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Author has written 3 stories for Ouran High School Host Club.

I'm not a very good writer BUT I do enjoy writing... My stories usually consist of ideas that come from games...

I try to give them a twist so they're more unique! Hopefully that works.

I'm a big anime/manga fan and watch/read lots! I've found myself slightly intrigued by yaoi manga... ///

I also play a lot of games - I love all sorts of games! Dragon Age, Assassins Creed etc I also like the Disgaea series - FenFen and Val especially :3

A friend recommended it... and well, it's different ///

I try to check for grammatical errors but you may have noticed I'm not very efficient at spotting them.

Sorry in advance if its really irritating but I do try to see them

Ummm... You might spot a trend here but the anime/manga people that am quite fond of share similar qualities ///

With the few exceptions because they are so awesome :3


BLEACH; Ichigo, Renji(ishhh), Byakuya, Shuuhei and Kano Aishido (Kokuto in the movie BLEACH; Hell verse)

Black Butler; Sebastian and Claude :3 Grell's funny... I also like Bard and PLUTO!

Neon Genesis Evangelion; Kaworu Nagisa He's not around long :(

Full Metal Alchemist; Roy Mustang he's awesome

Fruits Basket; Hatori, Shigure, Hatsuharu and Kyo - But in the manga I LOVE Kakeru! He's so cute...

Death Note; Light and L are both awesome... although ones a bit twisted in the head but...Hey that's cool he only killed bad guys! and L TTTT

One Piece; D.Asce and Zoro

Ouran Host Club; Takashi and Satoshi Morinozuka... but to be honest i like all of them in their own ways just these two are my favourites :3 And Satoshi really should have been included in the anime!!

Mushi-shi; Obviously Ginko

Vampire Knight; Toga Yagari

GAMES; I hopefully might get round to writing about the characters in games...

Dynasty Warriors; I love Zhou Tai - that man kicks ass! He's like a Samurai in the wrong period of time in the wrong country XD I also Think Sun Quan, Zhao Yun and Sima Shi are epic!

Disgaea Series; I have played all 4 games and I enjoyed them all! 3 was a little disappointing in my opinion :( I think Val and Fen Fen have something going on that they won't tell about XD especially Fen Fen's little obsession

Dragon Age Origins and 2; Alistair (He's funny and dumb), Nathaniel, Fenris, Anders(in both games) and Sebastian :D

Valkyria Chronicles II; Brixham!!

The Assassins creed series etc etc etc you see where this is going :)

Oh and if you noticed you deserve a PRIZE:P Most of the characters I like share similar voice actors

e.g. Roy Mustang, Takashi Morinozuka, D.Asce, Ginko(Mushi-shi), Toga Yagari, Zhou Tai, Kano Aishido, Kokuto and Brixham all have the same voice actor XD

I don't really have a plan as I write when I feel like writing otherwise the piece sounds awful and I hardly spell anything right :/

I hope is you read this it gives you better idea what kind of person I am :)

Thank you!

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