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May 3rd: Crap. I just never stop letting my fans down do I? (Bends over). Here. Please kick me in the rump as hard as you can. ALL of you. I'm gonna try to please what fans still remember that I exist. I might update my PR fic, (NO promises) but I'm really focusing on my original fic right now. It's about me and my friends, going through things teenagers usually do. Love, puberty, etc. Oh! And we also become superheroes and have to battle to save the world from demons too. It should be funny, deep, AND action packed. SPLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

It'll be on Fictionpress.net, but it will have several crossovers into anime and video games that will be posted here. Sp look out for those.I doubt anyone's reading this... but I'm not dead... and neither is my spirit. And together, we shall change the face of this website. BOYAAAH! That sounded poetic didn't it_

Too bad no one probly read that. Oh well, I'm comin back folks! Just you wait!

Lord Pisces' hopeful upcoming projects

Gundam SEED Astray E: My own story based on Gundam SEED Astray featuring a new top secret Astray suit that has fallen into the hands of a noble space Pirate: The Emerald Frame.

A Parody: I don't care about what or who with, but I need to write a parody!

A new chapter in Judgement of the Gigas: No promises on this or when it'll be out, but I would like to continue this project.

Pisces' Likes and Dislikes list

Likes: Video games, animes, science fiction, fantasy, humor, strategy and puzzle games, close range weapons, Spongebob Squarepants, Danny Phantom, Gundam SEED/Astray, giant robot stories, Zoids, Ladder 49, Lucasarts, Star Wars Episode 2.

Dislikes: Anyone who dislikes any of my likes, opposite of said likes, Sony (THEY STOLE FINAL FANTASY FROM NINTENDO!), people who don't like poorly dubbed anime (Suck it up princess!), people who think Nintendo makes games for little kids (Go ahead, say it!), people who think that any form of media needs swears/sex/blood to be enjoyable, Racist people (Give it up!), Resident Evil (DIE DIE DIE!), Spiders (DIE x50 million), Halo (I played it. It sucks. How'd it get so succesful?).

Funny quote for this update

"Don't you ? me!"

A quote from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney

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