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I've come here from a Star Trek role-playing site, the United Space Federation at Sector001.com, where I led a simulation as the Commanding Officer of the USS Excelsior for the past year (see excelsior.sector001.com). Unfortunately, circumstances caused me to be unable to continue participating, and I had to leave my ship in the capable hands of my XO.

One of the things I enjoyed most about participating in that simulation was the fact that my crew were all prolific writers, and I myself have a great passion for writing stories, particularly those that play in the Star Trek universe. The story arch we had been playing out with the Excelsior while I was in command was that of the Federation fleet that was sent to aid the Romulan refugees after the Hobus disaster, as per the story outlines found on STO.

While I'm not simming/role-playing any more, I still have a lot of penned up writing energy and I wanted to find a place to continue posting my character's story after I left the ship. I've put a lot of time and energy in creating her, making her who she is. She's one of my all-time favorite characters I've ever played, and I wasn't about to simply throw her away just because I'm not role-playing with her now. So she shall live on in my imagination and in the chapters of this story, which I decided to call: "The Galaxy is the Limit". (There will most likely be different story arches under the same overall theme.)

As you might have guessed from my greeting, I have an affinity for anything Rihannsu (Romulan), but not exclusively. There are simply aspects of that race I like exploring. Aside from that, I'm always looking to flesh out my own version of canon Star Trek species of which very little details are known.

My writing is centered around science fiction/adventure, mixed with a bit of romance, and some drama. I usually don't write overly long segments, since I'm in the habit of doing single story logs for the Excelsior, but I might end up combining story segments into a chapter instead of making each segment a chapter. Also, I anticipate not putting more than one new chapter out per week. But I'll have to see how that will all work out in practice.

In any case, I hope you'll enjoy the reads. :-)

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It's the year 2388, almost one year after the Hobus disaster threw the Romulan Star Empire into turmoil. A manic foe who is seeking to take advantage of the fragile state of affairs in the Beta Quadrant must be stopped.
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-/\- "There are those who conquer and those who are being conquered." -/\- A short story, dissected into even shorter chapters, I wrote some six years ago, based on the characters my sons had been using in their role-playing group, but with names and locations changed. It was one of my first efforts of writing a Star Trek related story.
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