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1/13/2005: Hello once again. I would like to offically announce that chapter 10, Hope Unleashed: What Lies Beyond, is in the works. As of now I would say that it's about 70 percent completed (where I got the number I have no idea). Anyway for those who are still following this fic I just felt like I had to tell you guys. Expect to see new elements and characters. I felt thatthey were needed to expand the boundries of the storyif I wanted it to fit with what I had in mind. Anyway, I hope I can live up to everyone's expectations. Send all questions and comments to takari_4_life@hotmail.com

12/13/2004: Through a twist of fate I have stumbled upon several different drafts of chapter 10. Over all this time the Hope Unleashed series never left my mind, but over time after 02 ended I guess I begun to drift away from the fanfic scene completely. Well before that, the prospects of Hope Unleashed looked great, but prehaps I was taking on a project that was really too large for me to execute on my own. I begun constructing rather complex story branches, at the time they seem very easy to implement... even now they still do... but prehaps I was build something up that I could not fully maintain.

I would like say that I'm truly sorry to all the fans of this series thatwaited patiently for a chapter that never materialized. I'm pretty sure I made many unhappy customers to say the least... Anyway the whole series over the years is still being played out in my head, the characters, and plots still stay fresh, it's like something I can never forget. Perhaps I'm afraid that I won't do it any justice when I translate it all into text.

Perhaps I return here to bring closure to myself. Fanfiction.net sure has changed from since I was here. I wonder if people are still interested about Takeru and Hikari. I don't know what the future holds but there's still a desire for me the finish this series. I may sound like a complete nutcase but thats how I feel... I don't know. If there is anyone out there who even cares about this story anymore drop me a line at takari_4_life@hotmail.com. If you know other people as well who read Hope Unleashed tell them as well to drop me a line. Questions, comments, ideas, flames, and whatever. But I can't make any promises...

Once again apologies to everyone. This was something I just had to say. (T4L)

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