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Hey, welcome to my page! My twin sister has an account here, her name is Aerois. Go read her stuff if you like Harvest Moon. (Which I do as well.)

I'm a big Potterhead!

Just recently got sorted on Pottermore (03/20/13). I'm SHOCKED. I got Slytherin!!

I thought for sure I'd be Hufflepuff or maybe Ravenclaw. But then again, I have always had a lot of determination, and others have pointed that out to me.

WOOHOO! I'd love to change the stereotypical view that many have towards Slytherin.


I don't like slash, incest, or pedophilia. I'm okay with couples like Ginny/Draco,Harry/Luna, Luna/Neville, Luna/Ron, and Lavender/Ron, Draco/Hermione, and Luna/Draco. Harry/Ginny is acceptable but not preferred. Ron/Hermione? I guess I can see it, but a part of me really hates them together.

Lavender/Ron: I actually think they're a good match for each other. She adores him, and she loves having someone to fuss over. Ron loves getting attention. And I think they could eventually grow to connect on a level that's deeper than just physical attraction. A lot of people hated Lavender because they think she's annoying. I actually never felt that way. She's very bubbly, and yeah, she can be obnoxious, but it's not because she wants to be the center of attention. She just likes getting in the middle of everything. She's a very involved, extroverted person.

Severus- I gotta be honest, I don't see him ever falling in love again. I like the aspect of his one-sided love for Lily, but... I don't think he'll ever love anyone else, even if he does one day move on past Lily. I especially hate seeing him paired with generic Mary-Sue OC's.

My Sort-of-Analysis of Severus Snape, and My Thoughts on his Character:

I always liked Severus, even though I didn't know where his loyalties lied. I somehow got the feeling that there was more to him that I thought, but I didn't know whether he was good or bad. I certainly hoped he was good. That being said, there's a lot I don't like about him. I honestly think his love for Lily was flawed. I mean, he never really saw her clearly, I don't think. The memories of Severus' in the seventh book give me this impression. Lily keeps trying to get him to see reason about his friends and their anti-muggle beliefs, but he completely blows her off. He then throws James into the conversation, prompting Lily to say that James "doesn't use dark magic". Severus thinks that she's sticking up for him, and gets mad. Lily assures him that she hates James, and then he's happy, and they drop it. It seems like he isn't even hearing what she's saying. That being said, I had to wonder what other truths he had ignored. By that, I mean the moral consequences of Death-Eater mentality. I know he isn't a DE anymore, but who's to say that he still doesn't hate Muggle-borns, and think along those lines? He left the Death Eaters because they hurt Lily, but I don't know if he ever changed his thinking because of it.

He was willing and eager to join a group of Death Eaters, whose purpose is to cleanse the world of people like Lily. So skip ahead in the series, and Lily is dead. Severus decides to join Dumbledore's side, for Lily's sake. But to be honest, I still can't decide if he did it JUST because he saw it as a way to make up for her death, or if he truly changed, himself. I see a lot of promise for Severus Snape's character. What I mean is, I'd love to witness a true turn-around for him. It would be interesting, and it would add so many layers to his character.

How I got into the Harry Potter Fandom:

It's kind of funny. I saw the first three HP movies when I was younger, but fell out of the fandom. It wasn't until I came across Robin Hood on TV that I got back into it. Now some of you might wonder how Robin Hood got me into Harry Potter again, but for those of you who know that the Sheriff of Nottingham was played by Alan Rickman, you might see where I'm going with this. I saw the Sheriff, and while I didn't recognize his face, I did recognize his voice. I couldn't remember where I heard his voice, so I looked it up on wikipedia. I then learned that Alan Rickman also played Severus Snape, and I suddenly thought, "Whatever happened with that series?" So I thought I'd watch the movies. After seeing the first one, I was pretty much hooked. I was all, "How could I have ever stopped watching this?!" I watched the rest of them, and then I went out and bought all of the books as a graduation present. Edit: Yay, I finished all the books. One more time with feeling, now! :D

I always thought that if I were sorted into any house, I would be in Hufflepuff. I have as much nobility as any Gryffindor, but I don't think I'm brave enough. I think I am least suited for Slytherin. Not because I think they're evil (because I don't ) but because I'm not cunning enough, or subtle. Now Ravenclaw? I like studying when it's interesting, and I am smart, but I wasn't the kid in high school who took all AP courses. I'm smart, but not the smartest.

I hope I haven't been babbling, but I guess it's all good because there's no character limit on these things! :D

My Pet Peeves in Writing:

(I have to write all this down. This is a list of stuff that ticks me off to no end in fanfics. I will add to the list as I read stories.)

First: If you attempt to write a story in which someone is injured or sick, make absolutely sure that you know what you're talking about when you treat/cure said injury or illness. Example- Excessive blood loss DOES NOT CALL FOR AMPUTATION. I can't even begin to fathom how that would make sense to someone.

