Lord Almighty. I will not, however, try to convert you (unless you want to convert, then I'm totally here for you) and I would like it if nobody did the same to me.

Relationship status? - I'm happily taken.

As to my stories, I don't currently know if I'll be putting up a whole lot of stories or not. Motivation is kinda hard for me to find.. But once I start a story, I don't usually give up on it. I do take requests, as long as its not M rated. Other than that, I'll try to write the request and post it up within two weeks range. Hope to meet some of you while I'm here.

I do not claim to be the best writer. I never have been, probably never will be. However that doesn't mean I will not give out advice. If I offend you with it, my apologies.

As to why I write a lot of PoxTigress fanfics, it's because I can relate to the two of them. I can relate to Master Tigress's holed up personality, yet I can also relate to Po's cheery attitude and positive nature. Until I find more characters like them, I'll most likely keep writing about them.

EDIT: October 14, 2012

Since I haven't been on much since school started...


I've gotta get graduation stuff, do my SAT's and ACT's, also the ASVAB and pay for school cap and gown, and make sure to go to prom, and...ugh!

This is why I haven't been on a whole lot >:/ Got too much to think about out in the real world, I haven't had much time with my Mac baby. Maybe once things cool down I'll be on more, writing more, and COOKING more!!

EDIT: October 24, 2012

Well I've had a shitty great-grandfather died on Saturday... and Friday was my sisters death anniversary.. so I'm not really in the mood to hang out or write... Just came on to upload two of my stories. Hopefully next time I'll be a little more cheerful, but for now, I've got a funeral to attend next week. Hope everyone's having a good time. Don't waste it. Please, just don't.

He was the son of a powerful man. He was loved by his entire family. He had friends.

But it wasn't enough. It never was.

He admitted he was King. That he was strong. That he was indestructible.

However, he knew he had a weakness. One large, open spot:


As he aged, he received more attention from his fathers allies, as he was soon to the coming of age.

He was proud to be his fathers son. To be the heir to the throne. However...

Pride engulfed him in his own flames. Set those around him on fire and drove them off.

And after those flames extinguished, he was alone. He became king, though.

To this day he sits upon his frozen throne, in his darkened castle.

He became his own Ice King.

"My dear...lonely king.."

EDIT: December 3, 2012

Finally updated some of my stories! About time. All those grammar issues got to me.

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