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Since I am not so good at describing things I will just say that I am new to this fanfiction stuff but I have been a fan of videogames, anime, manga and other media ever since I was 8.

Update 2014/Sep/06: Sorry for not giving any life signals in the last 5 months again, but the fic is still being worked on... and not to repeat word for word the last "I am still alive" update here is a small snip from the next chapter just dont ask me when the rest is going to see the light of the day, because I dont know... at all.

“Hey! Link Listen!”

Instantaneous, that’s was how Louise defined Link’s movement.

One moment he was rubbing the side of his head obviously not there, already drifted off to founder-knows-where oblivious of everything around him and the next, he had fully opened eyes focused squarely on her with unnerving intensity. She hadn’t even felt him move.

Louise had enough self-control to turn a shriek into a gasp.

“Hgyiaaah!” The stable boy behind her didn’t.

The kid let go of the reins holding the horses and bravely ran away for a less courageous boy would have just fainted. The horses were utterly unaffected by what was happening around them, they barely stirred when their guide let them go. They even looked bored.

Without changing expressions Link turned from Louise to the retreating back of brown haired extending his left hand as if to stop him.

“Ah... Way to go Link.” Link said ironically not letting his arm drop, while his goal to get along with the academy population at large wouldn’t be affected by his act of glaring vaguely in the direction of a stable kid, this particular boy may need a lot of encouragement to be near his proximity again. Link had been told he had developed a decently frightening glare over the years, they said it was scarier if he was not angry, sadly he didn’t seem to be able to use the not angry version at will.

“You scared me!” Louise exclaimed.

“And him too.” Link hadn’t dropped his left hand form his extended position. “Sorry.” Link said in apology.

Louise sighed. “Doesn’t matter, let’s get going.”

“It does actually.” Link corrected her but before she could say anything, he added. “Let’s go then.” Proving he was actually a decent gentleman when he wanted to, Link helped Louise up her horse. The animal Louise was riding was a compliant creature letting itself to be led without issue, it still looked bored though.

After advancing a little and noticing a lack of noise a second set of hooves should do, Louise looked back.

Link was running his hand through the side of the horses head letting it drop to caress its neck. Louise observed that the elfin boy looked… hesitant?

Louise knew that Link could ride horses, very well in fact according to him, so it was strange he was taking so long to get on top this one. Still there was something more at play, Louise just couldn’t see it. After a couple of seconds of Link running his right hand through the neck and mane of the beast, Link mounted his ride in a simple movement.

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