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Hey, welcome to my page!

My twin sister has an account here, her name is Aerois. Go read her stuff, especially if you like Harvest Moon.

So I'm an official college graduate! Psychology, yeah, I know it's a lot easier than other majors but you know what? I graduated with highest honors; straight A's for the last two years of my undergrad. I'm applying to graduate school. I want to be a counseling therapist. Plus, you really can't do much in psychology without at least a Master's Degree. And I hate it when people scoff at my psychology degree because it isn't "real science." We've changed a lot since Freud's reign of terror, you guys. There's this thing called empirical data, and it rules the field. Whoops, sorry about the rant there. I'm pretty passionate about the subject. The process of applying to graduate school is absolutely crazy, and I almost never have time to work on the ideas I have. I know I don't have any stories yet, but I want to at least finish one before publishing. I'd hate to do something halfway and then leave any readers hanging.

More on that later.

Here's the stuff I like:

Tales of the Abyss. My favorite game, don't even get me started on it unless you want to sit here for five hours. Luke is my favorite fictional character, and I love him way too much. Guy is most definitely amazing, Natalia is the coolest princess ever, Jade is the most badass guy you could ever meet. I liked Tear for how good she was to the others, especially Luke, but she didn't really speak to me. Anise is adorable but I can't understand her choice. Of course, Ion is a precious angel who deserves the world on a silver platter. I'm am obsessed with this game, especially anything Luke. He is my all-time favorite fictional character. I could go on FOREVER about this masterpiece.

Tales of Vesperia: I'm halfway through this one because I borrowed my brother's xbox to play it, but got caught up in school. Love it so far, especially Yuri, Estelle, Raven, and Karol. Judy is kind of eh and Rita straight up annoys the piss out of me.

Tales of Symphonia: It's been 10 years, and I'm finally playing again. I had some trouble with something called Scrupulosity, which is a religious/moral manifestation of OCD. It kept me away from this game for a long time, because I am (and was, at the time) a very devout Catholic. But now I can enjoy the game for what it is, and I still love it very much as I did when I was 12, if not more now. I love Lloyd, of course, and after that, Kratos, Colette, and Zelos and -gasp- even Mithos. Though for the latter, it's more for what he could have been, rather than what he is. I can't even begin to describe exactly how much I like this game, and why. I'm sort of obsessed with it.

Zelda Series. Link is sort of my childhood hero-crush. But he belongs with Zelda. Though I do like the idea of Zelda/Vaati. Also, DarkLink/Malon is an idea I've been throwing around with Aerois for a while.

Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross: Ironically I've never beaten either. But I've played them since I was little. Sergei/Kidd is one of my otps.

Final Fantasy: I own V, VI, VII, and VIII but have yet to finish them all. Huh that seems like a pattern. I'd love to get IX. My favorite so far is VIII, and as I get older, I like Squall/Rinoa more. And Laguna is just great.

Various Animes. Right now I'm on Sailor Moon Crystal, Yona of the Dawn, Snow White with the Red Hair. I'd love to watch Noragami but Hulu took most of season one down. Gekkan Shoujou Nozaki-kun is really cute too, I can't wait for the next season.

My sister introduced me to a manga called Takane to Hana, which isn't legal or translated for the US. I hope it will be someday, because it sounds hilarious.

I used to like Kingdom Hearts, but it's way too freaking complicated now and I don't understand jack about what's going on anymore.

I have a couple of Animal Crossing games, including New Leaf.

I've been playing Harvest Moon, now Story of Seasons, since I was little. I got Rune Factory 4, and I've almost beaten it. I married Vishnal, and am working on Leon. I also got ANB a while back, but it was too hard for me to enjoy having to basically build every damn thing in the town. Recently got Trio of Towns, and it's okay.

As of October of 2016, I am officially Sherlocked! I really didn't watch this show for a while because I thought all the hype was just a bunch of teenage girls drooling over Benedict Cumberbatch and British culture in general. But the show really is great. The strong, loyal friendship between Sherlock and John is wonderfully done. I gotta be honesty though, season 4 was quite a stretch. So far, episode one is my favorite. I think I knew that when I finished watching it, and I was right! I recommend it if you haven't seen it.'

Marvel Cinematic Universe! I freaking love Marvel! I somehow missed Age of Ultron and Civil War, so I really need to catch up on that. I plan on seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. soon! And I am so excited for Thor 3! Somehow I've become really obsessed with Loki, or really, the possibility of a Loki Redemption Arc. He's undoubtedly done a lot of horrible things, but I think the good is still somewhere in him. I'd love to see him really turn around and become a great hero. I really want him to be happy. I just love him.

I don't do slash, or yuri, or yaoi, or whatever they call it now. No porn either. I'm Catholic, ya'll.

Here's what I've got in the works right now, this stuff is tentative:

Apocalypse: When Lloyd's final strike pierces Mithos's heart, his world goes white and blank. He awakens outside of Iselia, before the journey, with no recollection of who he is, and no Cruxis Crystal. As his memory returns, he comes face-to-face with the most difficult obstacle he has ever faced - himself. Name changed from "World Regeneration" because this title is more fitting. Not only does it have an "end of the world" connotation, but it also has meaning associated with a kind of revelation. I thought it was more fitting.

I'm also working on another fanfic, but it'll be posted on a joint account that I share with someone else. However, that one is going to be kept super secret until further notice. I may never even link it to this account.

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