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How's it going Fanfiction community? Well, if you haven't noticed, I'm new here. I have little to NO idea how a proper profile is, so I'm just winging it by staing some basic things about myself.

Newest Update: I'm taking some time away from fanfiction in order to revamp True Shinobi. I'm basically going to reboot it entirely. Some things will change and others will stay the same. To give you an idea of what I plan to do, I'm going to keep Apollo, Amira, Dontez, Angel and Roland as characters, but completely changing their back story. I'm going to make it a lot more... I guess believable since the more I write it, the more I can tell there is no end in sight. It's sad, since I have so many fans and a lot of reviews, but it has to be done. As the story stands now, I can't think of anything beyond the Chunin Exams. I'm also changing some ages around with some characters.

Age: 21

Favorite Fanfics: Naruto. For some reason, I only like reading Naruto fanfics, but I love anime in general. My favorite TV shows includes anything on ID (Investigation Discovery) Kaze no Stigma, A Certain Magical Index, Naruto (though I'm starting to lean away from it for various reasons), Bleach (leaning away from that too), Family Guy, American Dad, Boondocks, NCIS, Burn Notice, Law & Order SVU, Drazon Ball Z, (NOT KAI!!!) and Looney Tunes (Old).

The reason why I'm starting to lean away from Naruto is because the author just pisses me off. First and foremost, WHY is Naruto so retarded? I mean when he was twelve it was understandable with the way the villagers treated him, no one probably taught him, but come on! He trained under a Sannin and you mean to tell me he's STILL retarded? I've heard it's to keep Naruto's soul pure but why must all the pure souls be retarded? Naruto is a fucking NINJA! He rushes into most situations without thinking and just kind of wings it... If not for Kyuubi he'd be dead! I mean the author drops the ball too much. Think of all the awesome things the others are capable of, but we never get to see. Tenten is a weapons specialist, why not capitalize on that? Why give Sakura so much screen time when she doesn't do SHIT! Wow... She can punch and heal people... Whoop de fucking DO! She is so useless!! And don't get me started on Sasuke... The author is SO on his dick... Sasuke is an author's pet, the author goes out of his way to help Sasuke. For example, when Deidara used his suicide jutsu to blow himself up, just before that Sasuke couldn't even MOVE! And yet the author wants me to believe Sasuke was able to summon Manda, a BOSS summon, place him under a genjutsu and then use a damn space-time jutsu to escape death? Really? Wow where the fuck did all this chakra come from? And don't say the seal, Sasuke used that all up during the fight.

And another thing, why do we know SO much about the Uchiha and barely anything about the Uzumaki? I mean there was a fucking Uzumaki Shrine, that can summon the Death God and yet no one thought to show Naruto this? The only LIVING (as far as we know) Uzumaki and he didn't know about this? Wow. Then they were Fuinjutsu masters and yet Naruto doesn't know jack shit about seals. Hell Jiraiya was a fuinjutsu master, why didn't he show his GODSON the art before he died? Then, there is the shitty training Naruto seemed to receive until he trained with the Toads. What jutsu did Jiraiya teach him in the span of two or so years? A bigger Rasengan, how to use the Kyuubi's chakra; a little bit and better use of Kage Bunshin (Ha not really). Meanwhile, Sasuke got faster, improved the Chidori to needles, armor, sword I mean damn! It's like Naruto is to stupid to do hand seals or something. I mean none of his jutsu require them, except the Kage Bunshin, but it's one seal I mean who couldn't do that? Then there's this Curse of Hatred the Uchiha have. If they lose someone they love, they get stronger? Man what the fuck, a clan of Emos man... Yes the lose of a loved one is tragic, but if you just wallow in hatred and sadness... Well you get a Sasuke; one of the most overrated characters in anime history. I have never seen such dick riding for a side character in my life.

Not only that, but Sasuke just gets these unreal boosts in power and from what? Being angry? Naruto on the other hand has to WORK for his power boosts. From training with the Toads to obtain Sage mode to fighting fucking Kyuubi itself to gain his Nine tail form. What does Sasuke do? Gets angry, disgraces his brother's memory by wanting to destroy Konoha, something Itachi specifically DIDN'T want him to do. That was the entire point of him killing his own clan, but Sasuke's too deep in now I guess... Then he takes Itachi's eyes just because he went Sharingan crazy! He had those eyes for less than a few weeks tops; Itachi had it for YEARS!! And I'm almost sure Naruto will die fighting Sasuke and the two will end up killing each other... Naruto's gonna die a virgin... Ain't that a bitch? All the play Naruto can get too... If he wasn't so retarded! Another thing, why is there no character growth in ANY of the characters? Naruto pretty much stayed the same, he's still retarded. Sakura pretty much stayed the same, she's still a bitch. Sasuke pretty much stayed the same, he's still an asshole. All the characters pretty much stayed the fucking same! They just got taller and improved in the ninja arts, but personality wise they're the same! I mean I know normal people don't change in a span of a few years that often, but these are ninja! The things they must have experienced in their lives, how are they NOT different from it? And then there's the killing all the Jinchuriki besides Naruto and Killer B (and Gaara technically) only to bring them back AND give them their Bijuu back? That's fucking low man...

