Forsaken Light
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Joined 06-17-03, id: 401703

Name: Fading Twilight
Real name: information undisclosed (in other words, u dont need to know)
Profession: Sadistic b*tch (just kidding)
Age: Old enough to know better, young enough not to care
Appearance: medium height, red hair, grey eyes...
Location: Above the eqautor, below the north pole

About me: Not much to say. I like reading and writing and have been addicted to fanfiction for 2 years. I tend to jump from fandom to fandom. Don't worry, i WILL finish my stories, when i get the time.


STRENGH: (Lord of the Rings.) I will be finishing this one before I work on my other two:
NEVER TELL:(Outsiders)
A WALK IN THE WOODS: (Lord of the Rings)

Favorite Quotes:

If men had periods they'd brag about the size of their tampons
If u see a button that sez do not push push it and run like hell
My train of thought runs on twisted tracks
Ppl say chew with your mouth closed... I say screw them, I'm not gunna choke and die without the last word
It takes a second to lose a friend, but an eternity to forget them

I'm done talking now. buhbi! see ya later! Ciao!