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Hey!! This is Insanity.
A warning before you continue: don't like, don't read... now...

I refuse to tell you my real name!!! (there are stalkers out there -_-) But you can call me Angelz. Because I'm a little angel :)... most of the time... and since you have read that you have officially become one of my little Angelz!!! (hehe yes i'm weird and call you by my name... GET OVER ETT!!! :3) Together we shall rule the world with my band of bunnies!! ;D

I am 16 years as of march. (surprised huh? yea I know you are... I think even people who know me are... though I'm not sure in which way...)

I am addicted to chips and books. I don't have a favorite writer cause I read so fricking much (if I like it I read it, simple rightz)

I am a Directioner!!! but i'm not one to only talk about one thing so your safe from hearing me blab on about them... but if you disrespect the direction... watch out cause i'm inZAYN

I am CRAZY but absolutely MEH!!!

My favorite colors are black, purple, pink, red, blue, and green!!!!!!

I am a mutt, meaning I am almost every race you can think of...
My fav letter is Z and Z al da wayz it makes words mo fun!!

I am in luv wit manga and all things Asian... well maybe not all...

I recently became obcessed with Happy Tree Friends and feel that they don't have enough slash pairing stories :3 (Look out world i have story ideas!!!) Other things I like to right about (other than the obvious 1D) include:

-Twilight (not such a fan of the books though... well i like em... but the writing... it annoies me)

-The Hunger Games (You'll probably see the most of that on here)

- I will add more when i think of them because at the moment my brain is slowly dying

-I like writing my own originals

-Most of what I write will be slash (If it isn't Hunger Games)... but i will occasionally write Het... hehe

I believe in equal love!
And for those who disagree... GET OFF MY PAGE!!! cause i could care less -_-

I have other writing accounts, and knowing my busy self that will most likely rise!... I'll put up links later, but since i'm being lazy right now here are screen names!!

Wattpad- insanityangel

Deviantart- insanityangel709

Archiveofourown- insanityangel

sooo umm yeeea i'm pretty sure if you just type in insanityangel one of those will pop up... how do I know? uhh... uh... YOU DONT KNOW ME!!! hmpf!

Kisses from Angelz

NOW FOR THE FUN PART! Sup YALL!! I'm Angelz's Gender Bend Kyric! I'm definitely the more awesome of us and much better looking! (A- Don't push it -_-) Yea... umm I apparently live in that crazy lady's head, so if you don't see me for a while... she most likely locked me in the closet again. I tend to butt into her conversations (I'm actually avoiding someone because of that) but that's only because I make things soooo much better!! hmmm let's see what should you know about me?

-Well first off I'm obviously a guy

-I'm bi (HEY that rhymed!)

-I've been classified as a molester (Over exagerators!)

- My nickname is Ky

- I have a lil bro named Tyler (or Ty for short), a twin bro named Shane, and an older bro named Ricky

- eerrrr... a bunch of crazy cousins who you'll most likely meet later... Keke is the one who likes to try and take me to the clinic ever weekbut I AM CLEAN!! she just doesn't believe me

-Lastly, i'm trying to get Angelz to let me have my own book! You know one staring me and junk, I guess it'd kind of be like a journal but who cares you guys don't know me anyways!! Sooo umm yea, vote for her to let me do that (She said it'd have to be on Wattpad if I do it though *pouts*

And I think that's about it... :3 plan to see more of me! -Ky

Yeeeaa... The rest of my Alter's will introduce themselves... not now! So I guess that's all for now... and now people actually have something to look at when they come to my pages!! YAAAAAYYY!! lolz

Kisses from Angelz


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