Whoo alright rant over. Now let's get on Bleach... Why is Ichigo so damn honorable? The fight with Ulquiorra is the PRIME example! He had him in the palm of his hand! His full Hollow did all the work and worked his ass OVER! And when Orihime, in classic anime fashion, begs him to stop of course he stops... Then he does the one thing that pissed me off... He offers to let Ulquiorra cut off his fucking arm to be "fair"... WHAT? No Ichigo you don't do that shit! You can't regrow a fucking limb like Ulquiorra can! Plus, Ulquiorra is a fucking Hollow! He eats people's, other Hollow's in his case, SOULS!! You can't get anymore evil than that! There is no honor with these things man! You just kill them! Sigh... And then, how can souls bleed? Like seriously, shouldn't they spill spiritual energy or something? And then when the souls die in Soul Society... They become buildings?? What.The.Fuck? But what really just did it for me was how easily Ichigo beat Aizen. I mean him losing his powers was a nice touch I didn't see coming at all, but it just seemed so rushed. Aizen spent chapter after chapter tapping Shinigami and Vizard ASS and Ichigo beat him like it was nothing! And after that, I just couldn't help thinking "When is this shit going to end?" I felt the Aizen saga was the end and now it's justing dragging its feet. I've lost a lot of my excitement over the series and it's sad because I like Bleach, just not like I used to. It's like I've gotten a divorce from it and we're on speaking terms, but we don't have that passion we once had.

Rant over. Now here are some pairings I like for Naruto

NarutoXFu: Both being Jinchuriki, I think these two can connect on a level not many can in the Naruto verse. Even though the author killed her off and we never got to see her showcase her abilities, I feel these two could have had something together.

NarutoXAnko: There's just something... Kinky about this pairing that I just love man! Anko is hot, there I said it! She is so hot man and kinky and you know she's flexible with her hebi fighting style. She is another character that the author didn't really showcase this gem's beauty and obvious kick ass abilities. I mean she WAS Orichimaru's apprentice.

NarutoXYugito: This is another of the Jinchuriki pairings where they'd understand each others struggles only Yugito would be hope for Naruto being acknowledged in Konoha. Plus just look at her... Look at HER!

NarutoXHinata: It's a guilty pleasure. I've been a fan since the early Naruto days. Hinata is just so shy and there's something sweet about Naruto's personality rubbing off on her... Among other things. Plus out of all the Konoha females, she has to be the hottest. Especially in Shippuden!

NarutoXTenten: Tenten gets a bum wrap man! She has the least amount of screen time out of almost everyone and that's just not even cool! She has such awesome potential! I see her as being the older woman in Naruto's life, helping him out since she's been in his shoes before. She's like the upperclassman every underclassman kinda wants to bone. She's just so cute man!

NarutoXHarem: Now on principle, I believe in being a one woman man, BUT in Naruto's case I'll make an exception. Besides, I myself have found myself in a situation where I honestly have feelings for more than one woman and if both women are willing to be in a polygamist relationship... Well why not?

NarutoXTayuya: Sigh... I can't help it man... Tayuya is just so rowdy! She swears like a Sailor and the way she plays her flute... Why did she have to die? Couldn't they have like taken her prisoner or something?

NarutoXSamui: They're just complete opposites and that just seems to make it better!

NarutoXKurotsuchi: The whole Iwa hating Konoha and them STILL finding love is like a Romeo and Juliet. Too bad not that many fanfics of this pairing exist...

Pairings I hate:

NarutoXSaukra: She's a bitch... I don't care how people try to sugarcoat it. She's just a bitch. I'm a masochist and even I hate the fact she's always hitting Naruto and half the time it's over stupid shit...

NarutoXYoai:... I'm just not a fan. Nothing against homosexuals, I just don't want to read it. With that said, PLEASE put in the description it's a yoai! I read one fanfic, can't remember the name but it was so cool! Naruto was powerful, he had a kekkei genkai that allowed him to control enhanced animals from the Forest of Death and even summon them. It was awesome, he even left the village to go on a quest for a bit, with Kimimaro as his servant. Everything was going fine until the Wave Mission... Where him and Zabuza were in a hot tub and... I mean they didn't go into detail, but you know what was implied... I got NO warning! I mean a few hints were dropped by Kimimaro and Naruto being REAL close, but I figured it was just them being kids!


Just so people know, I finally have the set number of ladies Naruto will be with. I've decided that he will be with six ladies from the series! Two you already know will be Angel and Fuu. Two other possibilities are Anko and Samui. Can you guess the other two? Here's a hint, at least two fans will be disappointed (maybe) in one selection.

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