Difference vs. Society
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There once was a little girl named Difference. Her smile could outshine the brightest days, her laugh could uplifted the most depressed people, and her simple positive glance could melt even the coldest heart.

In elementary school, Difference had stayed her innocent ways. She moved around the nation with her parents, was frequently bullied, and sometimes even beaten almost to death. But Difference smiled on.

"You can't make me hate you," she would always say at the end of being bullied, whether she was beaten to the ground or standing away from the bullies.

When Difference started Middle School, she searched for herself. Her smile dimmed, she laughed less, and her glance became cold. Difference was lost in herself, searching for who she was as she built a cocoon around herself.

In High School, Difference went back to her naive personality as she had in Elementary School. Her smile became brighter than before, she laughed all the time, and her stare became warm once again.

On her first day at her new school, Difference met another girl. Her name was Society.

Soceity was like Difference in Elementary School. She was always smiling, always laughing, and loved to make others feel good. In Middle School, things went on in Society's family and she changed. In High School, she became queen of the school, breaking hearts of any boy she wanted and breaking bones of any girl she deemed 'less worthy than herself.'

When Difference met Society, she offered a bright smile. "My name is Difference," she began with her average introduction. "What's your name?"

Society scoffed. Who was this girl to think that she could come up right up to Society looking like... that.

Difference had short, choppy black hair; Society had long, blonde hair. Difference wore hoodies and jeans; Society wore tank-tops and short-skirts. Difference's label was 'emo'; Society's label was 'popular'. Difference was... different.

Society slapped away Difference's outstretched hand. "You really expect me to touch your filthy hand? Let someone who's ears are filled with horrible music hear my beautiful voice? To talk straight to me. You're lucky I'm even ecknowleding you."

Difference only offered Society a smile. "You don't have to shake my hand or talk to me. All I'm asking for is to be your friend."

The blonde was in shock. Whenever she made her comments, others would simply shoot back something that would frustrate her or offend her, but Difference only smiled. This infurated Society.

"Your friend?" Society asked slowly, each of her words dripping with sarcasm. "Like I would even look at someone so... emo looking like you. You're the trash the dumpster missed at night. You're the pittiful mouse the owl left behind because it was too distusting. You're the dirt under my shoes, and that's if your lucky." Society turned away from Difference and tossed her hair over her shoulder. "And if I find you in my sight again, I'll make you regret it."

Difference only shrugged her shoulders. She is not even aware of the things I can do. She is lucky that I am the type of person I am.

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