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Author has written 3 stories for Batman, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Harry Potter.

This is the combined profile of the awesome Yue Sai and Sai'mne. Here you will find the random thoughts that run through our heads and into stories. Read at your own mental risk!

Did you know that there are enough chickens raised in america for food each year that every person can have their very own two chickens? Two chickens for you! And you! Not you! But you over there!

V: Lia? What the HELL are you doing?

Lia: I'm on a whale!

V: As long as you are on it and not in it. I am more concerned for the whale's well being than yours. Are you trying to make friends with whales again?

Lia: Again?! I never stopped being friends with them. Who ever told you that was lying. LIES I tell you, LIES!!!!

V: Well looks like England and France are spreading rumors again.

Lia: NOOOOO! Protect your vital regions! France is on the HORIZON!!!!

V: It's alright, I've got a frying pan.

Lia: I've got Canada with a Hockey Stick!!!!

V: Wait, let me get the picture straight. You're on a whale with Canada who has a hockey stick. What the Hell. Okay then, I'm going to listen to Austria's music while calling Prussia over.

Lia: Okay have fun! Protect your vital regions!

V: I don't need to protect my vital regions with Prussia. You should more be concerned for Austria, and France isn't around so we should be good.

Lia: Okay, bye! Don't take candy or cupcakes from strangers in white vans!

V: I'm not an idiot! I also don't have a sweet tooth like you.

Lia: But, But! Strangers have the best candy! and Cupcake recipes... especially that one guy...with the big eye brows...

V: I don't even want to know how you know that. Wait...big eyebrows?! England's not a kidnapper!

Lia: NO! Not him...the other guy with big eye brows...he's paler...has pink and blue eyes...smiles like a lunatic...gott he's hot...

V:Whatever...Prussia's here!

Lia: Prussia...MY HEART...BEATS...FOR THEE!

V: Don't let Austria here you say that.

Lia: He can join in if he wants...but don't worry i only have eyes for Canada and England...England and his sexy eye brows...

V: I have eyes for PruAus, GerIta, and Japan. I'm content.

Lia: Then I have CanRus, FrUk and America!

V: I never pictured Canada being top in that relationship.

Lia: There is a about Canada that you don't know...but be it CanRus or RusCan, Maple Vodka is still hot as hell...

V: I always thought both nations to be cold in temperature, but in terms of body heat, I see what you mean.

Lia: Can I throw The Flash into to this mess too just for the fun of it?

V: Flash? From Justice League? I call Batman and Wonder Woman then.


V: It's a triangle. Everyone is trying to fight over Batsy. Joker, Harry, and Catwoman are included to that list.

Lia: But I thought Joker Ran off with Sirius?

V: Spoiler alert much?

Lia: My Whole life in one giant spoiler.

V: Your whole life? Really, all you only spoil it when we're watching something or just talking and then I'd smack you in the back of the head. Do you have brain damage yet?

Lia: You have to have a brain to have brain damage.

V: Then what do you have in your head? Spinal fluid or a walnut?

Lia: Canada

V: Not your mind, Dummkopf! You're head. You're mind is too complex and twisted for me to even want to know what's in it.

Lia: Weeelllllll... apparently I have a train station in my head seeing as my thoughts seem to travel by train when ever they feel like traveling...

V: I see what you did there, but no matter, you're already giving me a headache. I can only take you in small doses.

Lia: Well you're gonna have ta get use to me seeing as your going to be spending an entire week with me next month!>:D

V: I'm a procrastinator, I don't have to get used to you now. Besides, my butt hurts. I'm going now.

Lia: Your butt hurts? I warned you to protect your vital regions while in Prussia's presence!

V: You dirty mind! My butt doesn't hurt because of...Whatever you were thinking! Mein Gott, It hurts because I've been sitting for too long!

Lia: Well I bet you had that mental image too! And if nothing else you have it now...

V: No I do no-- Gott Verdammt! Look what you've done to my mind. I'm going now to group therapy. Will I see you there?

Lia: Yeahhhhhh no...I'm in solitary confinement...

V: Of course you are. Way to leave me alone. Now I have to sit next to *shivers* Umbridge. Can't we just kill the effing frog already?

Lia: I would! But they won't let me near the Kitchens! And I had a new recipe that included frogs that i was just dying to try...well... actually...I'm not the one dying for this recipe...

V: Save your recipe, I'm just going to go fishing for a giant squid. Apparently, they love frogs.

Lia: Can I come? I Love fishing with people...

V: No you can't. You're in confinement, remember?

Lia: And that's stopped me before?

V: I'm not letting you near my frog bait unless you come to the meeting!

Lia: You are curler than even I my friend...

V: So I've been told. Your point?

Lia: I'm a sociopath that makes people into pastries...

V: And I'm a sadistic, sarcastic bitch that likes to burn people who deserve it...most of the time or it's for my own amusement.

Lia: I love fire for all the wrong reasons...

V: I know you do. Now get your LAZY ASS over to the meeting. You're late!

Lia: Nah...Those meeting are so... dull and the doctors are just trying to get into our that think about it... seeing their reactions to my head might make it worth going...

V: Then get over here! Gott Verdammt.

Lia: Whats with all the German?

V: Ich weiß scheißegal wissen!

Lia: Вы хотите, чтобы стать единым с Россией, да?

V: Nein! I shall not have my vital regions invaded!

Lia: No that's France's Job.

V: Then, Non, Je ne veux pas être envahi!

Lia: ಆಗಲಿ ನಾನು!

V: Then stop threatening moi!

Lia: I wasn't threatening! I was warning!

V: Well now I'm making a promise, get your ass over here before I have France invade it!

Lia: If you do that then I will invoke Poland's Law and make Warsaw your capital!

V: I'd love to see you try with your sore ass.

Lia: I thought you were the one who had Prussia invade...

V: That was a figment of your imagination! You're as bad as England, but with a mind like Germany's.

Lia: Yay! I'm like Iggy! That means i'm magic!

V: I'll be Russia there to destroy your magical plans!

Lia: Я хотел бы стать единым с Россией...

V: Sorry, but Russia doesn't want to become one with any way! Britain and Russia don't like each other!

Lia: When did I become England? I would MUCH rather be Canada...

V: You're like England which is bad enough!

Lia: How am I like England? I don't even speak English!

V: You said, I quote: "Yay! I'm like Iggy!"

Lia: Your point?

V: You're like England, and you're trying to say that you're not. That means you're proven wrong. Now shut up and get over here before I beat you with a metal pipe!

Lia: Then I will make you into cupcakes!:D

V: I'd like to see you try you wanker! It's the last time I'm going to say this. Get over here or else you won't go fishing with me and I'll beat the shit out of you with my metal pipe, да?

Lia: Wanker? Isn't that a BRITISH insult? You Hypocrite! You're like England too!

V: I insulted you in British to honor your bloody royal arse!

Lia: Arse another British insult!XD

V: From my explanation from above. Now get over here before Я бил живое дерьмо сбился ты, сука! Довольны? мудак.

Lia: да!

V: хорошо! さようなら!

Lia:Devium ad devium!

If you have gotten down this far, you know now how we are. Congrats too if you have made it to the end! that means I won't have to eat you!

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