Second: Using "your" instead of "you're" and vice versa. Come on, if you're old enough to get on the computer, you should know when to use which one. This also includes the "their", "they're" and "there" rule.

Third: Characters that develop a rapid, raging case of the OOC Disease. Dumbledore is not really evil; Harry is not some timid, flash-backing-to-his-abusive-past kid; Ron is not a Death-Eater or overly stupid and insensitve; Ginny is not doping Harry up with love potions; Voldemort is not actually a misunderstood, nice guy; and Severus Snape is most certainly NOT secretly evil and wants to murder the kids. On the other hand, he is also not a nurturing person, deep down.

Fourth: When people put IM-style conversations at the end of their chapters. I honestly gotta say that I never read them. I don't really care about their OC's, or stuff like that. And it irks me a bit because it makes me think the chapter is longer than it really is.

Fifth: "And, uh, no horcruxes in this story." WHAT? The whole PLOT was centered on horcruxes! You can't just THROW IT OUT! This really irritates me. A lot of stuff wouldn't have even been possible without horcruxes, as evil and vile as they are. It would make crucial parts of the story unable to happen. Like, Voldemort was focused on immortality. And what about Harry's visions? What about the Diary? How are you going to patch up all those holes? Oh, that's right, you kinda can't. And WHY are they thrown out? If you can't work around a story, don't write about it.

Sixth: Omniscient-All-Powerful-Intimidating! Harry. Seriously? Harry will not suddenly gain all the knowledge of the Wizarding world because of his inheritance, or whatever, and then cut his enemies down with a sharp tongue and overly-unrealistic level of power that radiates off of him. I CAN'T TELL YOU how many stories I've read where Harry becomes something he was specifically designed to NOT BE. The whole point of Harry's character is that even though he has great potential and skill, he is human and has limits. People like Draco Malfoy and Theodore Nott are not going to cower in fear of him, and he isn't going to use any kind of loop-holes in wizarding law to just get whatever he wants. He isn't going to become a "lord" and inherit Hogwarts and three castles. I can't fathom how people don't laugh at reading this kind of stuff. Honestly, I couldn't tell my sister about it with a straight face.

Seventh: SPELLING THE CHARACTERS' NAMES WRONG. For goodness sake, Google exists for a reason! You especially have no excuse if the series is a book. And you've read it.

Eighth: OC's. Sorry, everyone, but I just hate them. They're rarely ever original. They tend to reflect the characteristics and views of the author, and they're too perfect. I can't read a story if there's an OC in it. Especially when it comes to romance. Severus Snape is not going to fall in love with your OC because of her "gentle charm" or maybe even "firey personality". All the OC's I've ever seen fall into certain character stereotypes. 1.) The Down-to-Earth Angelic type, 2.) The Head-Strong Spunky Fighter type, 3.) The Quirky-yet-Wise type. For girls, at least. I don't see a lot of guy OC's.

Ninth: Self-inserts. Sorry, but these don't capture my interest. Sure, it seems like a great idea to the writer, but that's because THEY are the ones influencing the story in the way that they want to, to get the outcomes that they would have preferred. It's very planned out; a bit too linear for my tastes.

Ten: Lack of proofreading. Siriusly. If you write like, "harry woked up at pivet dr and weded th garden cuz ant petuna screeched in his face that morning when he woked up under the cuboard under the stairs and harry was yelled at by uncle vernon too and didnt gett any breakfas" I'm not going to be able to take is seriously. And when I read it, there's this voice in my head that reads it audibly and it sounds like the ERMAHGERD BERKS! girl. And I also hate seeing ' ' to signify a quote instead of " ". The one-dashed quotes are for a quote within a quote, the double-dashed ones are used for spoken dialogue.

About Me: I'm am Catholic, but I don't like it when people do those "Post this in your sig, or you'll go to Hell for denying God." That's very manipulative, and I don't honestly think God would appreciate that. If you want to encourage people to stand up for their faith or evangelize, then just say that. Same with being on Facebook and those "like this if you love Jesus" things. Just because I don't like your status doesn't mean I don't love Jesus.

I'm nineteen and about to be in my second year of college as of 08/02/13.

In addition to Harry Potter, I also like a lot of other stuff that I'm too lazy to list.

Edit: Another interest of mine is Harvest Moon. My sister has written some stories for it, and they're really good. Go read them! Her name is Aerois.

Edit (09/01/13): I didn't get my Hogwarts letter this year, AGAIN. Whatever, I'll just drown my sorrows in La Corda D'oro episodes. I'm really obsessed with it right now. I think I've just about re-watched the whole series in two days.

Edit (11/01/13): Decided to come clean out my profile. Throwing some ideas around inside my head, but nothing worth writing yet.

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