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Author has written 2 stories for Avengers.

I'm a 24 year old college student. I used to be Idareu2loveme before I forgot the email address that account was linked too and had to abandon the account (major bummer considering I wasn't done with one of my stories- but maybe I'll find a way to finish it.)

Before I got back into writing fanfic I started writing book reviews on amazon which I've been doing for about five years and now I'm a top 1000 reviewer on the site. I like to read, mainly historical fiction but some sci-fi/fantasy thrown in for verity. I'm also part of an amazon program where I get free books and other stuff before it's out in stores to review. I'm completely dyslexic and cannot spell at all, so if you see a spelling error it just sipped through my editing process and please forgive me. Some words, especially non-English words, since I can't pronounce them, I just can't spell them or tell them apart from other words which look the same I'm a complete romantic and so watching TV just gives me ideas for all of these romances that should be played up more and better, hence the fanfic.

Favorite Fandoms

The Office (Jim and Pam-duh!) Heroes (Peter and Claire-so wrong and so right-but I'm over it now and it makes me cringe to think I once liked it. I'm only leaving this line up here to explain the fic I wrote so long ago.) In Plain Sight lately (M/M) and I'm also going to admit to a super secret slight Battelstar Galactica 2003 obsession with Apollo and Starbuck that I'm working very hard to get over as it has become vaugly unhealthy. I love Doctor who but only the Tenth Doctor and Rose (my brother says he would go gay from David Tennett) because without her he was so tragic and sad-and I think I'm one of the few people who loved the ending of Journeys End (though they should have kept the Tardis coral/seed part in) because at that point ten didn't seem like himself anymore. Maybe it was because he was so close to regenerating. But I'm sure Rose and 10.2 will be exstaticly happy once they figure everything out. I love Moonlight (why did they cancel it! Stupid, stupid writers strike!) Chuck, Glee (best cheer up ever but if they break up Finchel for good I'll never forgive them. Their love story had so much longing and yearning and angst-and I think Finn loved Rachel since the moment he heard her sing and I don't think he can really move on. He just needs Jesse St. Jerkoff to come back or something to remind him how much he wants her. The way the show is going now is breaking me heart and infurriating me. But I have hope for the future. VIVA LA FINCHEL!) and I seem to have disturbingly latched on to the vampire Diaries-Stelena, never Delena. I get the bad boy appeal-but seriously, he's a mass murderer-even if he takes breaks from it now and then. That brings us to Criminal minds, gotta love it. Ditto for the Mentalists. And I love Bones to death. Have ever since I caught the last five minutes of one episode and knew Booth and Bones were meant to be together forever.

I'm also trying to write some orginal fiction but the ideas just aren't flowing right now. I've got tons of them for allready established characters and storylines thouh so that should keep me busy for a while.

After seeing the Avenegers I became addicted to the ship of Hawkeye/Black widow (let's call it blackhawk.) And if the title of my newest fic makes you snicker all I can say is I couldn't keep myself from going there. I tried-believe me. I tried.

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Supernanny by renrenren3 reviews
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Satis by LouBlue reviews
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Budapest by earthtoalexis reviews
"This is like Budapest all over again." "You and I remember Budapest very differently." What really happened in Budapest? This is a crossover, because aspects from both the movie and the comics have been used.
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The next time their bare skins meet in the dead of night, he asks her for real, and this time she doesn't laugh along with him. There's no laughter, not even a smile, but there's a kiss, a touch against his jaw, and he knows she's saying yes.
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Birkhoff's Ten Rules for Living with Spies by Small-Wonders reviews
Oneshot. SPOILERS for 2.09 / First of all: never play a first-person shooter at 3:00 AM with the volume all the way up, unless you want one grumpy, half-asleep Michael riddling your flat screen with bullet holes.
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Blackhawk Down reviews
Clint comes back from what should have been a minor mission missing something vital to his-and Natasha's- lives. As for the title-oh yeah, I totally went there. Now rated for very mature content and language.
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